Diamond Dash:

It had started out as a normal day. Raven had her tea, Robin had his orange juice and the morning paper. Beast Boy and Cyborg had their meat vs. tofu argument. And Starfire had her … food (if you could call it that).

Cyborg had just finished the last of his bacon (Raven had finally got irritated enough to throw Beast Boy out the window, which left Cy to do whatever he pleased.) when the alarm went off.

"Someone's robbing a jewellery store in the east part of town." Robin said as he typed furiously. His expression grew grim as his typing came to a halt. "It's Red X. Titans Go!"

They all piled into the T-car and sped off. Each Titan had a different reason for this particular criminal to trigger an emotion or two. Four out of five of the titans were angry at Red X for something or another. Robin was angry because Red X was his mistake. Starfire was angry because Red X had hit on her. Cyborg didn't like to think that someone could get by his security system. And Beast Boy had an extreme loathing for that red gel X threw at him.( it messes up his doo!).

Raven however didn't know how to feel. Sure she should be angry at him. After all, he was a criminal. Yet she couldn't forget the events of last night. "… I kind of like her…" And then he had kissed her!… for which she had slapped him afterwards.

"…Even though you slapped me, it was still worth it…"

Did he really like her? He called her gorgeous all the time, and the past two times that he saw her alone he never left without kissing her cheek. But what if-

"There!" Robin pointed to a building just ahead of them.

After scrambling out of the car they entered 'Dons' Diamonds.' The shop owner was tied up behind the counter, but besides that the only thing out of place was the front window and area under the glass near the cash register had been cleaned of any and all jewellery.

Raven busied herself with untying the shop owner while the others looked around for Red X. Suddenly Robin spotted him outside.

One more knot… Raven bit her lip as she finished untying the man. As soon as she was done she ran out the door.

Cyborg was on the ground twitching, the occasional spark flying out of random parts, a red x on his back. Beast Boy was stuck in a pile of red gel, tying franticly not to get it in his hair (and failing miserably). Robin was unconscious in a net and Starfire was throwing star bolts at X like they were going out of style.

When he finally got a chance to throw an X at her she tried to dodge it but she was too slow. Red X turned and saw Raven flying towards him. He threw an X at her, picked up his bag of jewels and ran around the corner. Raven ran after him, chasing him through crowds of people, down alleyways until they carried the chase from the streets to the rooftops. He stopped abruptly and soon they were fighting, not unlike their little spar the night before. He knocked her feet out from under her and ran behind an air shaft.

Seething, Raven ran after him, only to be grabbed by her arm and have her back slammed hard against metal.

"Did you miss me gorgeous?"

She tried to bring her knee up, but he caught it and clicked his tongue at her.

"Feisty today are we?"

"Mm-mmm, mm-hm-mm, mm-hm!"

"What was t hat?" he brought out his spray can and gave the X a squirt.

"Cocky, self-absorbed, bastard." She panted after he had peeled it off.

He put his hand over his heart in a mock hurt sort of way. "Ouch Raven that hurt. And I had a present for you too."


"That's right." He reached behind him and pulled out a ring. He took her right hand and placed the ring on her middle finger. "Now you can flip people off and you can at least be decorative."

Raven brought the ring up to her face for closer inspection. It was a plain black glass ring, with a stripe of deep purple in the middle.

"Do you like it?"

She raised her head up to look at him, but was spared the effort of speaking before his lips came down gently on hers. It was barely longer than the last one, but it still seemed like she was there for ages. He pulled back a little, but not too far.

"I'll let you take the bag of jewels without a fight since you didn't slap me"

"Even if I had slapped you, and had to fight you, in the end I'd still be the one with the jewellery." She glared as his smirk widened.

"Sure you would sweetheart. You keep telling yourself that." He kissed her once more before he stepped back, tugged his mask on and pressed the button on his belt, vanishing to god-knows-where.

