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"Yellow is the colour of love because love is blinding and if you add any other colour turns ugly or green." muttered a girl with reddish hair and black eyes.

"What?" asked a girl with blonde spiky hair, the tips died a pinkish tint. Her green eyes held a confused look.

"Nothing. Just thinking."

The blonde went back to scribbling notes in her note book. "You shouldn't do that, it might be dangerous."

To that the red head made no reply but to nod.

These girls were in the very back of a science class room. Right now they were taking notes that neither was paying attention to, so they couldn't tell you exactly what they were supposed to be learning.

Suddenly the door burst open. A boy with black hair stood in the doorway. Both girls gerked their gazes up. What they saw was a relatively tall boy. His black hair was slicked back. His brown eyes showed nothing but boredom and dislike for being there. He was wearing a green Japanese style uniform.

"yes?" asked Ms. Gray, their teacher.

The boy glanced to her. "I'm your new student."

She looked surprised for a while "You weren't supposed to be here till tomorrow."

He shrugged. "I was early."

That provoked a few snickers from the class. Their teacher rose an eyebrow at them, causing them to immediately stop. "Take a seat. Class, this is Yusuke Urimeshi from Japan. He will be joining our class from now on.

Both the girls had stopped listening by this time and were now taking the opportunity to doodle and in the blonde's case read, until they were forced to resume note taking.

The only seat that was empty was the one right in front of them. This was no coincidence. The rest of the class liked to leave them alone. No one is quite sure why, they just demanded it silently. As much as Yusuke would love nothing more than to sit anywhere else in the room (preferably as far back as humanly possible, or not humanly possible depending on how you view his background) there was no other space to sit.

The table partner was a chipper girl with black hair done in a braid down her back. Her blue eyes sparkled as if she was on something. Which was the general conception since no normal person could be that happy without use of narcotics. Oh Yusuke was gonna have a ball in this class. (since the sarcasm, be one with the sarcasm)

"Good morning!" said the girl once he had sat down "I'm Candice, I guess we will be table partners." her accent was definitely English, as in from England

Taking a hint from Hiei, he just 'hm'-ed.

Not noticing his want to just ignore this 'good morning' she rambled on "I'm sure you'll love this class, Ms. Gray is totally cool and doesn't assign much homework. We don't have to do much dissection either which is good since I would feel just awful cutting up a poor little animal. How are you liking our school so far? I mean isn't this building so awesome? Its so big and majestic. It reminds me of Hogwarts. Have you ever read Harry Potter? Its one of my favorite books! Anyway this building really reminds me of it only our cafeteria's ceiling doesn't change the weather, and we don't have a scary forest in the back. We do have a forest, but it doesn't have monsters in it. Its really quite cool-"

A hand tapped her shoulder, abruptly stopping the pool of useless tripe coming out of her mouth. She turned around to see the blonde girl smiling at you. "Darling, if you hadn't noticed he has earphones in his ears, so he is listening to his ipod, not you. Unfortunately for the rest of us we can hear you. So please shut up, for all our sanity and your health."

"why do you have to be so rude?" asked miss Candice.

"I believe she said please." said the red head "And I'm sure if you do what she says, she will say thank you."

The English girl glared a second before putting all of her attention into her work.

"Thank you." said the blonde.

The rest of the day was uneventful. None of his teachers noticed Yusuke wasn't even listening to them. He had one more class with the red head, though he didn't notice.

At lunch he walked to a table that sat at the very back. He sat in between a tall boy with orange hair, done in an Elvis-esk doo and a boy with long red hair and emerald eyes. In front of him sat a short boy with spiky black hair.

"How are you coping with the new school?" asked the red head.

"pssh. This'll be cake. What about you Kurama, you gonna be the top student again?"

The kitsune smiled "I took a few of the more advanced classes but I believe that I will make satisfactory grades."

"And what about the shrimp?" asked the orange haired guy "killed anybody yet Hiei?"

He glared "has anyone run from your ugly face yet Kuwabaka?" he retorted.

Kuwabara glared and was about to retort when a very loud voice interrupted him.

"WELL. I guess the newbies decided that our seats were perfect. I told you we should have carved our names into the table." they turned to see the blonde girl who was in Yusuke's first class. She was walking with the same girl from this morning as well.

The blonde was wearing jeans with rips in the knees and other random places. It was also stained and almost white from wear. She hadn't bought it that way either, nor had she done it on purpose. Her shirt was a pale blue tank top with a smiley face on the front with devil horns. The shirt showed off pale muscled arms. Her shoes were scuffed up tennis shoes. The red head had on a green skirt that pooled around her ankles. She was wearing flip flops and an ankle bracelet with an ankh on it. Her shirt was a darker green velvet with princess sleeves hiding most of her hands. A emerald necklace adorned her neck that was bared by the low cut of her shirt. Her hair was tied back by bow.

"Come on Bella, we can sit here." said the red head quietly. She laid a box on the table next to their old table. She made sure there were two seats between them.

"I don't know, maybe we should fight for our seats." said the newly named Bella. "After all Mika, we shouldn't let people boss us around."

"If you want we can move." offered Kurama to the disgruntlement of everyone else, unlike him they didn't care if they got in trouble the first day of school.

"Nah, that's okay. These seats are actually better. You don't want to know how much gum is under that table." she said while taking a wad of gum out of her mouth and sticking it to the underside of their new table. "I'm Bella by the way, and the quite one is Mika. I don't want to be compared to say, oh, Candice-"

Everyone shuddered, unfortunately they all had the 'pleasure' of meeting her.

"-but I figured since your were soo polite I should at least introduce us." as she had been saying that, Mika had been opening the box she had brought. In it were two smaller boxes and some chopsticks and a fork, as well as some napkins. She put one box in front of Bella and one in front of herself, giving the fork and most of the napkins to her friend. She then put her hands together and muttered something. Then she opened her box and began to eat.

In it was some brown rice, sushi, and some little octopus looking stuff. Bella opened her box up revealing some sliced vegetables and pork balls. "Thanks Mi-chan." she said.

"Your not Japanese." said Kurama.

Bella smiled "no, but Mika is half. She makes me learn the culture although I can never get the hang of chopsticks, but I love the manga." she said, patting the book beside her.

It is then they look closer at Mika. The red hair was definitely American. The eyes were big round eyes (though they were tilted a bit), but were a colour most commonly found in Asians. Her complexion was as pale as many Japanese. She was short and had a small build. She could definitely pass as full American.

"So what are you doing here?" she asked looking up from her scrutiny. "It's true that there aren't many schools like this in Japan, but I'm sure you can pass for human, and have for many years.

Author: so how'd you like it? I was borred and needed intertainment, this came out.