Disclaimers: Not mine. Will never be.
Pairing: Waya x Hikaru

SOUL (If only I could make you mine)
By Datenshi Blue

Today, his eyes were shining that way again. We went out for a walk and to dine out, but his mind was drifting all the time. He was most probably replaying some old game in his head, his eyes fevered and absent. He was laughing and making jokes, but from time to time, I would have to repeat my questions in order to get an answer from him.

I don't need to look at his game schedule to know that he's playing that jerk the day after tomorrow. It's written all over him; it's in the darkened color of his eyes; it's in the tension of his fingers, almost shaking with anticipation; it's in his laughter, a little softer than usual as if his heart was busy with other things; it's in the corner of the enthusiastic smile dancing on his lips. He is excited, looking forward to a kind of challenge I know I can't provide.

Kuwabara-sensei once said that Go is a game for two people, and it's only at times like this that I understand what he meant. After all, there is only one path toward the Hand of God.

I might own Shindou's body, his kisses, his touch, a part of his heart.

But Go, and Touya, own his soul.