Summary: AU. Hogwarts is a prestigious boarding school for only the most well mannered children, and Harry's just another one of the crowd, until bad boy Draco challanges harry to become a bad boy himself...slashy slashy slash.

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"Ron! Hurry up or else we'll be late!" Harry Potter yelled at the door to the room he and his best friend shared. The dark haired teen sighed and adjusted his glasses, glaring at the door. Of course Ron decided to sleep late on the day of their pre-calc test, and of course the meanest teacher in the entire academy, Mr. Snape, had to teach 11th grade pre-calc.

"Sorry Harry, just hold on a sec! I can't find my tie." Ron shouted.

Harry sighed and glanced down at his own uniform. The school was very, very strict about the uniform. No tattoos, no hair dying, no heavy makeup, no nail polish, and of course students had to be in uniform during school hours, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. And after school hours they had to dress appropriately. No short skirts, no low cut tops, no tight pants, no over sized shirts, no over sized pants. He quickly adjusted his tie and dusted off his blazer just as Ron opened the door, tie tossed around his neck and book bag slung over his shoulders.

"Jesus Ron! Snape's gonna kill us!" Harry growled.

"Well if I didn't have my tie Snape would've strangled me with his." The red head complained. "Stupid ties, I don't get why we hafta wear them."

"Cause it builds character, Ron."

Ron shot his best friend an exasperated look, "You are sucha goody-two-shoes."

The black haired teen punched Ron lightly before running down the stone halls of Hogwarts Academy so he could be on time for another stupid test. They did have so many tests here…


"How do you think you did!" Hermione gasped as they stepped out of the classroom.

"I failed." Ron laughed.

"No surprise," The brunette scowled, "Harry how'd you do?"

"Good I hope," Harry said with a tired smile, "I studied forever for it."

"Of course, Potter, that's cause you don't have anything better to do." A familiar voice sneered. Harry and his friends looked up to see Draco Malfoy striding towards them. The platinum blonde's name was synonymous with trouble. He and his main croony Blaise always seemed to be causing disturbance at the school. Draco was wearing the same uniform as Harry, black slacks with white pinstripes, a white dress shirt with the schools crest, a black tie, and a black blazer again with the schools crest on it. But Draco made the uniform look…sinister, the tie was loose, shirt attractively un tucked and hair falling messily around his face.

"Shut up, Draco." Harry retorted, fighting the blush that was rising on his cheeks. He adjusted his glasses and glared at the blonde. God…Draco was so…attractive.

"Can't handle the truth? You're such a good boy aren't you?"

"I am not!"

Draco had a good laugh over that. He patted the smaller boys head before smirking at Harry. "I bet you couldn't be bad if you tried."

"Wanna bet!" Harry snarled, he may not have been very tall or intimidating, but he did have a temper, and when challenged he reacted pretty violently.

The blonde snickered and then shrugged. "Sure, sounds like fun."

"Fine! By the end of the month, I'll be bad! I'll be badder then you are!"

"Yeah sure kid, first you're gonna need to learn how to curse." He tied to pat Harry's head again but Harry shoved Draco's hand away.

"Fine, ya wanna teach me!" Harry growled.

Draco smirked, god, the little goody-two-shoes did look so fucking cute when he was mad. "Yeah I'll teach you."

"…I was being sarcastic."

"Meet me in my room at 6." Draco laughed as he turned on his heel and sauntered off. "Unless you're to much of a pussy to,"

"I'll be there! And I am not a...pu…a….pu-a pussy! There I said it!"

Draco laughed so hard he almost fell down, and that only furthered Harry's resolve. He would become a bad boy. He'd teach that stupid blonde prat.

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