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"Rorek. Rorek, wait!"

A young girl struggled to follow the blond man. She was a fairly pretty girl, with light skin and black hair. In her haste to keep up with him, she tripped over the threshold of the door and fell painfully to her knees.

Almost desperately, she grabbed the hem of the man called Rorek's coat. He stopped, sighed, then turned around. Carefully he helped her to her feet.

"Rachel..." the girl cut him off.

"You can't leave, I need you to stay and help me! I can't do something like this on my own! I know nothing about raising a child!"

"Rachel, you and I both know that I can't help you. You're too good for me." he ruffled her hair gently "Good luck, kid. You'll need it."

He turned around and walked away. He didn't even pause, hearing his own child's high pitched scream.

Rachel rushed back into the house.

"Sh... Sh... It's okay... Yeah... Mommy's still here... Mommy won't leave you..." She cooed softly as she picked up the baby and rocked her gently in her arms...

He said goodbye from the edge of the porch
like she'd been some casual friend
he said "your better off with out me
I'm not what you need"
like her momma had said about him
he started the car
pulled out of the drive
didn't waste any time lookin' back
she watched him go
thinkin' even a stranger
would show more compassion than that

she could've cried but she didn't have time
she had a baby to feed
a pink blanket to find
to rock their little one to sleep
she could've laid in bed for hours
giving misery the power
but she didn't have time...


Rachel was almost knocked off her feet as her daughter ran and latched herself to Rachel's legs.

"Chantel! Sweet heart, you're going to make me spill the groceries."

Chantel giggled and ran off, into the other room. Rachel looked after her with a smile and brushed her hair out of her dark eyes, than set the groceries down on the counter.

"Hello, Rachel. How was work?"

The young mother looked up to see Kori, Chantel's baby sitter, walk in to the room. Kori and Rachel had been friends since junior high and Rachel had been beyond relieved when Kori had offered to baby-sit for her.

"It was horrible! Lord... Some time's I wish Old-man Wilson would just drop dead." she leaned against the counter "How was Chantel? Did she take a nap for you?"

"She was wonderful. We played at the park this morning, than we came home, ate lunch and took a nap. She's been drawing since she woke up."

"Is Richard back yet?"

"Yeah. He got back last night. Brought a friend with him. Victor Stone. Remember him?"

"Of course I remember Vic. He isn't exactly someone easy to forget about." Rachel began unpacking groceries. Kori helped her shelf them.

"Did you know he's single?" Kori said, pointedly. Rachel pretended not to notice.

"Is he now?"

Kori sighed and shook her head, exasperated.

"Rachel, You've gotta get out the house! Maybe you could meet someone. When's the last time you went somewhere other than Chelly's classes, work, or the groceries store?"

"Kor, you know how busy I am. I have a five-year old to feed. And she's got all that other stuff..."

she got a sitter, she got a job
'cause she had a promise to keep
her day was a factory and evening survival
at night was exhaustion and sleep
sometimes she felt life was passing her by
and watching was all she could do
her friends said "you gotta get outta the house
and maybe you'll meet someone new"

she could've tried
but she didn't have time
she had a five year old to feed
she had ballet class, piano lessons
and t-ball little league
she could've laid awake for hours
giving lonely nights the power
but she didn't have the time

"I so do not have time for this!" Rachel growled angrily.

She kicked her car in frustration, then looked frantically around the parking lot.

"Excuse me, ma'am? Could you... Sir? Do you think you... Excuse me, I need..."

After about ten minutes of this she walked back to her useless car.

"Dammit!" She swore, giving the car another kick...

not time where would she find the time
to trust a man again
not time for that flat tire
in a crowded parking lot and then...

"Here, can I help you with that?"

Rachel turned around quickly. A young man, about the same age as her, had tapped her on the shoulder. His blond hair was dyed green, and his blue eyes twinkled at her.

"Flat tire?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah. Um... front, drivers side." She said, pointing to the flat. He peered at it for a moment, then nodded.

"I got a spare in my truck. I think it should fit. Uh, I'm Garfield, by the way. Gar Logan."

"Rachel Roth..."

not time but yes have coffee with the man
that got her tire fixed
she was thinking gosh he's handsome
when he asked...

"Do you have kids?"

Rachel was slightly taken aback. Unsure of what to say she took a sip of her coffee before answering.

she could've lied
but she didn't have time
all she said was...

"She's five" she shrugged.

he said...

I saw the car seat. I love kids. Does she have your eyes?"

and they sat and talked for hours
giving destiny it's power
she could've been afraid
to fall in love that night
but she didn't have time

One Year Later

"Chantel. Come here... look at your new baby brother."

"Look Daddy! He's got blond hair and blue eyes! Just like you!"

"Most babies have blond hair, kiddo."

"Are you gonna color on it with green, like yours?"

"I don't think mommy would approve of that."

"What's his name daddy?"

"We gave him my middle name, mommy's maiden name, and your last name." Garfield smiled at his daughter "His name's Mark Roth Logan."

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