And, out of left field, the epilogue and the end of my little story...sorry it's been so long

"Well, we're home…" said James.

"Uh-huh," said Lily, straightening the "I got lost in Muggle Paris! " pin on her robes.

"Do you think we should let Sirius know?"

"Are you joking? Anyway, Remus will tell him tomorrow."

"Let me rephrase that; are we sure we should've let Sirius know?"

"We didn't."

James looked skeptical. "Remus is a Marauder, my darling wife."

"That's the scariest name you've ever called me…"

James grinned. "Wait till 'My Darling Wife and Mother of My Beloved Children' before you say that."

Lily pretended to swoon. James scooped her up and started walking slowly towards the front door.

Lily allowed her eyelashes to flutter dreamily open

"I had the strangest dream," she said, digging her elbow into her husband's side, "I dreamed I was married to James Potter."

"Really," said James, "What a coincidence; I've been dreaming you were married to James Potter since I was fifteen." They were up on the front porch by now. James was fumbling with door handle with the hand under her shoulders, gallantly trying not to drop her. She leaned her head on her husband's shoulder and sighed softly with contentment.

Then the bucket of whitewash landed on James' head.

He gently put her down, and then removed the bucket from his head and threw it on the ground. He glared at Lily, who was giggling hysterically, congealing whitewash running in streams down her robes.

"What?!" he asked. Lily couldn't speak through her giggles, but she managed to point. There, on the floor, in the splash of whitewash next to the offending bucket, were fifteen words and three marks. The first mark was a plain white circle, the second a dog's paw print, and the third, barely visible in its smallness, was a semi-circular line which might have been the print of a rat's tail. The words were:

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot would like to wish Messr. & Mdme. Prongs a happy homecoming.

Lily grinned, giggles subsiding slightly. "Apparently I was wrong…"

"I'm going to kill Remus!" said James.


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