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Don Billingsley parked in his usual parking spot of the student parking lot. He turned off the car ignition and stepped out of his car.

August 5, 88. The day before pre-season started. Meaning more pressure and responsibility put on the panthers. Sometimes it was stressful because of his father, Charlie Billingsley, a local legend in this very school.

He let out a long sigh as he adjusted his favourite red baseball cap; his dirty-blonde hair peeked out at the back.

"Billingsley!" Someone called out. Don turned to meet Brian Chavez, one of his good friends.

"'Sup Chavo?" He said in that cool, deep voice of his.

Brian tucked his hands into the pockets of his football jacket, "Nothin' really," He said casually, "I'm just tired. Stayed up past twelve to finish that English paper."

Don nodded. "I didn't do it." He said. Brian remained silent as they reached the double doors of Odessa Permian High School.

Entering the crowded hallways of the school, they proceeded towards their lockers that happened to be beside each other.

"You're going to get in trouble by Mr. Griffin again." Brian pointed out, opening his locker and grabbing his English text book.

Don took off his cap and shoved it into his locker. "I'll make up an excuse." He said, taking out his English book.

"I don't think he's going to believe the 'my grandma died' excuse anymore," Brian said with a little amusement in his voice "She already died three times."

Don frowned, shoving Brian a little, "Couch Gaines will kill you," The voice of Mike Winchell spoke out of nowhere.

"Shut up." Don said bluntly, closing his locker and leaning against it.

Mike ignored his remark and opened his locker, grabbing his Science book. "You know if you don't have at least a 'C' in all your classes, you might get kicked off the team."

"I thought I told you to shut up."

Brian shook his head, "Lighten up, will ya?" he cut in.

Don sighed. "Whatever, Chavo. Later Mike." He walked off in the direction of his first period class.

Brian gave a Mike a look before trailing after Don. Mike shook his head, closing his locker and heading off to his Science class.

Don let the tide of bodies sweep him on down the hall and to the door of room 117. He paused in the doorway long enough to glance about the room.

Ivory Christian was already in his accustomed seat, three from the back in the fifth row, Boobie Miles was blocking the center aisle as he stood by Brian's desk, continuing their conversation.

Don entered the room along the side aisle in order to approach his desk from the opposite direction.

"Hi, Don." A pretty dark haired girl smiled, seated in the desk beside his.

"Hi Karen." He said back.

Brian entered the room and took his seat on the other side of Don's. "Thanks for leaving."

In the seat in front of Brian, Maria, a pretty blonde, waved at Don. She had her eyes on him from the day he first came to this school. Awkwardly, he waved back, earning a bright smile from her.

He glanced at the wall clock at the front of the room. Two minutes to nine.

"What's the matter?" Brian asked.

"Nothin'. I'm fine." His eyes lingered towards the door as a brunette about five feet seven inches tall walked into the room.

"Cassie, over here." Karen waved her over to the seat in front of hers.

She smiled, waving over to Maria who waved back as she took her seat.

"Morning, Brian. Morning, Don." She greeted kindly.


Cassie Wilson, cousin of Greg Wilson on the Odessa Permian football team. Don and Cassie weren't really friends, more like acquaintances. They said 'hi' and 'bye' to each other but that was their conversation.

Maria turned and said something in a low-pitched, conspiratorial manner. Brian smiled and nodded.

The large hand on the wall clock snapped forward with an inaudible click. One minute now until class time.

"I swear he was born sexy." Karen whispered to Cassie.

"I'm the best one on the team, Preacher man. The scouts are going to love me." Cassie could hear Boobie's boasting from across the room.

"Who?" She asked, seeming kind of lost.

"Don Billingsley!" She squealed a little too loud.

His blue eyes gleamed in the light as they flickered over to them, actually landing on Cassie. Her gray-blue eyes were locked on his.

She felt her cheeks flame in embarrassment "Sorry." She murmured sheepishly, turned away from him.

He opened his mouth to speak but the bell rang. And Mr. Griffin stepped through the doorway into the classroom, pulling the door shut behind him.

