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Blood spurted out of her mouth as she coughed. Her legs are too weak to continue running from the pouring rain. That night she was about to give up and just die but she can't let her baby experience the same thing.

'No! I must save my only child.'

At that moment she was in front of a mansion,in front of theUchiha mansion.

"ungaaaaa! ungaaaaa!" her little bundle of joy suddenly cries.

She gave her baby a smile, but tears flow from her eyes. "Don't worry, mommy is still here." She hugs her. "I'm sorry, mommy should be going now. You'll be safe here."

She placed her baby down and rang the doorbell. She kissed her baby goodbye and went off.

Mrs. Uchiha heard the bell rang. 'Who would be coming in this kind of night?' she asked herself holding her son on her arms.

"Marita, please get the door." she asked her maid.

"Yes, ma'am"

"oh! oh! Please don't cry, Sasuke."she told her son while cuddling him towards her.

After seconds had passed..


"You must see this," her maid politely informed her.

"Why? What is it?" Mrs. Uchiha asked. She put her son back in his crib then turned to face her maid.

Her eyes turned wide when she saw her maid carrying a wet baby girl on her arms.

"Where did you get that?" she asked walking towards her maid.

"On the front door, madam," she replied.

Mrs. Uchiha took the baby on her arms and examine its features. She has pink hair and green eyes. 'How adorable.' Then she noticed a small paper that was tucked inside the cloth that covers the baby. 'What's this?' she asked herself then tooked it.

'Haruno Sakura'

"This is must be her name. Don't worry Sakura, we'll find your mother."

Two days had passed...but still there was no sign of Sakura's mother. Not until the police officers found a dead body of a woman nearthe garbage area. She died from sickness and starvation. And she is Sakura's mother.

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