Rated M (since we can't choose NC-17 anymore). Contains graphic nudity, m/m sex, all that fun stuff. In which the teasing and sexual frustration from chapter one comes to it's natural end.

A creature that was presumably a phoenix, though one that flowed in ways entirely too sinuous and even carnal to be reminiscent of the true bird, was traced along the alabaster skin stretched over the hipbone of one Harry Potter.

It was late Monday night, and Severus was distinctly displeased to be standing in the curtained-off area of the infirmary once again examining the infuriating if not eye-pleasing body of the school's most recalcitrant student.

The tattoo, though a poor facsimile of the real creature, was none the less making peculiar clicking sounds with his beak and occasionally throwing off live sparks. The brief explanation Dumbledore had given him before sweeping out of the wing included the ignition of a pair of pants during the Gryffindor Charms class.

Severus looked up blackly from the tattoo. His evening glass of Scotch was his single daily escape from the idiocy of his students, and he had not been pleased at its' interruption. This repeated lunacy on Potter's part had brought an already unpleasant mood to a new level of fury. The boy had the tenacity to meet Snape's scorching gaze and he even had the nerve, the nerve, to be holding back a smile.

Snape's hands twitched with the urge to grab that well-formed jaw and sweep that burgeoning smirk off with a smashing combination of lips and tongue and teeth.

The older man clenched his hands into fists and looked away, trying to regain what composure he could with a mostly naked teenager at his fingertips. When he spoke, it was slowly, and forced through gritted teeth. "After the incident last time, Potter, how could you be so…so….so! "

Potter bit his lip, his cheeks turning a shade of red as he watched his professor struggle for words.

"Imbecilic! Moronic! The tattoo removal potion does not contain inexpensive ingredients, Potter! The teeth of Triton Taragan do not come cheaply! Not to mention the trouble with brewing it, I'll have you know that I had to spend three sleepless nights to stir the new mixture at appropriate intervals after the last time I had to remove one of these from your hind side!" Severus had grabbed the boy's hip in his strong grip just above the tattoo, and he was directing the stream of invective at the languidly turning creature. He was panting with the effort and angry of his tirade.

The boy's boxers were pulled down enough to reveal the new mark along with just the smallest hint of delicious hair and boy scent, so when Harry thrust his hips into Severus's bruising grip, it was smooth skin that rose up to meet the older man. "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

The professor looked up in shock, telling himself that the slight twitch of the boy's cock (and his own, in response) was imagined. "How…how dare you, Mr. Potter! I know the headmaster puts up with your rebellious and occasionally criminal behavior, but I won't stand for it! I will see to it that the rules of Hogwarts are followed and that you pay for your actions! Expulsion will teach you!" He drew in a breath to continue, but found himself breathless when the boy push back Severus' hands, rose from the cot, and allowed his thin cotton boxers to slip another few inches down his slender hips.

The look of daring in the flashing emerald eyes was almost more alluring than the shorts sliding slowly down, revealing the pale, lickable skin beneath. Harry took another step, then another, and quite suddenly Severus found himself up against the room dividers hiding Hogwart's Golden Boy's indiscretion. He felt, rather than saw, the slight ripple of air by his feet that indicated the boy's underclothes had been entirely divested of, as he found himself unable to look away from those glaring, challenging eyes.

Snape accepted the challenge. His hands went to Harry's hips with bruising force, and their mouths met. The heat was incredible, all of the anger and games and hatred through the years had been transformed into a sudden, crushing onslaught of lust. Their tongues dueled for dominance as Severus propelled them back onto the bed. Harry was entirely naked now, and the still fully clothed Severus found himself between the boy's legs. He could clearly feel Harry's hard cock against his stomach, and judging by the intake of breath as he thrust against the heat and hardness, Harry could feel his answering cock.

Roughly grabbing a handful of black hair, Severus moved his attention to the boy's neck, administering a combination of bites and sucking that had Harry moaning in the most improper way. Without pausing, he transferred his hand from the boy's hair to his mouth, and the moans met against the calloused skin of his palm, hot and wet and loud despite the damper. Harry's tongue and lips against his hand were enough to make Severus's cock twitch painfully. The older man immediately sat up, hands at his sides, ravenously looking at the boy.

