Chapter 12

"Sakura, what are you thinking? You can't possibly go with your brother!" Ino cursed in her mind, soaking her hands with the running water from the faucet. "Darn, how could this happen, I thought Sakura would always be my best friend…" she trailed off. "Not if," suddenly there's a flash black in her mind.

Ino and Sakura were both sitting on a bench, under a cherry blossom tree. 'Sakura, you know what?' Ino started the conversation. '

'What is it, Ino?' Sakura asked with her usual soft voice when she was a kid.

'You're so lucky, you have your brothers with you all the time,' Ino confessed, bringing her two legs on the bench to hug, 'unlike me, I always asked mom and dad for a little baby sister, but they, at all times would say that they'll have a hard time taking good care of us, since they're too busy with their work.'

'Ino…" Sakura said sounding a lot concerned about her friend. 'Well, in that case, why don't we play up as sisters,' she added and change her voice's tone.

Ino raised her head with delight and carved out a smile to Sakura, 'I was waiting for you to say that,' and both of them laughed.

'But, I don't want to be Sasuke's sister,'

'Why, Ino? Don't you like him?' Sakura questioned.

'It's not that…actually I do like him…a lot' Ino hid her face away from Sakura. She was too embarrassed from her sudden confession to her..

Sakura was pretty surprised from Ino's unexpected reaction, she have never seen Ino that shy, not in front of her. So, instead of feeling a bit worried about her, she tried to be much optimistic, 'That's great! Now, Sasuke has a girlfriend!' she shouted.

Ino immediately covered Sakura's mouth with her hand, 'Sakura, quiet, he might hear you. He's just a few feet away from us.'

Sasuke who's playing kickball turned his attention to the two girls sitting on the bench, 'Huh? Something wrong?' he asked.

Ino noticed it, 'Ahaha…it's nothing Sasuke!' she shouted, waving her hand up and down. Hearing this, Sasuke brought back his eyes to the ball he was playing with and went off.

'Sigh, that was close.'

'Sorry, Ino,' Sakura bowed his head.

'Sakura, you don't have to say you're sorry. To tell you the truth, I feel much better now I know that my best friend knows my secret.' Ino claimed, 'by the way, Sakura can I ask you something?'

'What is it?'

'I just don't get it; you and Sasuke don't look like each other at all. And yet, you're his sister.' Ino started, 'To add, your birthdays are both on the same year, doesn't it trouble you that you might have been adopted by your mom?

'Adopted? Me? Of not course, Ino. Mom never said anything like that before.' Sakura said trembling to stop her tears from flowing. 'Maybe, I'm just different,' she added before running away.

'Sakura!" Ino tried to stop her.

"Sakura's been acting a bit weird today, maybe there's something I don't know with her.'" Ino thought facing the mirror in front of her. "But, yet I wish she really didn't mean it."


'The first bell's ringing, five minutes before our first subject. I better go now.' She thought and went straight out of the restroom hurriedly.



"Aww…"Ino complained as she rubbed her back after falling hard on the floor.

"Hn. I guess I have no other option but to say 'sorry'."

"You better …" Ino looked up to see the person who bumped her as she trailed off from talking. "Shikamaru?"

"Yah, sorry 'bout that," he apologized reaching his hand to Ino, helping her get up.

Ino dusted her clothes and reminded him, "Oh, it's almost time, anyway your kind of late today Shikamaru, you usually come earlier than this."

"Hnn. I had some trouble getting here." Shikamaru explained while scratching his head.

"Trouble?!" Ino exclaimed, "Did you get hurt?"

Shikamaru got surprised on Ino being worried about him. He always thought Ino only cares about Sasuke all the time. But now, he felt that she was kinda different, and it made him blush a little.


"Ahh. No, no. It's not like that, what I mean is," he said shaking his head. "I got some trouble with mom. She became too loud early this morning, a reason for me to be this late," he added and then laughed nervously. 'Darn it, why am I acting like this in front of her?'

"Oh, we talked too much; we must go now before the next bell rings."

"Ahh…Ino, can I ask you something?" Shikamaru raised a question.


"Oh, speaking of the devil. There goes the second bell!" Ino yelled, not giving attention to what Shikamaru asked her. She was about to run when Shikamaru grabbed her arm. "Shikamaru, were going to be late." She said getting quite annoyed from him.

Shikamaru stayed silent and closed his eyes for a moment. Ino examined his sudden emotions.

'My heart's pounding and my cheeks…I feel them getting warmer. Why am I feeling?' Ino thought in her mind, "Is he going to ask me for the…"

"Ino," Shikamaru started, "there something I want to ask you."

"Shikamaru…what is it?" Ino asked, knowing that it's something important.

He opened his eyes and looked straight at her.

Ino made a big gulp.

"Wh-what's that paper on your shoe?" he asked.


It made Ino to drop her collar, "What?!"

"There's something sticking on your shoe. Pull it out." Shikamaru explained.

Ino glanced at the back of her shoes and he was right, there's tissue that is currently sticking on her shoe. She frankly pulled it with an angry face, "Now that annoys me! I even thought he was about to tell me something a bit more romantic than a tissue sticking on my shoe."

"Men, I never thought it could be this hard. What a drag. I wish I could like Naruto sometimes." He thought. "Ino, we better hurry."

"That's what I'm telling you earlier."

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