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Arranged Marriage

Chapter One

"What?" Shouted Riku, her eyes wide in utter shock as she stared unblinkingly at her mother.

"I'm sorry dear, but it's already been arranged," said her mother, turning to face her distraught daughter. "Besides, I was starting to worry about you not having a boyfriend and all," said her mother, sighing lightly.

"Just because I don't have a boyfriend does not mean that you can arrange a marriage between me and some random guy I haven't even met!"Riku shouted angrily, her hands balling into fists. Riku looked mad enough to have steam blow out her ears, but her mother wasn't fazed by it at all. She simply shrugged it off as a normal thing and went on.

"Well don't blame me for everything..." her mother mumbled innocently, "the one who made the arrangement is the King's son. According to the King, the Prince saw you in town and decided he wanted to marry you," said her mother, smiling knowingly at Riku.

"Why would the prince want to marry me?" Questioned Riku, looking completely puzzled by what her mother was telling her.

"I don't know, but it's already been decided," said her mother, crossing her arms over her chest as she waited for Riku's response.

Riku continued to glare at her mother, a low growl starting to rumble from her chest. If looks could kill, her mother would have fallen to the floor a long time ago...

"They set up a place and time for you to meet the prince tomorrow. You will meet him in the Royal Garden behind the palace tomorrow at noon," she explained, leaving no room for argument as she quickly exited the room.

"I hate this!" Shouted Riku, jumping on the bed and then burying her face against the pillow. The softness of the pillow did little to comfort her, but she wasn't one to complain.

On the other side of town sat the gigantic palace that none other than the royal family inhabited. The gardens held only the most beautiful flowers, and the architecture was beyond refined. The palace looked as though it were its own little city all by itself, but just like others, it was built solely for the royal family, which included the King, the Queen, and Riku's new fiancee, Dark Mousy, the Prince.

"Have they set up the meeting?" Dark asked, his melodious voice just above a whisper as he stood on the balcony staring down at the little town below.

"Yes sir, the meeting is in the Royal Garden tomorrow at noon," the maid replied, fixing Dark's bed as she continued her conversation with Dark.

"Arrange for us to have tea out in the garden," said Dark, his voice holding a slightly commanding tone. The maid made a sound of acknowledgment as she gathered her cleaning supplies together. Dark never once glanced at the maid behind him, but sighed heavily when she left. Although he didn't make it known, he was looking forward to the meeting, almost longing for it.

In contrast, Riku felt quite the opposite...

"No! I will not wear that thing!" Riku growled, her voice traveling through gritted teeth. She was glaring at the piece of material her mother held in her hands as though she wanted to set it on fire.

"Honey... please?" Her mother was giving her that look. The puppy dog pout... eyes and all.

"No way, you know I hate wearing dresses," Riku replied, averting her gaze to the suddenly interesting floor. She couldn't stand that look; she never could.

"Just this once?" Pleaded her mother, bending down to look right up at Riku.

"No!" Riku screeched, forcing her eyes shut and crossing her arms. "I said no,and I mean no!" She huffed, barely keeping herself from stomping her feet in frustration.

"Fine... but at least wear something a girl would wear," her mother mumbled, finally giving up.

"Okay, as long as it doesn't have frills or something really girly," Riku muttered sitting herself down on a nearby chair.

"Riku, you should really act more like a girl," said a familiar voice. It came from the hallway, and in moments, Riku was faced with her younger twin sister, Risa Harada. Risa walked into the room wearing a pink dress and matching ribbons in her long hair. Although Riku and Risa were twins, their personalities were totally opposite. While Riku preffered the outdoors and all it had to offer, Risa was more of the feminine princess who spent her time doing her make-up and finding new dresses.

"Not you too..." Riku groaned, slapping her hand over her face in exasperation.

A few moments of silence passed through the room until their father walked in, "Honey, is dinner ready?" he asked, his eyes roaming over the dress that was tossed aside like an old rag doll.

"Yes," replied Mrs. Harada, getting up to serve dinner for her family.

"Riku, Risa, would you two set the table?" Mrs. Harada asked, raising a brow before walking out of the room, expecting the rest of her family to follow her.

Riku and Risa both followed obediently, following their mother into the kitchen and grabbing the utensils for their dinner. They both set the table neatly and went back into the kitchen to grab the plates with dinner on them. When everything was in place, they all sat down at the table and started eating.

Likewise, Prince Dark was sitting down to eat his meal.

"Sir, dinner awaits you in the dining room," said a butler bowing to Dark as he passed.

Dark headed out of his bedroom and into the brightly lit dining room. The dining room was very large, and the table looked as if twelve or more people could eat there.

Dark sat across from his younger brother, Daisuke. Daisuke wasn't related to Dark or his family. He was adopted into Dark's family after his mother and father, Mr. Kosuke Niwa and Mrs .Emiko Niwa, had passed away at an early age because of a rare disease. Daisuke was one of Dark's close friends, and unfortunately didn't have any other relatives in town.

Daisuke smiled warmly at Dark as Dark smiled back at him. "Where were you today?" Dark asked, taking a sip of his water.

"I was visiting my parent's and grandparent's grave," Daisuke replied, folding his napkin and laying it over his lap.

"Next time you go mind if I come along?" Dark asked, picking up his fork as he began to eat.

"Sure. I bet they'd love to see you again. It's been a while since their death, but I still miss them," Daisuke said, his voice carrying a slightly saddened tone.

"Hey little buddy, cheer up will you? Your parents probably wanted you to live a happy life, not a life where you mourn your parents' death all the time," Dark said, trying to cheer up his best friend and adopted brother.

"You're right, they probably want me to be happy... I'll live a happy life for their sake," he said, taking a bite of his food ans chewing slowly as if to savor the taste.

"That's the spirit!" Shouted Dark as he too began to eat.

Riku sat in the tub full of warm water and relaxed, "I wonder what he's like," thought Riku, staring up at the ceiling. "Hopefully he won't be perverted... Well he's rich so I won't have to worry about hardships, and...Oh, No!" She thought loudly, "What if he's way older than me? If he is, he's probably some kind of sick pervert!" Thought Riku as she stood up from the tub and wrapped herself in a towel. "If he is, what will I do?" she thought, slipping into her night clothes.

Riku went into her room completely forgetting to turn the lights on and sat down on the bed where she was still going over what horrible things might happen to her tomorrow. "Riku are you in here?" Risa asked, standing in her doorway, looking into the dark room.

"Yeah," Riku replied as she saw Risa in the doorway. Risa turned on the lights and sat next to Riku on the bed.

"Riku are you all right?" Risa asked in concern.

"Not really," Riku replied, sitting up and readjusting herself on the bed. She brought her knees to her chest and sighed.

"What's bothering you?" Risa asked, crawling next to Riku, a genuine look of concern in her chocolate brown eyes.

"Risa, what if the guy I'm supposed to marry is older than me? What if he's some kind of sick pervert?" Riku asked, shoving her face into her hands in distress.

"Riku, I'm sure mom wouldn't arrange for you to marry a guy like that..." Risa laughed, trying to cheer her sister up just a little.

"I guess she wouldn't," muttered Riku. "Thanks Risa," Riku said, thankful for her younger sister's words of comfort.

"Anytime," Risa said, smiling as she got up to leave.

"Risa can be a brat sometimes... but she's a good sister," Riku thought, settling herself into a sleeping position before pulling the cover over.

End of Chapter One

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