Chapter 28: The Finale

Aeon Calcos heard his name being said aloud another time. And another time. But what were the voices saying? By the Gods, how he wished to be able to understand humans again.

"Mr. Calcos? Mr. Calcos, do you remember us? We're your old neighbors, remember?" Sophitia talked across the dungeon to Aeon, who still couldn't understand. It started to drive him mad. He screeched in his lizardman voice in a pained tone, almost a howl like a wolf.

"Sis, shut the hell up!" Cassandra barked, receiving the blast of the loud howling more than anyone. "He's a lizardman! He doesn't understand you! And now you're driving the poor guy nuts! GRAH! Do you even think at all anymore? I suppose that's a stupid question. You probably don't understand me either since you're just a zombie. You never have any emotions for anything anymore! Why can't you just speak to me in a normal voice like you used to? I loved you back then! Now you're completely brain dead! You can't think for yourself at all, ever! All you think about are those evil kids of yours that need to be sacrificed to Hades!"

"Seconded," Rothion held up his finger from under the chain running around his chest.

Sophitia paused. "But that would be awfully rude of Mr. Calcos not to answer me if he can hear me. Don't you agree, my sister?"

"I hate you," both Rothion and Cassandra simultaneously whispered under their breaths.

"Why did I have to be chained to this creepy old guy?" Kilik whined upon waking up at another part of the dungeon chained upside down to Voldo. "I'd prefer being chained to that gay guy I met this morning."

"Wanna trade?" muttered Xianghua from behind him with a pair of sleeping owl feet draped over her head. "At least he's not as heavy as this guy."

"Why? Who do you have? Yoshimitsu? I can't see behind Voldo's ass."

"No, it's actually some other guy. He looks like an owl." She turned her head to look at the feathers on the ground next to her.

"JUST KIDDING!" she screamed randomly. "Oh no, it's back again. JUST KIDDING!" Xianghua suffered from a mental disorder that caused her to randomly scream the words 'just kidding' at the most inappropriate times. She had taken her medication for the past few months to suppress it, but it seemed to be building an immunity to the drug. "Jus- Ju- JUST KIDDING!" She cringed.

Voldo and Olcadan both woke up. "Shut up!" they both yelled.

"I'm trying to! I swear- JUST KIDDING! Sorry, I can't contr- JUST KIDDING! I can't control it."

"Hey Hwang, are you awake?" Mina whispered to Hwang, who grunted in response, his eyes still clamped shut. Neither of them could hear over the snores of the giant they were both chained to. "Hwang, why does this guy keep talking about a bongo drum in his sleep?"

"Is that what he was saying?" Hwang responded. "I thought he was saying 'hang you,' like he was going to strangle us or something." He shrugged and continued to do nothing except hang upside down while the giant continued to snore 'Bangoo.'

Raphael stared hatefully into the face of the dog kicker. He snarled, an aura of fury engulfing his and Amy's bodies. One of those giant veins popped out of his forehead. He ignored the fact that everyone in the area was about to be sacrificed in a few moments and concentrated on loathing the evil Japanese woman across the room.

"Daddy, let me loathe her, too. You're hogging all the space," Amy coughed to her foster father in an uncomfortable upside down position.

"Just let me loathe her for five more seconds, dear…" Raphael continued to stare with his teeth gnashed. "Okay, I'm done." He pushed with his feet to pivot both their bodies around so that Amy was facing the Japanese woman so she could take over Raphael's job of staring hatefully at her.

"BUH!" Mitsurugi awoke with a fright. "Where am I?" He turned his head around and saw the flipped image of a dungeon full of mostly sleeping bodies. He tilted his head upward and saw a chain running across his chest and around his arms, then connecting with another body who was hanging upside down from his viewpoint.

"Be quiet," Taki grunted from behind him. "I'm trying to sleep so I can forget this situation. Please try your best to be a decent person and let my last moments of life be peaceful."

Taki's voice enraged Amy even more. One of those giant veins popped out of her forehead that she inherited from her foster father, if that's even possible. Meanwhile, Raphael had noticed another demon host on another side of the room. He stared hatefully into the face of the other dog kicker, snarling with another aura of fury engulfing their bodies.

Siegfried rocked back and forth, his teeth chattering and his mind fading from life. He kept hearing this annoying voice from behind him that continued to talk randomly and obnoxiously. Why would it not shut up?

"Hey man, don't think that just because the ladies like you that you're better looking than me," the voice rambled on. "I'm so much of a better fighter and ladies' man than you, that I have my own fan club, so don't get any ideas to challenge me just because you think you're good looking with your overrated hair, man." Siegfried prayed to God with all his power that the cocky red haired voice from behind him would stop and let him be, but it wouldn't cease, no matter what. Siegfried was starting to feel his suicidal tendencies return.

Yunsung was receiving another hateful gaze from further away from Raphael. Talim was basically doing the same thing Raphael was doing. Talim stared hatefully into Yunsung's face and snarled, an aura of fury engulfing her and her prison buddy's bodies. One of those giant veins popped out of her forehead. She ignored the fact that everyone in the area was about to be sacrificed in a few moments and concentrated on loathing Yunsung from across the room.

Setsuka stared hatefully into Mitsurugi's face across the room, chained to Talim upside down. She turned to look at Talim but knew that she was in the same position as her when it came to staring hatefully at someone, so she knew not to disturb her.

