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Chapter 1

Why I Left

Raven sat in her prison cell, huddled in the corner of her bed and cell. She had been there for years but she hadn't lost herself. She didn't lose herself but everything else instead. She had no memories, friends, family; just herself. She heard the door open as a guard walked over to her cell. A new cell mate, she guessed.

The guard opened the cell and threw a green boy, about her age, in. He had pointed ears, green skin, hair, and eyes, and had a tooth sticking out of his mouth. The boy looked at her and smiled, obviously he hadn't been there long because there was nothing to smile about, "Hi Raven."

The guard shocked him with a teaser, "Shut up 23567867! You're new so I'll let it go this time but there is no talking aloud!" He walked away.

The green boy stood up and looked at her but didn't speak until the door was closed, "No speaking huh?"

Raven looked at him, "I'm 78945."

He shrugged, "Raven, why did you leave?"

She looked at him strangely, "I don't even know you and my names not Raven."

"Y-you don't remember me?" He stared at her, "I'm Beast Boy, remember?"

Rae shook her head. "Sorry, I've been in here a long time."

"What happened before you came here then?" BB asked, worried.

She thought about it and saw flashes.

She was in a dark room and someone spoke to her, "You'll be happy here."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Just stay until you completely recover."

Another Flash

She was in a room, tied to a bed and her mouth was taped.

A figure wearing white came over to her with a knife, "This won't hurt….much." It smirked.

She struggled, trying to escape.


"Witch!" A blond girl said.

"Traitor!" She shouted back angrily.


"From now on Mr. Nice Guy has left the building," Beast Boy glared at her.


"Having that thing inside you doesn't make you a monster. Knowing when to let it is what makes you a man." She said to BB.

"So maybe you should call me Beast Man?" He grinned.

"We're having a moment, don't ruin it."


"You will become the portal!" A red demon looked down at her.

"NO!" She shouted.

"You cannot save your friends." He grinned evily.


"Maybe just some herbal tea," BB looked at her.

She blushed, smiling slightly, "Actually breakfast sounds nice."

End of Flashes

Raven looked at him, "I do know you."

He smiled, "You remember me?"

"Just bits and pieces; not much. I don't really remember anything from before here."

At that his smile disappeared, "You don't remember anything then?"

"What was I to you?" She blinked.

"Huh," he blushed.

"Were we.."

"No! We're friends!" His blush darkened. "So do you remember anyone else?"

"Yeah I remember some big red demon telling me to be the portal, this blond girl trying to kill me, you and me talking, and some guy in a white suit."

"Well the demon is Trigon. He's your father who tried to take over the world but you totally kicked his butt," he grinned. "And…are you sure it was a blond?"

She nodded and put a finger on her chin, "Yeah I called her a traitor and she called me a witch and well…yeah."

"That was Terra. She was our friend but betrayed us for our enemy but at the end she saved everyone but was turned to stone." He said sadly.

"You liked her."

"Did you…"

"I read your mind."

"Oh, well I have no idea who the guy in a white suit could be. Maybe he was the one who stole your memories?" He looked at her but went quiet as the guard walked in.

"78945, come with me."

Raven walked with him peacefully.

An Hour Later

Raven was back in the cell but she knew she was forgetting something.

The guard left with a smirk.

"So what did we talk about Raven?" BB asked.

"My names not Raven! I'm 78945!" She said angrily, but mostly out of frustration.

He was up against the wall.

"Sorry but I can't remember what we were even talking about before I left," she sat on her bed.

"About Trigon, Terra.."

"We were? Who are they again?" She hugged her knees.

The changeling suddenly had an idea, "That's what they do to you! They wanna make sure you don't remember anything! That's why you can't remember anything!"

She shrugged, "Oh well, you'll be like that soon."

The door opened again, "23567867!"

BB looked scared and without thinking, he hugged Raven and refused to let go.

Rae felt the nervous as the guard shocked him, hit him, and tried everything to pull him off but he wouldn't let go.

Finally the guard growled as he left, "I'll be back and when I do you better stop this nonsense or you'll be punished."

The door slammed.

He let out a breath of relief, "Thank god. One of us has to have memories around here and I so do not wanna forget Raven," he said to himself but then realized he was still holding onto her. He let go and ran back to his side of the cell, blushing like no tomorrow. "Sorry."

"If we were to escape, were would we go?" She asked all of a sudden.

"Huh?" He looked at her. "The tower of course; where we live. Why?"

"Well the person who erases memories isn't too smart because I remember I've always had a plan to escape here but didn't know where to go if I did get out. This is like my home anyway."

The green teen looked at her like she was crazy, "If you consider this a home, then you'll feel like its heaven where we live."

The goth went over to the wall and tapped four random blocks and kicked one. It was pushed out and revealed they were on the edge of a cliff, "And then there was that problem." (She doesn't know about her telekinesis yet)

"Hey what problem? You can fly, I can fly, there's no problem." BB grinned, "You do remember how to fly right?"

"Uh, no."

"That's ok. I'll go first and carry you." He jumped out and changed into a big bird.

Raven was worried but for some reason felt like she could trust him so she closed her eyes and jumped. She felt herself start to fall but then something grabbed her shoulders. Opening her eyes, she looked up and saw BB carrying her.

