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We Remember

1: Dumbledore

There was always something about those two, you know. She was hard working, he was one of the best students of their year. Head Boy and Girl. She was the talented witch that everyone loved, he was the charismatic prankster that everyone loved. He taught her there was more to life than work. She taught him there was more to life than jokes. Together they found the perfect balance. The way you're supposed to live life. They were the ones that met their challenges. They were the ones that pulled through everything together. They were the ones that were always smiling. Together they could conquer the world.

Until today. When the world conquered them.

It's my fault. I knew there was something wrong. I knew someone was a traitor. Sirius couldn't've done this. Could he? He loved them. Did he really put power over them? There are so many questions. I don't understand what happened.

I don't think I'll ever understand what happened.

It doesn't seem right. Everyone in the Wizarding World is celebrating. He's gone. We're all free. They all mention The Boy Who Lived. They all credit little one-year-old Harry.

Everyone forgets that he had parents. Everyone forgets that little one-year-old Harry James Potter's life has just been turned upside down.

Everyone forgets that Voldemort is not the only one who has left us.

With all my wisdom, I was so foolish. I was so stupid. I was so wrong. I stand here at this funeral and gaze at their coffins. I stand here at this funeral wondering what else I could have possibly done and kicking myself for not doing it. There are now a million suggestions and ideas that pop into my head. Where were these when we knew he was after them? Where were these a few hours ago?

Where was I? I wasn't there. And I failed them.

I watch the preacher give a long and frankly quite boring sermon. I listen to how he describes them. Brave…noble death…loved and will be dearly missed…it means nothing to all of us. I look around and see the blank faces staring off into space. Tear stained faces.

For the first time, words have failed me. I look up towards the sky where I know they're looking down. It's a bright and beautiful day. It should not be this beautiful. Not for this.

"We remember James and Lily Potter today." The preacher brings his speech to a close.

We remember James and Lily Potter. To whom we owe our lives.