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You Jump, I Jump


"I'm busy, James."

"You can't put the book down for, like, a second?"



"Cus I can't."

"Alright, well I've got something important to tell you, so your reading is just going to have to wait."

Lily peaked over her book to show that she was interested. James knew he only held her interest for the second.

"Lily Evans, it is our 7th year here at Hogwarts. I have tried, repetitively I might add, to get you to go out with me. We are Head Boy and Girl. I've grown up. Now." James climbed onto the dock. They were outside. Lily was leaning against the beech tree that stood on the shore of the Great Lake relaxing. She was watching the scene unfold with amusement. James took advantage of the moment. "I can't swim. One of my flaws. Manipulative though this sounds, Lily, if you don't go out with me, I see no other reason to live. Say 'no' and I won't bother you again. You'll be rid of me. So, Lily Evans, will you go out with me?"

Lily considered and then opened her mouth. "Sure."

"Alright then, here I go I—what?"

"Sure, I'll go out with you."

"You will!"


"Are you doing this just because I'm threatening suicide?"

"Partly. If you jump in there, I have to go with you and save you. This is a new blouse. I don't want to jump. But I am going to have to if you do."

"Fair enough. What's the other part?"

"You've grown up."

James' face lit up and he started dancing on the dock. "I've grown upppp. I'm a big boyyy." He sang. Lily went back to her book to hide the smile that was playing around her lips. "I'm a big boy that's going out with Lily Eva—WAHH!" There was a gigantic splash. When Lily looked to see what had happened, she found an empty dock and the water rippling down below.

"Oh my god."




Lily quickly threw the book down and ran to the dock. She surveyed the waters below where the rippling was subsiding. She whimpered slightly, closed her eyes and jumped.

She didn't descend far down. Arms that she knew belonged to James caught her and swiftly planted a kiss on her lips. When they surfaced for air, she saw him grinning like an idiot.

"You can swim?"



"But you wont." He answered with a cheeky grin.


"Because, you said it yourself. If I jump, you do too."


"Lily, why are your clothes all wet?"

"A moron talked me into jumping."


"So uh, why'd you jump, Lily?"

"Cus I think I knew he'd catch me."

"Um okay."



"I think I pretty much love that moron."

"Good for you, Lils."

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