Prologue of Angel-Puss

Detective Leon Orcot, formerly of the LAPD, was dying. Not from some fatal bullet wound, or a mugster attack, as he might have thought back in his days on the police force. No, he was sitting in the middle of some huge American city, --- which one it was, he had lost track of, --- lying in an alleyway in the rain, dying of old age and despair. As he lay in the downpour, he thought about his life. Damnit, everything was going fine until Count D showed up with those strange… creatures in the petshop. What on Earth had possessed him that he actually found himself enjoying his time with that-- that-- He even left his brother--! And then he had just…


Leon chuckled without humor. Add another word to the list of possible names. He sighed and slumped forward, his rage spent. He knew, from the moment he started looking for D, that he wouldn't find him. And three words followed him mockingly through the years, making doubt and fear cloud his mind every so often. Those three words, too shocking and painful for Leon at first, had mellowed out over the years. D. Wasn't. Human. It tolled over and over again in his mind like a bell. He didn't know why it would matter, why it should stir up such strange feelings. And it wasn't like he needed a reminder of the fact either. That boat that he had watched D sail away on was embedded so deeply in his mind you'd need to make him forget his own name before he forgot it.

Now, as his life began to slip from his earthly body, he started to wonder what he would've done if he had ever found D. Return the picture, for one. Make sure he never went out of the detective's sight again, for another. Leon would drag his skinny Chinese ass all the way back to LA. Somehow, he felt that if he did that, everything would return to normal; D would be sitting and drinking tea while T-Chan, Pon-chan, and Chris ran around the shop. Leon would barge in after a long day at the LAPD, and D would make some comment about how "this was not a buffet" or hotel, and that Leon couldn't just come in expecting to be fed. But, nonetheless, D still fed him. (Of course, a box of expensive chocolates always helped speed the process!)

But, Leon reminded himself, even if he had found D and persuaded him to come back to LA on his flying dream boat, it would never be what it once was. Chris was gone, across the country, D would have a lot of cover-up to do, and even if he did pass that, he would still be hounded by police… and not just Leon this time. Besides, the Count's father was responsible for the death of that agent. That was bound to stir up trouble, even now, 45 years later. He wondered if D even remembered him. Wondered… If D would just laugh at his mortality here. After all, D had practically said outright that he hated humans. What could possibly make Detective Orcot any different?

"Is your will to live that strong!"

Leon gave another chuckle. "Not anymore, D. Not anymore," he whispered. Before he could give it another though, he used his last exhale of breath in this life to whisper," I wish… just… once more…"

And with these final words, Detective Leon Orcot, formerly of the LAPD, left this life.

And that is where the story begins.

High above the limp form of Leon, a strange, silvery cloud passed unseen over the hidden moon. On further inspection, it proved to be a large boat. The transport for Count D's petshop and all of its inhabitants. At the wheel was a feminine figure of Chinese descent with black hair that ran just down to the figure's chin. The person's pale skin shone in contrast to the dark silk, dress-like garment they wore. His (for it was indeed a man,) bi-colored eyes scanned the night lazily, like one who's mind was too preoccupied with some other, greater plan. His ship was hidden from the eyes of snooping humans by the thick layer of clouds between them as the boat seemed to plow through them as if they were the waters of a lake. This man was none other than Count D, the one and the same that Leon had been searching for, and although he constantly insisted that the title "Count" did not belong to him, but to his grandfather, it did not stop people from calling him just that. And although D did not hear the half-completed wish from the human miles below, the boat itself, the magic that helped to grant the dreams and desires of those who came to the petshop for better or for worse, heard it. And with an unnoticeable release of magic, it recognized Leon and began to work to grant his wish;

After all, isn't a wish only a step away from a desire?