Hello! A few of you dog lovers will maybe like this one. Also, no, this idea did not come from that new ShaggyDog movie. In fact, I haven't even seen it yet and the plot lines are completely different besides that.

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Summary: Summer's here and Danny, Sam, and Tucker are ready to end their junior year and spend some school free vacation time. Tucker's off to techno-geek camp, leaving Danny and Sam alone for two weeks. Not that Sam cares, but her shaky tries at telling him how she truly feels always turn out to be disastrous. Sam heads home miserably, only to nearly run over two dogs while driving. Mortified at herself, she takes the dog she managed to hit home with her and takes care of him, finding her sudden love for the canine growing. And "Pyro" may be the only one who can find Danny—who's gone missing.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is owned by Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon Studios.

Under, OVER

Chapter One


Sam yawned as they stepped out of the movie theatre, grinning as her notion had a chain reaction towards her best friend. "That…was the longest movie I've ever…watched."

"I told you it was like…eight hours," Danny pointed out, holding up two fingers and then quickly recovering and holding up eight.

"I didn't believe you," she blurted.

"You cannot sit through all three of those movies without wondering, "when is this going to end" unless you're a lotr fanatic," he said.

"And you're not?" she challenged.

"Well yeah, but…don't try and turn this around on me," he said, giving her a look as she laughed.

"It was a joke," she said. She felt her feet shift nervously. "Danny, tonight was awesome."

"Yeah, we should do it more often," he replied sincerely, jumping up and down.

She rolled her eyes. "You just went to the bathroom, don't tell me you have to go again…" She stared at him.

"No," he said, giving her a look that made her laugh.

"So, what about tomorrow?" she asked, growing nervous again. "Shall we?"

"If my parents gave me an allowance it would make things easier," he said.

"I can cover you, you know," she suggested, remembering her own little rich inheritance.

"You shouldn't have to all of the time," he insisted. "Let's do something different tomorrow."

"Okay, sounds good…wait, what are we doing?" she asked, her eyes narrowing.

He laughed. "Why so worried?"

"Because I know how you and Tucker are," she blurted.

"Well, Tucker's not here, so it has nothing to do with other girls, if that's what your tone is about," he said.

"I spoke to him this morning," she told him. "He sounded like he was having fun."

"Yeah, did you hear about Denise?" He pretended to swoon and she made a sickening noise.

"Unfortunately…that's what you get at techno geek camp when two nerds collide."

"He's probably going to tell her to marry him or something if she keeps showing her stuff…with the computers I mean…"

"I knew what you meant," she said, rolling her lilac eyes again.

"I can't wait until he like tells her that he likes her or something."

"Speaking of…Danny, I have something to tell you," she stammered. "I've been kind of keeping it inside for a while…and I really--"

At the precise moment, Danny gasped as a streak of blue air came from his mouth and sighed. "Darn it."

They both looked up to see a long tailed ghost scouring the night sky above them. He shook his head. "He'll be fine for the time being, what were you going to say?"

"I…" she stuttered. She stopped, realizing that once again, she wasn't ready. There was no way she could tell him at the moment. She narrowed her eyes, laughing and shrugging it off. "It's nothing. Go on, you've got a job to do."

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes," Sam said. "Need help?"

"Nope," he replied. "Well, besides the fact that we're in a public place…"

She got it. "Behind my car. And don't scratch it!"

He rushed behind it and beneath the sleek, small black vehicle, she saw a faint flash of light before his figure disappeared. He reappeared as Danny Phantom a second later, beside her.

"What are you going to do about your car?" Sam wondered.

"Oh…probably come back. Miss me, will you?"

"Always," she teased, wondering if he knew how much it was true…

"Sure," he said, laying on the sarcasm. "See ya."

"Be careful," she warned as he vanished into the clouds. She shook her head, blushing slightly as she remembered how he always seemed to like to mess with her and bit her lip, walking the five paces over to her car, her mood quickly vanishing like he had.

She climbed in, muttering to herself. Like that had been smart. Let's just try and tell him in the middle of a parking lot. She started the engine and pulled out faster than necessary. Then again, she did a lot of things she wasn't supposed to do. Not that she cared at the moment.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," Sam said to herself, banging her hands upon the steering wheel. She blared the rock music as loud as it could go without shattering the windows. "What is wrong with me?"

The first sign of insanity is talking to yourself…

At the moment, she felt pretty insane. Insane and stupid. She had just made a complete fool of herself. She wondered if she would ever have the courage to tell Danny how she really felt.

What was she really afraid of? That he wouldn't like her back? That he wanted to remain friends? She wanted to win his heart so badly. Maybe she was just desperate.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," she chanted to herself, pulling down an empty road about four blocks from her house.

There was no way she could spend even thirteen more days with Danny without completely falling apart on him. There was no way. This was perfect. She didn't have any distractions—and by distractions she meant no Tucker trying to play matchmaker or dropping hints or Paulina to keep her feelings twisted and her best friend distant—she could easily just tell him.


She sighed and tore down another lonely road, still mentally slapping herself. And to think…she'd almost told him…

Something streaked by in front of her car suddenly and she threw on the brakes, a startled gasp escaping her throat. It wasn't quick enough. Her car collided with something and there was a thud, loud enough to nearly stop her heart.

She clapped a hand to her mouth, her entire body shaking. Breathlessly, she threw off her seatbelt, reflex soon catching up with her. She rushed out of the vehicle and her face went pale as she saw what she'd done.

There was a fairly small dog lying in the road, unmoving in the bright headlights that illuminated its think black fur with white streaks. It appeared to be a small Husky dog by its looks and size and male.

Something in the distance caught her eye and she looked up to see another dog running away down the road. But the fact was…that dog was okay.

She dropped down beside the one she'd hit, tears forming behind her eyes. How could she not have seen it coming? She'd been too preoccupied to bother looking. She felt like a total idiot. And worse yet, she'd killed it. Or had she…

Looking closer, she saw the dog's chest rise and fall with difficulty. He was still alive…But very injured. From what she could see, he wasn't bleeding, and she knew there was the great chance of internal bleeding.

She touched the dog's head with her hand, but it didn't open its eyes, almost making a purring noise as it whimpered in its unconsciousness.

"Don't worry. I'm going to make this right," she promised. She glanced around and sighed. She had to make this right. "I'll take care of you."

Sorry that was so short. This is one of those stories that has random lengths in the chapters. Some are long, some are short, and some are in the middle. For the most part, this story is fairly happy, but like a few of my others, always will have some inner drama.

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Chapter Two: Hurt (Chapters will all be one word themed)

"I don't think we have to worry about that. A lot of rest, care, and love," she said, putting an arm around her comfortingly.

"Really?" she asked, dropping down beside him. He did seem to be breathing easier again. She turned back to her. "Thanks grandma."

"I'm family. It's what I do. Just…let's just keep this between us, shall we? Your father is allergic to dogs, if you remember," she said with a wink.

"Right…" Sam said. Okay, this was going to be harder than it looked.

"And…we'll need to buy him some accessories and food," she added.

"Yes," she said. Okay, this was a lot harder than it looked.

Lateraina Wolf