just something that i had happen to me a couple years back and thort that i'd write a lil story about it,
summery: hillary has the fright and worst experience of her life while walking home from school
is in hillary's point of view

It was a day just like any other day I got up got dressed and went to school, it had been a cloudless beautiful sunny day everything had been perfect well as perfect as perfect could get, I handed in all my homework completed of course did not get any detentions and mucked around with my friends at lunch time and had a good laugh.

I started my walk home as I usually did every afternoon said goodbye to my friends and headed off home I was soon stopped by a guy in my english class who yelled out to me I stopped and waited patiently for him to catch up to me I smiled and said a casual "hey"

we started walking just casually talking about the weekend and classes you know the usual crap us teenagers talk about when suddenly out of the blue he slipped his hand into mine and in twined our fingers,

I just kept on walking my hand limp in his not quite sure what I should do,

if I should hold on tight squeeze back or pull my hand out of his I was actually just to shy to anything or enquire about it so we just kept walking hand in hand we were headed past lake TE KOUTO when he asked me what was down there I told him that it was a lake we stopped at the top of one of the tracks he asked me if I wanted to go down there again I just replied that it was only a stupid lake he looked at me "please?"

I gave in and agreed we headed down the path in silence about half way down his intentions came clear to me of course he new what was down there everyone did he asked me if I wanted to hook-up with him

before I could even answer yes or no he moved closer and crushed his mouth on top of mine and started kissing quite hard he soon pushed his tongue into my mouth as he broke the kiss his hand found his way up underneath my skirt

I could feel his saliva on my lips and in my mouth I didn't like it one bit he asked me then if I wanted to have sex with him I refused several more times he asked me obviously hoping that he might have changed my mind but each time the answer was NO!

how could I have been so stupid he lived in the same town as me of course he knew what was down there he just obviously thought that he might get an easy lay I told him that I had to leave and turned to to walk back up the track

he stuck out his foot and tripped me up I landed face down in the dirt I groaned in pain I touched the side of my forehead which was throbbing with pain he roughly flipped me over to my back I sat heavily on my stomach and told me to take off my bag I was really scared so I did as he asked

he then unzipped his pants and pulled my underwear down the next moment was filled with fright and pain

pain at what was happening to me and fright because I was so scared of what he was doing how could this happen to me Jim a good girl I always did my homework and handed everything in on time why me?

When he had finished with me he zipped his pants up and straightened himself up he kneeled down in front of me and leaned close to my face "if you ever tell anyone about what just happened I will make your life a living hell? He then spat in my face and walked away I lay there for a few minutes trying to stop the tears that wanted to fall I slowly stood wincing at the pain and straightened out my clothes and my hair before I picked up my bag and made my shameful walk home.

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