5. Remus Lupin II

I'm not sure what came out of my mouth up there. I read off the note cards but I'm pretty sure that I winged most of it. It seems like there is no filter between my brain and my mouth. Everyone is listening to me, unlike the preacher. Because they figure I have to say something truthful about them.

I hope I said something truthful about them.

Because there is nothing to say.

I wish I could formulate something that does them justice. I wish I could tell everyone about the memories that we shared. I wish I could show them what happened when we were at school. I wish I could let everyone see my memories of them play like a film. A tribute to them.

That would be nice.

I think they'd like that.

I speak into the microphone. I think I just requested Dumbledore's pensieve. Yep, he left to go get it.

"Lily and James were not people that you could make a speech about and feel that you said everything there is to say about them. Tell the truth, they were very mysterious in that aspect. There was always something more to be said. That's why I'd like to show you the Lily and James that I remember. The Lily and James that made me laugh and the Lily and James that took care of me when I thought there was no hope. Because that's the type of people they are."

Dumbledore just returned. Pensieve in hand.

I draw my wand and put it to my temple. I draw out my memories.

And all of us watch the imprints of James and Lily rise slowly out of the basin. I watch the events of my life unfold. I watch them like they're not mine, but some very sad person who has just had his heart ripped out and stamped on. I watch them like an outsider who just happens to have a strong connection with the people rising out of the stone basin.

Everyone is mesmerized by what is happening. Myself included.

When it ends, I bow my head. I have to stop myself from breaking down.

I turn to the crowd and speak into the microphone.

"This is to James and Lily Potter. Everything that anyone could wish for a person to be. Noble, brave, kind…and my best friends. Today we remember people that should never be forgotten."