Beast boy changed back as they landed on the roof of a giant T building. He started walking toward the door but then noticed she wasn't following. "Come on," he offered his hand.

She stared at it, unsure but took it and kept close to him.

They walked down the stairs and through hallways until they reached a big room.

An orange girl squeaked with delight.

A spiked hair guy and a half robot guy stared at them and smiled.

The girl went over to Raven and attempted to give her a hug.

Rae hid behind BB and ended up running around him in circles to get away from the girl who obviously had too much sugar.

Finally she stopped, "What is wrong friend Raven?"

Beast Boy had to smile at seeing how shy she was when she wasn't that shy in their cell. Of course I didn't try to give her a bone crushing hug either.

She had her hands on his shoulders and bended down so she hid behind the green teen. "Beast Boy, who are they and why do you all keep calling me Raven?"

The three titans all looked shocked.

Beast Boy laughed sheepishly. "She kinda doesn't remember anything." He explained to them. "They're your friends and your name is Raven."

"I don't know any of them or even recognize them."

He laughed, "You didn't recognize me at first either but you remembered."

"I don't know why but I just remember you and even that's just bits and pieces."


"You think you're alone Raven, but you're not."

Raven opened the door and saw BB standing in the hallway. She walked over to him and hugged him.

End Flash

"Are you sure we're friends?" She asked the changeling.

"We weren't fighting in the memory, were we?" He looked worried.

She swallowed, "No, but I admit I just remembered my name is Raven. Weird name though."

At that the group except Star laughed.

"Who would've thought Raven would think her name was weird?" Cy laughed.

"Who are you guys again?" Rae asked.

"I'm Cyborg," the tin man said.

"Starfire," Star smiled.

"And I'm the leader, Robin." The Boy wonder said seriously.

At their names being said more flashes occurred.


"Hey Rae, waz up?" Cy asked as he worked on a car.

"Want some help?"

"The grass stain bugging you again?" He grinned.



"Do not worry. Beast Boy can no longer harm you." Star looked worried.

"He didn't hurt me. He saved me."


"What's wrong?" Robin asked.


End Flashes

"I remember a little about all of you. How can a grass stain bug me?"

Cy laughed, "You're standing right behind the grass stain."

Raven looked at BB.

"Hehe," he sweat dropped.

Later That Night

Beast Boy had lead Raven to her room and said it might help jog her memory.

She looked through all the books and learned a lot about herself as she started to slowly recognize things. She'd even put on the leotard and cape. Then she came across a diary. "If this doesn't answer my questions than nothing will." She opened the book to the last entry. (I'm just gonna write a flashback instead of the entry)


Raven meditated in her room as a knock was heard at her door. Grunting, she went to open the door and saw Beast Boy.

He smiled at her, "Hey, Raven."

She glared at him, "What do you want?" She asked coldly.

"I just wanted to know if you were ok cause you've spent like all day in your room and…"

"I'm fine," she slammed the door and listened as she heard his footsteps walk away. "I'm sorry Beast Boy but I can't stay here anymore." Raven walked toward her bed. "I don't like lying to all of you and I don't wanna risk hurting you." She sat down and let her fingers go over her canine teeth. They were so sharp she cut herself. "It was bad enough before being the daughter of Trigon but now I'm even worse." I'm a vampire. As soon as darkness had fallen and the clock in her room showed it was midnight, she left. She left everything behind because she didn't need it.

End Flashback

"I'm a vampire?" She asked herself as she saw flashes.


She flew until she became tired and landed on a porch.

A man walked out and greeted her, "You look tired young lady. Would you like a place to stay?"

"Thank you," she walked behind him as the first signs of daylight started to show.


"You're…You're not even human," the man from before stood back.

"I won't hurt you," she stepped forward.

He stuck a stick between them, "St-stay a-away f-from m-me."


She was in a dark room and someone spoke to her, "You'll be happy here."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Just stay until you completely recover."


She was in a room, tied to a bed and her mouth was taped.

A figure wearing white came over to her with a knife, "This won't hurt….much." It smirked.

She struggled, trying to escape.

He came closer and revealed some holy water, "We can't have you struggling during the procedure."

She screamed in pain as he poured drops on her arm.

"You better get used to it cause you're gonna be here forever." He said maliciously.

End Flashes

Raven uncovered her arm and winced when she saw the burns. Thank god it was dark out when we escaped.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

"Raven," BB called her.

Now she was afraid to answer the door. What if she hurt him? He was the only one she trusted. She opened the door and raised her hood.

"Rae-ven," he looked at her. Then smiled, "So you can lose your memory and still remember to put your hood up before you answer the door."

"What is it?" She asked.

"I just wanted to check and see if you remembered anything. Maybe you might've remembered why you left," he asked a little sad.

"No," she lied to his face, "I haven't remembered anything about why I left."

"Ok, well if you need anything I'm right down the hall with the door that says Beast Boy on it," he pointed.

"Thanks. Um, goodnight then." She tried to rush the conversation a little.

"Goodnight Rae," he grinned.

The goth walked back inside. "It would explain why I always sleep during the day," she mused. "How did I survive without hurting anyone?" She went to her diary for answers but a mirror on her desk caught her attention. She picked it up, "I don't think I would ever use this so why have it?" Suddenly a black claw pulled her in.

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