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Chapter 1: Summer discussions.

Back on Destiny Isle, three best friends were having a discussion for their school break summer trip. There they sat under the paopu tree talking about tomorrow's activity schedule.

"Well, what's the plan? How are we gonna spend our summer vacation?" said a red hair girl. It was Kairi, trying to start the conversation.

There was a silent, but then the cinnamon spiky hair boy, with blue eyes named Sora started to speak.

"What if we go for a trip to the beach? It would be great to soak ourselves in the cool sea in this hot summer!"

"Hmm... That's a good idea Sora. Maybe we can follow your idea after all! Okay, I'll agree... What about you Kairi?" the white silver hair boy answered back. No doubt, it was Riku.

"Same goes with me! But how are we gonna get there?"

"Why with the gummi ship of course! I'm gonna ask Donald and Goofy to join. If you guys don't mind..." answered Sora with a smile.

"I'm cool. I think we should invite all of our Kingdom Hearts gang to come too... Be sure to tag along the girls Kairi," said Riku with a grin.

"The more the merrier! I'll give them the call later tonight. I think bringing out the boys also would be fun!" she answered.

"Yeah! And we can rent my dad's bike to go riding along the beach! It'll be great! I'll ask my dad to give out discounts for you guys!" said Sora thrilled.

"Oh yes! Your dad rent's bike to tourist huh? That's great! I would really like to ride one!"

"Well then, that settles! Let's move out to the beach tomorrow. We better get home early for today. Lots of phone calls need to be done!" said Riku.

"Okay, see you guys tomorrow then! Be sure to call all of them Riku, Kairi! Don't forget!"

The three of them row their boat back to the island and marched home…

That night, Riku invited Sephiroth, Cloud, Leon and Cid through the tele-portal to connect with the underworld and outside world web… In the meantime, Sora pays a visit to Tidus and Wakka's house and asked them to join the fun. And then he called out Goofy and Donald about the plan, and they agreed! Meanwhile Kairi uses her long distance chatphone and called out Selphie, Tifa, Yuffie, Aerith and a few others to come along… The night was busy for everyone.

The next day...

Riku and Kairi were all set at Destiny's Island. Riku brought his sunglasses, sunscreen, swimming trunks along, while Kairi brought her cute-sexy looking bikini with a towel and also a few girlie stuffs for make-ups. There they waited for Sora to show up. After a while, a gummi ship landed to the island ground. This gummi ship looks different, as it is larger, spacious and even funkier! Then two shadows appeared out from the entering of the ship. It was Donald, and Goofy is following from the back.

"They've arrived!" they both cried.

"Hello! Kairi, Riku! It's been a while isn't it? Is everyone here? Let's get going then!" said Donald happily.

"Welcome to our Island Donald, Goofy. This is Destiny Island. Here, have some flowers! Kairi made it for you," said Riku.

"Thank you!" Donald and Goofy answered.

"Nice flower necklace! I like it! Ah-yuk!"

"Sweet smells too! Thanks Kairi!"

"Don't mention it. It's a tradition to welcome newcomers and visitors. Especially from a different world!" Kairi smiled. "Well, an exquisite new ship you guys have here too!"

"Thank you! We thought we could make better use of this new gummi!" said Donald.

"Whoa! Is it me, or did the gummi ship looks ostentatious? It's damn big!" said Riku astonished.

"A superior ship is for heaps of passengers and their loads of course! Ah–yuk!" said Goofy.

"Amazingly cool! You two are the best!" Kairi nods.

Then they heard two boys calling them out and a girl running at the back, trying to catch the jog with them.

"Hey you guys! Wait up!" said a tanned boy who has the looks like Sora. It was Tidus scampering towards them as he reach the island shore.

"Yeah, wait for us man!" said an older boy holding a ball on his right hand, talking in an islander accent. That would definitely be Wakka who came with him.

Next to both of them is a girl. It was Selphie who came with them too. She waved witlessly to all of them at Destiny Island with a big smile. "We're here!"

The four wave back welcome at the three. There they started to talk about the vacation excitedly.

"Thank you for giving us a lift to the beach, Donald and Goofy! It's a good thing you use a greater gummi ship!"

"Aww, it was nothing Kairi. Sora called that you guys wanted a shot riding it, so I thought we can use the gigantic gummi ship with King Mickey's permission!" said Donald blushing.

"Well, the bigger, the better!" added Riku.

"Yeah, glad King Mickey let us use it! He looks really happy these days. Ah-yuk! But unfortunately, he couldn't come..." said Goofy.