Nightmare looked at the clock on the wall. It was 11:50 pm. There were only ten minutes until the sacrifice, and until he would be granted ultimate power. He tapped his feet in excitement and giggled like a four-year-old boy. He figured he would wait by the dungeon staircase for the rest of the time, and it was a fairly long walk anyway, so it would be best if he left at this time. Wrapping his fingers around the hilt of Soul Edge, he descended his throne and moved down the corridor through the moonlight toward the dungeon.

Dragging the sword against the floor, Nightmare felt another presence nearby, footsteps, to be more precise. He turned his head around but saw nothing. He grunted and resumed onward. However, he kept hearing the noise of footsteps directly behind him, but whenever he turned, they would stop, and he would see nothing. He knew he wasn't mistaking them for his own footsteps, as his own footsteps had a distinct clanging noise of armor. These footsteps sounded lighter. He checked around all the corners and still saw nothing at all. He gripped Soul Edge more tightly and walked forward. Finally, he heard the footsteps again, but they were directly above him. Before he knew it, the footsteps were on top of him, and pushing him violently against the walls and to the ground. He swung his sword around him, but it only cut through air. He roared with anger.

After escaping from the green girl, Yoshimitsu tracked Nightmare down to this castle, whose name will not be listed for fear of horribly misspelling. Tiptoeing through each hallway, he kept his eyes open for any sign of the azure knight. At about eight minutes before midnight, he saw the hulking body shuffle into his own hallway. Before he was spotted, Yoshimitsu teleported behind Nightmare and followed him to his destination. Whenever the knight turned in Yoshimitsu's direction, he would teleport behind the nearest corner before continuing his stealthy pursuit.

When the time was right, Yoshimitsu ran up the wall and roundhouse kicked Nightmare across the helmet. The azure knight toppled into a corner and desperately swung Soul Edge around ferociously. Yoshimitsu zipped behind a corner to wait for his next offensive. As the knight rushed around to search for him, Yoshimitsu kicked forward with his right foot into Nightmare's stomach and brought down his tachi as he set his foot on the ground, slamming Nightmare to the floor on his face.

Nightmare once again swung Soul Edge in a circle as he pulled his heavy body off the ground, aiming for Yoshimitsu's shins, which he found were nonexistent. He had disappeared again. He didn't have time for this. He needed to get to the dungeon quickly. He charged full speed down the corridor, with the horn of his helmet pointed outward to impale anyone or anything that got in his way. However, once he reached the dungeon staircase, he was tripped by an almost invisible force. As his armored body rolled down the steps, Nightmare managed to stop himself by digging the thick fingers of his mutated arm into the brick wall on the way down. He charged back up, fury blazing in his crimson eyes.

When Nightmare reached the top, Yoshimitsu leapt out from behind the corner and kneed him in the ribcage. Nightmare thrust Soul Edge forward at Yoshimitsu's heart, but he vanished into thin air and reappeared behind him, delivering a swift uppercut from behind. Nightmare stumbled for a moment but quickly caught his balance. As Yoshimitsu launched himself into the air, about to slice through Nightmare from the top down, Nightmare shot his giant, three-fingered arm in his direction for a direct hit.

Nightmare clenched his fingers around his enemy and slammed him into a wall. After the rubble settled, Nightmare tossed him in the other direction, through a stained glass window. Shattered glass flew in every direction as Yoshimitsu crashed through and fell down to the water below.

Nightmare took a moment to catch his breath. Now that his opponent was taken care of, there were no more obstacles to hinder his ultimate conquest. He heard twelve bells. It was midnight. Finally. He pointed Soul Edge to the bottom of the staircase and concentrated his energy. Lightning sputtered out of the sword's eye and gradually increased in quantity as the souls in the dungeon began to escape from their bodies and connect with Soul Edge.

Nightmare laughed his evil, maniacal laugh, until he started to hear a fluttering noise behind him. Without moving his sword, he turned his head to the left and saw Yoshimitsu spinning his sword over his head and hovering in the shattered window, unharmed. He flew into the castle and hooked Nightmare's neck in between his knees. Nightmare took his smaller hand off of Soul Edge to pry his opponent away from him while still concentrating on the souls through the blinding lightning.

Yoshimitsu pulled back out the window, pulling Nightmare with him. The lightning started to fade as the azure knight's body tripped over the window. Once his entire body was outside, Yoshimitsu ascended higher into the sky until the souls were too far away from Soul Edge to be absorbed and would return to their proper bodies, and then released Nightmare from his grip, letting him plummet a hundred meters into the river.

Yoshimitsu gave a sigh of relief for this day was over. He hovered back down toward the castle dungeon where in short, he cut all the chains on the prisoners and let them find their way back to their homes. But right now, he had something that needed to be done. As the prisoners began to leave, and a small handful of them began to strangle a cocky red-haired boy, he pulled a smoke bomb from his jacket and thrust it down into the ground with an explosion of light. A shiny looking portal thingy opened in the smoke and a Chinese man in a police uniform stepped out, unexpectedly.

"Nightmare!" he shouted out the window. "This is Detective Lei Wulong of the Hong Kong police! I'm placing you under arrest for the theft of a whole bunch of souls!"

Yoshimitsu grabbed the Jackie Chan impersonator by the collar and walked through the portal. He had some business to settle with the Heihachi Mishima right now.

As the rest of the victims of Nightmare's absolutely brilliant plot left the castle, they paid little notice to what had gone on that day. Most of them knew that Namco wouldn't let their characters just die like that. Somehow, they'd find some crazy scheme to bring them all back to life, make their deaths non-canon, or save their asses at the last second. Events like this evil scheme happened all the time in Soul Calibur Land, so for the people of the Twilight Zone, this was just a day in the life.

The End

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