She gathered up the sack of jewels and was almost at 'Dons' Diamonds' when she remembered the ring Red X had given her. He could have stolen it, but not recently. He hadn't been active since the events with doctor Chang, and 'Dons' Diamonds' only sold diamonds, not glass rings.

She had just decided to ask Red X about it later, when she ran headlong into Robin. "oof… ah Raven sorry, did you get him?" Robin grabbed her shoulders to stop her from falling over

"No but I got the jewellery." She held up the bag. "He dropped it when I attacked him." She purposely left out that he dropped it right before kissing her.

Robin sighed in irritation. "Better luck next time I guess. Come on lets get this back to the store owner."

After they rounded the corner they found a pouting Beast Boy.

"He messed up my doo! AGAIN!" Beast Boy threw his hands up in the air, frustrated. Raven roller her eyes and carried the jewellery inside to an anxious looking shop owner.

"Oh thank you! I don't know what Jump City would do without the Teen Titans." She handed him the bag and placed her hands on the counter.

Tap …. Oops. The shop owner glanced down at Ravens hand and spied her ring.

"Oh my, Raven. That is a very nice ring. Where did you get it?"

"Uh… a … friend."

"This must be a very good friend. Usually glass rings are only one colour. The ones that have stripes down the middle are a little more expensive." He disappeared behind the counter again and started arranging the jewellery under the glass again. Raven thought a moment before asking.

"Where would someone go to buy a glass ring?" The shop owner popped up and headed over to arrange jewellery in the window.

"Oh all over… but if you wanted to get a ring like yours, you would have to order one from Steel City." He finished up in the front window and placed the bag behind the counter. "Planning on getting one for your friend?"

"What? Oh … no… I was just wondering where he got it …" she trailed off.

"HE? Hmmm…….." the shop owner had a knowing smile on.

"Yes HE…..now unless you're being robbed again, I'm going home."

I hope this works… Raven was sitting on the roof of a building. This building was a little on the tall side and had a good view of most of the city. She wasn't sure what the building was used for, but it was completely dark inside. The reason she was on the roof was she wanted to talk to X. Why had he given her that ring? And why had he kissed her! Suddenly Raven twisted around and saw Red X standing behind her.

"Couldn't sleep gorgeous? Thinking about me?"

"Don't flatter yourself." She said as she stood up. "I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh so you were thinking about me!" he walked past her and sat on the edge of the roof.

"Fine. Yes I was thinking about you." She rolled her eyes and sat beside him.

"Hnhnnn … and why were you thinking about me?" he asked, placing a finger under her chin so he could look at her. She took a breath and lowered her hood.

"I wanted to know why you gave me the ring … and why you… kissed me."

"I would have thought that was a little obvious. You of all people would know. You're not one to ignore the obvious."

"But you could have any other girl. What about Starfire."

"What about Starfire. Just because I flirted a little doesn't mean that I like her. Sure she's cute but … she's just to bright and cheery. She couldn't take a hint if it danced in front of her wearing an outfit of Robins. Besides. I could have any girl? So what do you think I'm doing?"

"Why did you give me this ring?" she asked, spreading out her fingers and holding her hand out in front of her.

"Ah, so you're still wearing it. Do you like it?"

"Yes" she whispered.

His hand came behind her and rested on her hip.

"Are you still that oblivious?" he pulled her a little closer.

"Hey look!"

"Oh f-"

"Jesus Raven, where you raised by sailors? That's some mouth."

"Hurry up, we have to go!" she helped him up and dragged him away from the edge.

"Why so worried? It's not like we're together or anything."

"That's a trick question…."

"Touché. Well gorgeous, looks like this is where we split up." He pressed on the small of her back and kissed her on the cheek. Raven was used to this by now and didn't say anything…. Until his hands went a little lower than they should have.

"X!" she screamed his name as he walked away.

"Ooops, my hands slipped." He called over his shoulder.

She was still fuming when he jumped onto the next rooftop.

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