Haaa, I'm liking the Howl's right now. More so the Japanese version. I don't think Christian Bale was meant to play an animated character, and Billy Crystal's voice just pisses me off….

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Markl was hungry. Drop everything and roll on the floor you're so hungry, hungry. Howl was off again through that damn door, and there was nothing left to eat in the house except molding bread, cheese, and bacon. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the first two did not seem very appealing, even if you're starving. Markl stared longingly at the bacon and decided he would try.

"Calcifer?" Markl walked over to the fire with the basket of meat hidden behind his back. The demon opened one eye slightly.

" Oi… what d'you want?" Markl pulled a pan off the wall slowly.

" I'm really, really hungry… and I bet you are too… perhaps you would let me cook some bacon? For the both of us, ne?" Markl slyly goaded. Calcifer crossed his flaming arms.

" I'll take the bread." Markl sighed, though, he wasn't giving up that easy.

" C'mon, Calcifer, it'll taste so good! We haven't had a proper meal since Master Howl left! That was two weeks ago Cal!" Markl pleaded, placing strips of bacon on the pan, Calcifer eyeing it dangerously.

"No. I don't have to obey you. I'm under contract with Howl, not- OI!" Markl tried to catch the fire off guard and shove the pan atop of the embers. If he couldn't win a battle of words, he could try force. Then again, Markl never was the sharpest tool in the shed…


Howl opened the door quietly. It had been a long battle, and he was in desperate need of a bath.

"I'm home- Markl… what happened?" Markl sat in one of the chairs that littered the area around the table. He was holding a lump of cheese and sporting a fair amount of minor burns, his clothing tattered, and his hair smoking slightly. Taking another look around the room, he noticed small scorch marks artfully lining the walls.

"Ne, Master Howl… you think you could cast a spell to keep the bread from molding?"


Quite short. I don't think I could base an entire story off of this. Think about it. Could you? Don't be shy, tell me what you think!