Rebellious, challenging Potter from a few minutes ago now looked nearly thoroughly debauched, his lips swollen from the onslaught and blue and red flowers of bruises already beginning to blossom along the right side of his neck, focused on the irresistible join between the neck and the shoulder. The emerald eyes were glazed with lust, and he whimpered as the weight and heat of Severus's body, the press of his cock against the other, left him.

Severus stood up, straightening his own robe, turning momentarily from the ravaged young man to his bag of potions. Harry reached out for him, but Severus clamped down on his wrist and very firmly set it aside as he knelt by the bedside. With complete professionalism, Snape case several charms in the vicinity of the tattoo. Instead of the diagnostics, however, these charms includes a silencing charm around them, and a cleaning charm on himself (he wanted to experience the boy in all his sweaty, hormonal, young glory).

He turned and retrieved the tattoo removal vial, un-stoppering it. He carefully withdrew the brush from his bag, and with one hand wrapped firmly against the tight straining thigh in front of him, he generously applied the gel to the boy's hipbone. The spitting phoenix hissed and clicked his beak, but obediently began to fade away as the potion took effect. However, Severus had taken the liberty of making several adjustments to the potion's composition, intended to produce several side effects other than mere tattoo removal.

A pair of sharp green eyes tracked the older man's hands as the hand gripping the thigh rode its way up the smooth skin to cup Harry's balls. The boy's cock jumped and a trail of pre-cum dripped to slick up his lower stomach. The elegant hand holding the paintbrush, dripping with tattoo-removal potion, traced a curlicue pattern from the boy's hip along the line of his hipbone up to the base of his cock. Harry moaned and writhed, but the hand around his sack tightened so he clenched his muscles to keep from moving. With a complete air of attention and professionalism, Severus dipped his brush back in the potion and carefully traced a line around the boy's cock, and the brush followed the ridge along the bottom of the shaft before liberally smearing the head with the light green goo.

It wasn't until Severus's brush dipped down past his sensitive sac to other, lower regions that Harry began to feel the potion's effect. The area where the phoenix was still slowly disappearing started to tingle, slightly, like a minty breath against a neck. The tingle followed the path of the brush, from hipbone, to cock, to where the brush was liberally coating the outside of his arsehole. He moaned and thrust his hips up as the tingling took his sensations to a more intense level. Severus wasn't pretending to focus on his potions work now, he watched the boy's face with a predator's grin. The brush circled once, twice, suddenly breaching Harry's tight hole and coating the clenching outer circle with the now more fiercely tingling gel.

"Severusss…" Harry hissed, his voice somewhere between Parseltongue, English, and the unintelligible voice of need. The professor's eyes flashed with anger that his wayward student would dare call him by his name. Perhaps to quiet another future outburst, he set aside the potion and brush, being careful not to spill, and laid his long form against Harry's muscular one, kissing the boy roughly.

Severus' elegant hand was again on Harry's hip, undoubtedly leaving tiny fingerbruises, and the boy thrust his cock up, desperately trying for purchase. The tingling left him desperately yearning for something, anything from the other man. He was moaning unabashedly against the other man's lips. The long-fingered hand was working on divesting himself of his own clothing, deftly unbuttoning dozens of tiny black buttons as he assaulted Harry's mouth. The boy's moans increased in intensity as he felt a warmth pulsing against his thigh where the starched robe has been before. He reached to grasp the man's longer cock, but Severus rolled his hips away and stood, his robe gaping open. Harry followed him up, his eyes still closed and mouth open, begging silently for more.

Severus was happy to comply. He grabbed the boy's hair roughly and pulled Harry's face to his cock. The "mmpth" of surprised was quickly replaced by hums of contentment and then want as the older man began to thrust, holding the boy in place with his grip. Harry's hands had been inching towards his own throbbing, tingling cock, but now they went to the older man's hips, struggling to maintain his balance and breath as he was face-fucked. He was grunting in time with Snape's thrusts, his own cock bouncing against his thigh.

The tingling sensation was pervasive now, growing in intensity. His cock was beginning to feel as though it was on fire, and he wondered belatedly whether he ought to be concerned. The fire began trailing downwards, and he moaned as his asshole caught alight, somewhere now between lust and fear. For the first time since Severus had entered the little room he stopped to think…what the fuck was he doing?