"What? But what's wrong?"

"Well, King Mickey had plenty of works to do after his long disappearance in searching for Sora as the keyblade master... So, there were so many requests from his town's people that he had to handle after his comeback to the castle... That's why... Luckily, he let us join you at the beach. He said that we deserve a holiday after defending and guarding Sora..." explained Donald.

"I see… Well, it would be a lil' less fun without him," said Riku. "But we understand his circumstances…"

"We appreciate your awareness Riku. Ah-yuck! King Mickey would really be glad to hear that!"

"Why, you guys had such a lot of fun going to many worlds all this time huh, man? And saving the world... I wish I could have come too," said Wakka showing his covet.

"Me three. Yeah, I'm SO jealous with you guys... Always with an adventure!" said Tidus.

"Include me in! I really like to do some quest and action fighting! It would be really fun to meet all the heroes in the other worlds too! Ooohh... It will be SOO romantic!!" said Selphie with glittering eyes.

"Maybe you can come with us in the next mission with Sora, if King Mickey approves..."

"Really?! Thanks Donald man!" Wakka merrily thanked.

"Yeah! It'll sure be great!"

"Well, what about me??"

"Of course you will be a must too, Selphie! It'll be nice to have an extra hand of heroine in the mission! Ah-huh-huh-huh-yuk-uh!" said Goofy cheering up Selphie.

"Yeay! Finally! A voyage!!" said Selphie all keyed up.

After a while, they started to feel that there was something missing.

"Hey, speaking of which… Where's Sora?" said Kairi anxiously.

"Yeah! We're really late, man!"

"And were gonna miss the fun if they started without us at the beach!" said Tidus.

"I wonder what happened??" asked Selphie.

"Hmph. That slowcoach snail named Sora is always behind schedule! (sigh) I'll go look for him..." said Riku and he starts to walk towards the boat.

As Riku was about to scull his boat to the sea, Sora appears at the sea, shouting and waving to them while rowing his boat to Destiny Island. Riku gets off from the boat and waited with the gang instead. Sora paddles and paddles as quickly as possible to reach to the shore.

"Hi guys! I'm here! Hey, Donald and Goofy too!" said Sora huffing and puffing, feeling exhausted.

"Hi Sora! Awwh, we miss you!" said Donald.

"Awwh, I miss you guys too! Bear hug time!" said Sora hugging both of them jumping with joy.

"Ah-yuck! Oh, helo Sora! Ready for the party at the beach?"

"I'm ready as I am, now!"

"Ahem. Right," scoffs Tidus.

"Oh, hye you guys!"

"You're late, Sora! What is your reason for doing so?" said Kairi.

"Awwh! I'm sorry Kairi and you guys! My alarm is broken. And I woke up and find out that I'm already late! (shrugs) Then there's this hole in my boat, and I had to borrow my dad's boat to get here. This boat is heavier than mine, and it's harder to paddle fast! That's why I'm delayed... I hope you can forgive me… Please?"

"Oh, how dramatic… Great story Sora," uttered Riku as he claps boredly.

"I'm telling you! It's true!"

"Okay, okay. Since it was your idea to have this vacation anyway, we'll forgive you Sora. As somehow you made it to be here," said Kairi.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you so much Kairi!!"

"Yeah but as punishment, you have to carry all of our luggage," said Riku teasing Sora with a smirk on his face.

Everyone threw their bags to Sora and rush towards the gummi ship, leaving Sora behind. Sora drowns in the mound of their belongings.

"Hey, that's not fair! They're heavy!! Plus, I already gave you a discount for renting my dad's bike! I'm the one who planned the spree at first!! Can't you be reasonable to me??" said Sora as he pokes his head out of the pile of bags, angrily and pouts.

Everyone laughed and went back to Sora, helping him by taking their bags. As they went into the gummi ship, they were amazed by the space they get as they boarded the ship. It WAS a very large ship and they all gazed in awe. Sora couldn't help himself running around the extent space gleefully. And so does the others except for Riku who thinks that it's too childish for his ego.

Meanwhile at the beach, Sephiroth came by a jet, Cloud, Aerith and Tifa came with a sports car and Yuffie came by foot as she is known as the great swift ninja. While Leon and Cid came by with the express train. There they waited for Sora and his gang to come.

End of chapter 1


Narrator: What will happen in the next episode of Spectacular Summer WAR of the fangirls? Will Sora and his gang arrive to the beach in time? Or will their friends at the beach start the party before they would arrive? Tune in next fic in the title of An uncanny opening!

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