The Sand Syndrome

Elle slowly walked down the sandy beach keeping her eyes open for the Metan criminals they were searching for. Two days ago, the aliens had broken out of the Gedang prison and now they had been traced to this beach in Florida. Luckily it was the off season so there weren't many tourists around to get in their way. Jay and Kay had taken the left side of the beach while she and X were handling the right side. Metans were small but strong creatures who looked a little like a crab so they had picked the perfect place to hide. She glanced back at her partner and wondered again what she had done wrong to get stuck with him. At least there was nothing here for him to blow up.

Suddenly, Elle felt the sand under her feet shift. She was struggling to regain her balence when suddenly a claw shot up out of the sand and grabbed her foot. It jerked her down with surprising strength. Elle only had time to let out a shriek before she found herself at least two feet underground.

She struggled to move but the weight of the sand pinned her arms to her side, holding her in place. She could feel the sand running into her nose and ears, the weight of it on her chest crushing her. She couldn't breathe! She tried to take some comfort from the fact that she wasn't alone. Surely Jay and Kay would get her out before.... Then she remembered that the only person who might have seen the Metan grab her was X. 'I'm going to die,' she thought fatalistically. She had been trying to hold her breath but she couldn't any longer and gasped for air. Sand immediately poured into her mouth and down her throat, clogging it, seeping into her lungs. A moment later, it was over.