Isn't that what makes us who we are? What we cling to when we have nothing left?

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Today? Would Today be that day?

It's been so long.

Golden eyes watched the sun sink lower in the sky. The days had been getting a bit warmer, that meant it would be soon.

Soon meant little to one who had no concept of time, an eternity spent in silent isolation.

But still, he waited, watching the line of light creep closer and closer to him. The same as it always did.

Lines dug into the dirt marked his boundries, the places forbidden to him by the heavy chains.

And the sun crept closer to them, as it lowered slowly toward the horizon.

Would it be today?

The boy reached for the light, straining against his chains.

He was almost in the sun, his fingertips a hair's breadth from the golden light.

The line of light moved a bit further and the tips of his fingers were illuminated, if only for a second.

He could swear his whole body felt warmer, but it was only a trick of his imagination.

Then the light turned bloody red, and the sun slipped below the horizon.

His wrists stung where the metal bands had dug deep, drawing blood that mixed with the grime on his skin.

He didn't notice, the pain was worth it.

It would be hours before it would rise again, on the other side of the mountain. He would see it's light fall on everything in the valleys below him. It shone brightly on everything, everything except for him.

It would be another year before it fell on him again. The days would get cold again, leading into the freezing winter, and the silent, horrible snow.

And after all of that, the sun would fall on him again.

He would wait for his sun.