Snape caught the slight flare of the green eyes, tearing up from the blowjob he was giving, the look of fear entering them, and he pulled the boy's face away from his. He caught Harry's swollen mouth with his own again, not releasing the double-fistful of hair he had. He tasted the coppery tang of blood and pulled back grinning viciously.

He spoke, for the first time since he'd kissed the boy. His voice was deeper than usual, gutteral even, as it spat the order, "Hands and knees."

The boy trembled, but obeyed.

Severus nearly came at the sight the boy presented. He whispered a lubricating charm on himself, one that delayed ejaculation as well as protecting from the now burning liquid inside Harry. He paused, briefly, with his cockhead nudging Harry's entrance, the boy moaning and writhing like a slut while Severus decided whether to help the boy prepare himself or not. Harry thrust back against the phallus teasing him, enough that his tight orifice opened, parted just slightly to grip Severus, and the decision was made.

With a cry, Severus plunged himself to the hilt, Harry crying out in pain and pleasure at a pitch that surely must have penetrated the silencing ward. Some twitch of either mercy or a desire to savor what was likely to be his last time fucking such a delectable arse made Snape thrust slowly several times, moving inch by inch in and out of the boy's puckered hole. Harry was moaning and trembling, his hands fisted in the bed sheets in front of him. The fire from the potion was at it's highest, hottest level yet, and his cock felt like it was on fire from both the pain and the pleasure. Severus inched nearly all the way out before slamming in again and Harry was swamped in an overwhelming wave of pleasure.

He was screaming and the fire was burning him inside out: destroying him, rebuilding him, and he was cumming, cumming, cumming.

Only Severus's strong hands on his hips kept him from collapsing and melting into the bed, but the man kept up his thrusting, riding Harry's ass. The older man angled his hips differently and his cock slid against and past the boy's prostate, provoking a moan from him. Combined with the lingering effects of the potion, the pleasure from the strokes were enough to get Harry semi-hard again almost immediately, and the conscious concern of what exactly was in that potion again formed briefly before it was lost to the incessant pounding.

Severus leaned down against Harry's back, the pounding lessening slightly with the loss of leverage, and the men's sweat mingled as a hand was reached around from behind. The tracing of the potions master's fingers along Harry's cock were light at first, and it set the potion's sensation alight anew. The boy's cock was fully hard again as Snape tried to manipulate it. His hand grabbed, slipped. He growled, grabbing Harry's leg and turning the slender boy onto his back with his arse still filled.

The two men were face to face, and Harry again wondered what the hells he'd been thinking, but his thought was lost as the pounding resumed. With ease, Snape fisted the boy's cock, his long elegant fingers wrapping the boy's meat and pumping it in time with his own increasingly desperate thrusts.

Harry was shouting again, moaning and gasping air alternately as he watched the older man ravage him. Severus kept his eyes fixed on his hands, his thrusts becoming more and more forceful until he finally slammed into Harry, looked into the emerald eyes, and came. Feeling the man's cock pulsing in his arse, the hot jets of cum filling him was too much. Harry came for the second time, his seed shooting between them, coating Harry's hip and Severus's stomach.

For long moments, they just lay there, intermeshed, Severus's cock occasionally twitching inside of Harry, soliciting little moans from the boy. The tingling gave one last rush of sensation after their orgasms, then subsided, much to the boy's relief. He'd known tempting…challenging Snape would have it's consequences…he just didn't know they would be quite so delicious.

The boy pulled back his head to look at the other man, impulsively brushing a long straggle of hair out of Snape's face. For once, Severus was too exhausted to glare, merely regarding Harry's fingers with weary surprise.

"You imbecilic…moronic…" The words lacked the necessary venom, and became nearly affectionate instead. Severus gave up, gently pulling out of the boy and moving to rest his head on the sweaty chest below him. Harry snugged an arm around the man's shoulders and wisely said nothing.

They lay there for more moments, the sweat drying cold against the castle's drafts. To move would be to break the spell, this truce forged with force and lust and bruises and hard cocks sliding against sweat-damped skin. The reality of what they'd just done…

Finally Severus sighed. He should have known better, he should have been stronger. He started to pull away when a bright flash and a flicker of heat was followed by a sting of pain along his stomach.

"The bloody hell?..." A pair of black eyes and emerald tracked down Severus's lean torso. There, along the lean plane of his stomach, underneath a smear of residue, lay a phoenix, twining sinuously and spitting sparks.