The day had officially begun.

Mr. Griffin stood there, stiff and straight in a navy blue suit, white shirt and tie. His dark hair was slicked flat against his head. His mouth firm and uncompromising beneath the small, neatly trimmed mustache.

His eyes moved steadily up and down the rows, taking silent roll as the buzz of conversation dwindled and faded to silence.

"Good morning class," he said.

Don answered automatically, his voice joining the uneasy chorus

"Good morning, Mr. Griffin."

"Please take out your assignments and pass them to the front. Mr. Chavez, will you collect them please?"

Brian opened his book bag and withdrew his blue folder that his assignment was in.

Don reluctantly raised his hand.

"Mr. Billingsley?"

"I-I don't have mine finished yet." He told him.

"Why is that, Mr. Billingsley? Grandma died again?" He found great amusement in torturing him.


"Well then. You will receive an automatic 'F'."

"But I'll get kicked off the team." He retorted.

"Well you should of thought of that before not finishing your assignment." Mr. Griffin said, flicking a speck of lint off his tie. Don's fist clenched, ready to knock this teacher on his ass if he failed him. "But, Mr. Billingsley, your grades have somewhat improved this semester, so I'll make a deal with you," He straightened in his seat, ears perked. "If you can find a tutor. I might reconsider in giving you another week to hand in your paper."

"Yes sir." He responded. He was internally grateful. But where was he going to get a tutor?

The class droned on like it usually did.

Don walked down the empty hallway of the high school. Today was another football practice, another embarrassing moment because of his dad. He took football so seriously, a little too seriously.

He let out a long sigh as he opened his locker, staring at the contents inside. The door was covered with magnets that spelled out the word Mojo. It was common of many of the people in the school to have their lockers covered with that word. It wasn't exactly known how the school got the word Mojo, but many people spent hours trying to come up with reasons for it. Even him, being on the football team, didn't have the slightest clue about what that word meant.

"Cassie, why don't you tutor Don in English?" Maria asked, "You're smart."

"Yeah, you're getting B's in that class." Karen added.

Both girls turned towards the brunette who had remained silent. Her eyes flickered towards them "What?" She asked, bewilderment obvious in her voice.

"Weren't you listening? I said why don't you tutor Don?" Maria repeated again. She then noticed him at his locker and nudged Karen.

Taking his favorite red baseball cap and placed it on his head, he closed his locker with a loud thud and made he way to the doors.

Karen and Maria quickly fixed themselves up and smiled cutely as Don walked past them "Hi, Don." They both said in unison. Cassie rolled her eyes, looking somewhere else when she caught a glimpse of him looking at her.

"Hey," He said coolly, coming to a sudden halt so he could talk to them.

Cassie took the time to actually look at Don. His hair was a dirty-blonde but in the sunlight it looked to be a golden-brownish. Those serious blue eyes of his seemed almost hypnotic at times. He was the type of guy that rarely smiles always had a serious expression on his face.

"Well, Cassie here was wondering if she could be your tutor for English." Karen's voice tore through her thoughts; she blinked and smiled at him.

"Um, what she said." She blushed in embarrassment.

Don smiled, he actually smiled at her. "That would be great. Thanks, you're a life saver. I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye." He waved as he walked through the double doors.

Maria and Karen were amazed by their friend's highlighted cheeks. "I think she likes him, now. She feels special because he smiled at her."

Cassie narrowed her eyes at them, "I do not like him! His smile caught me off guard that's all!" She countered defensively.

"So why you red as a tomato?" Karen teased along with Maria's giggling.

Cassie rubbed her forehead. "I have to go. Greg is waiting for me outside. Goodbye." She ignored the giggling; lengthening her strides to get away from them.

She spotted her cousin's beat up old truck, the black paint was chipping off and there was rust forming on the hood. She quickly got in on the passenger side and they pulled out of the parking lot.

"So what did you do today?" Greg asked.

"Nothing worth talking about…"

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