One-Shot: Cold Thoughts

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Set after the movie

Lavagirl's POV:

"I'm not evil am I Max?"

Even when I asked this question, uneasiness stirred inside me. I had asked myself this question for years. I was destruction. Everything I touch I would destroy. Why? Why do I do this? Nobody can touch me and I can't touch them.

Max made me light but it still doesn't stop everything I touch turning to ashes. I sometimes can't sleep at night because I'm scared I'd wake up in the middle of the night and decide to attack something or someone.

Sometimes I would go to sleep in one place and wake up in another. I would have no memory of how I got there. The thought that I had done something wrong, something I shouldn't have is my biggest fear.

I know I'm probably overreacting, but what if I were to hurt Sharkboy? He would never forgive me. I'm light, which means that I should be good. But I still can't forget the memory of Max and Sharkboy's faces when I had turned Max's dream journal into ashes. Did they think I had done it on purpose? Did they think that I am evil and they don't want to tell me…

Sharkboy's POV:

"…Maybe I am evil, I just have to learn to accept it."

I had felt like I was going to be sick when she had said that. She thought she was evil because everything she touches burns, because she destroyed Max's dream journal.

She had always tried hard to hide the thought that she thinks she may be evil from me. She had shocked me when she asked Max if he thought that she was evil. I didn't know what to say.

She's my best friend and I've know her for too long to know when she's upset. She makes it even more obvious when she tires to hide it! I know we argue and disagree more then we are friends, but I wish she wouldn't bottle herself up so much. I know I do that too, but at lest she knows about my past. I don't know anything about her.

Max made her light, but she was always light. And warmth. The ocean water can get really cold but just standing next to her and I'd be dry in a matter of seconds. There's nothing evil about that.

I remember when I had woken up from nearly being drowned. Max had sat next to me and when I saw Lavagirl, my heart stopped. The lava that flowed through her body was black and she was cold. If there was ever a time when I had been scared, it was then. When I saw her wet hair, I felt like a real basterd.

She had saved me. She had given her life to save me. My stupidity had made her give away the one thing I couldn't give back to her. I should have held back and not let Mr. Electric get the better of me.

I was so relived when Max told me to get her to her volcano. A new hope spilled into my heart. She couldn't be dead yet, her volcano was active. I remember how warm it was when she had given off the light.

Now, would you really call a person that can have such as great power they could light up a whole plant, evil…