Shikon University Drama

Chapter 1: Where's A Cab When You Need One!

"Kagome!" "You're going to be late for your first day of University!" Kagome's mother yelled. "Mmm…"Kagome moaned in her pillow. Her mother walked up the stairs and barged into Kagome's room. "Kagome Higurashi, you get up right now!" "Do I have to?" Kagome whined. "Hey, you're the one who got excepted!" "Now get up!" her mom replied. Her mother then opened her curtains that were closed and revealed the bright rays of sunlight into her room. "Mom!" "If you want me to get up then move out of the way so I can!" Kagome sneered. "How dare you give me that tone of voice, Kagome!" her mother yelled loudly for the neighbourhood to hear. Kagome got up and yawned. Her mother then walked out of her room shutting the door behind her. "Kagome you are 18 years old and old enough to wake yourself up in the morning with out me being your personal alarm clock!" she criticized.

Yeah, then why do you bother? Kagome asked to herself. Kagome slipped on her blue halter-top and blue denim jeans. There was a sudden knock on the outside of the door. "What?" Kagome said coldly. "Kagome, stop banging the drawers of your dresser your shaking the whole house!" Kagome's little brother Sota exclaimed. Kagome brushed her silky black hair that was butt length. Then added black eye liner on the half upper lid of her eyes. Where did my mascara go and my light pink eye shadow? She rummaged through her top drawer of her dresser and searched for the two items. "Kagome?" her mother called impatiently. "I'm coming!" she replied. "Found it!" Kagome exclaimed softly. After Kagome was done adding her makeup she ran down the stairs and ate her food that was on the kitchen table.

Her mother shook her head at Kagome and complained, "your going to get indigestion if you're eating like that!" "Well at least I'm eating!" Kagome retorted.

"I'd rephrase that!" the mother exclaimed. "Well if you keep on making me talk, I think I'll barely make it to the University!" Kagome exclaimed. "Someday you'll learn to have better manners!" "I guess I never been able to teach you the right way!" her mother sorrowfully mumbled to herself. With that Kagome just rolled her eyes.

When Kagome was done her breakfast she grabbed her mini backpack and ran out the door to the bus stop. But by the time she got to the end of the driveway the bus already moved past the house and was at the end of the street. Kagome kicked a rock and went back into the house. Damn. This is bad! Lets just hope mom's car has gas in the tank! "Kagome, get in the car!" "I'll take you to the university."

Suddenly when her mom opened the car door and looked past the steering wheel she gave a frown. I know that look…either mom forgot to refill the tank or she forgot to get an…OIL CHANGE! Kagome sighed sadly to herself.

"Well, did you learn your lesson Kagome?" her mother yelled to her. "Well you should have learned your lesson too!" "Not getting an oil change!" "I'm callin' a Taxi!" Kagome screamed. Her mother gave a warning scowl. Kagome stomped inside kicking off her flip-flops. "When she dialed the digits on the phone for a taxi she answered to the woman's questions like where she lived and where she wanted to go. "There's a woman on her way, ma'am," the lady finished. "Thank you!" Kagome thanked.