The rest of the week passed uneventfully. The boys spent every evening at the library researching as the girls spent most evenings and lunches in detention. The week came and went with nothing spectacular happening. Then it was Saturday again.

The Urimeshi team had woken up early and scouted the room that the demons would appear in that day. They searched it for anything incriminating, and when they found nothing they guarded it.

The room had eight walls, meeting up at a dome ceiling. There were four doors, luckily one for each of them. Yusuke stood at the one leading to the garden, Hiei took the one leading to the main hall, Kuwabara guarded the door to the kitchen, and Kurama took the one to the classrooms. There were couches and easy chairs, and a big screen plasma TV on one wall. There was also a sound system, as well as other necessities for a good living room.

Flute music began to twirl around them at precisely two o'clock. A voice reached their ears. It was melodic and chokingly sweet, like scorched honey. Suddenly all the furniture was pushed back against the wall from some unseen force.

"You think you know who you're looking for

But really you're looking for something more

Just search yourself for the answer

It's growing there just like cancer

People began crowding in, looking for the bodies to go with the music.

It was as if a veil was pulled back as three figures appeared in the center of the room. The flute player sat cross-legged, Her long black hair free to fall down around her. It was slick and straight, like a curtain. She wore a light blue kimono tunic with matching pants. The sleeves landed quarter length, with white cuffs. The legs were in a similar fashion. Her feet were covered in blue slippers. Her purple eyes were looking straight at Yusuke. She smirked as she played.

"We know the truth about your desire

Burning inside you like restless fire

We know the quest you've been given

We can only see within

The dancer was rocking and slamming into the air, the beat sounded hopeless, like it would be their last. Her eyes were again closed tight. Her black hair pulled up in an ornate ivory clip, her red outfit a mirror of her partner's. She had no scarf today, as it would have hampered her flips and turns. She was again barefoot, so she would not slip.

"Dreams of Death and Despair

Just ignore them if you dare

They don't mean anything to you

It's just a lie through and through."

There was a new figure in the group, it was the one who's voice was filling the air. She too had long black hair, and it flowed around her like a cape. Crystalline blue eyes simmered with passion as she sang the lyrics. Her matching outfit was in a purple colour. She closed her eyes and smiled as she sang the next part of her song.

"If only you knew

The danger was really close to you

Question your friends and your family

Cause demons they may well be."

The dancer started off slow, building up speed as she went along. Her movements became erratic, as if one possessed. She leaped over invisible obstacles and evaded pretend captures. The flutist's music was passionate. It would go from the highest note to the lowest, resembling a voice screaming. The singer began to follow the notes with her voice, complementing it perfectly

The music and dancing reached a powerful crescendo. It crashed down like an ocean tide and then ended abruptly. The girls finished with their backs together.

"We are sad to announce that this will be the last time we will perform for you." The singer said, her voice low. Her eyes flashed purple

Shocked faces looked back at them as the flutist spoke as well, "Be brave! We shall never be far from you in truth." Her eyes turned to green.

"So with this we bid you Adieu." Her black eyes sparkled with mirth. A bright light appeared, accompanied with a boom. Everyone was blinded for a second.

When the Urimeshi team could see, they saw that the girls were gone. The door behind Yusuke was ajar.

"You let them get away!" Kuwabara said.

"I didn't even feel them get past me! How the Hell-"

"Let's save that for later, they might still be out there." Kurama said, almost running out the door.

"Did you see their eyes?" Hiei asked quietly.

"Yes. Do you think it's really them?" Kurama asked, while his eyes were darting around the garden.

"It makes sense."

"oh but the greatest things in life rarely make sense." said a voice above them.

They looked up to see Bella, swinging her legs and eating an apple. She was wearing the same blue outfit the flutist wore.

"Like why would three demons want to stay at a school for mutants and perform for them every weekend." Said Mika, who was sitting on another branch. She was wearing the dancer's red clothes.

"Or even more mundane things like magic or love." said Fayte, she was sitting in another branch, dressed like the singer.

"YOU'RE THE DEMONS?" asked Kuwabara, incredulously.

"In the flesh." Bella smiled.

"Jeeze, you guys just now figured it out? And I practically sung it out for you." Fayte said with a scoff.

"What ARE you doing here?" Yusuke asked.

"Isn't that the million dollar question." Mika asked before the world went dark.