The Scotsman's Tale



Harry and Ed followed Dumbledore to his office. Ed leaned on Harry for support. Half way there he pulled away from Harry and started walking on his own, though with great difficulty. He felt undignified, relying on Harry for help when he felt he had failed in protecting him. Harry's hurt leg began to prickle as he started noticing it again. It had been in the third task where that flower-heartless had stabbed him. Harry knew that Sirius was there waiting for them, he knew that he'd have to re-tell the whole story, then Ed would tell his side. Harry didn't want to remember it any more, if any thing he wanted to forget the whole year. He felt the same way about Edward's story, he didn't want to hear what happened to him… he didn't want to know the terrible things Edward went though, because of him. Harry then he realized that it was impossible to forget every thing, and just followed quietly as he winced with every step he took.

They entered the office, Harry saw Sirius's pale face as if he had just escaped Azkaban again. In one swift movement he had crossed the room. "Harry, are you alright? I knew it- I knew something like this- what happened?" his hands shook as he helped Harry into a chair in front of the desk. "What happened?" he asked more urgently. Edward stood still, his body a bit wobbly from his exhaustion, he felt him self falling. He was caught by hands who's fingers felt cold and long. He looked up,

"Easy now, I got you." It was Anti-Sora standing behind him. Ed looked confused at him, but Anti-Sora answered. "I'm not ready to go back yet- to my body. I'll help you until I do though." Ed nodded and stood back up as Anti-Sora supported him. Ed listened as Dumbledore told Sirius every thing Barty Crouch (Crouch's son they have the same name) had said. He felt like at moments he would slip in and out of consciousness. Anti-Sora shook him awake again and again, it seemed no one noticed that he was in the room with Ed.

"I need to know-" Dumbledore stood up abruptly, he saw Anti-Sora and was on defense. Ed looked up at Dumbledore, "It's alright… he broke free of Voldemort's control…" he explained. Anti-Sora nodded, his yellow eyes looked sadly at Dumbledore; Dumbledore sat back down, the same expression on his face as before, it hadn't changed at all. "FullMetall Alchemist Edward Elric, I need you to tell me what happened when you were captured."

"…" he looked away and tried to stand straighter.

"FullMetal," said Dumbledore sternly. "You need to tell me incase this causes any thing in the future. Did he use the gate… did he summon the door?"

"No…" said Edward. Harry turned around and looked at Edward from where he sat. "All he did was force me to make transmutation circles for him."

"What kind?"

"The Sorcerer's stone… and the Philosopher's stone." He answered looking at Dumbledore. Albus looked at him over his half-moon spectacles, "And did you? Did you make the stones?"

"No." said Ed defiantly, "No I didn't. Every time, I'd refused… but when I did…." Ed looked away from them, as Sora continued to support Ed. Dumbledore asked for Harry's story next, Sirius looked to Dumbledore,

"Albus, can't you see these boys need rest? Can't it wait till morning?" Harry felt great gratitude to Sirius for that, but he looked up and into Dumbledore's blue eyes,

"Boys, if I thought I could help you by putting you two into an enchanted sleep and allowing you to postpone the moment when you would have to think about what has happened tonight, I would do it. But I know better. Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it." He leaned back in his chair, "You both have shown bravery beyond anything I could have expected. I ask you to demonstrate it one more time. I ask you both to tell us what happened."

Harry began to give his side of the story. Ed's strength gave out on him once again and he was out cold. Anti-Sora shook him slightly, his concerned eyes faded from the bright yellow color to white, with blue irises and pulps. He looked at Ed concerned as he didn't wake up. "Ed…" he whispered, he could feel Ed breathing. He dragged Ed over to a chair and sat him down. Dumbledore- without interrupting Harry- pointed his wand to Edward and jolted him awake again. Sora looked to Dumbledore, but he was concentrating on Harry's story. Anti-Sora looked back to Ed as he held his head. Sora was worried for him, after seeing every thing he did, Sora wanted to only help him. It was guilt that plagued the heartless, he wanted to undo every thing in the past year.

Then, Harry got to the part about the wands connecting. Dumbledore nodded, "You saw your parents… didn't you, Harry?" he asked. Harry nodded,


"Priori Incantatem," he muttered,

"The Reverse Spell effect?" asked Sirius. Dumbledore nodded.

"Voldemort's wand and Harry's wand are brothers, and they connected. The brother wands wont go against each other, and the spell used will regurgitate spells it has performed- in reverse. The most recent first… and then those which preceded it…." He looked at Harry, "Which means that some form of Cedric must have reappeared."

"Diggory came back to life?" said Sirius sharply.

"No spell can reawaken the dead." said Dumbledore heavily. Edward spoke up,

"I… saw Maes Hughes." He said in a very shaky and voice, "Why?"

"Who?" asked Sirius.

Edward tried to stand, "I saw Hughes… he didn't die here… he said he'd been watching me… why?" he pleaded. Dumbledore thought,

"Perhaps… he had in fact been watching you and the connection was a way for him to contact you. I can't say for sure, I'm not an expert on the after life."

Harry finished telling the story and ended it with Cedric's last request. Dumbledore looked at Ed and Harry. "I shall say it again, your bravery has surpassed anything I could have expected from either of you. You have shown bravery equal to those who died fighting Voldemort at the height of his powers. You both have shouldered a grown wizard- man's burden and found your self equal to it- and you have now given us all we have a right to expect." He looked to Ed, "You will stay behind," then he looked to Harry, "And you may go to the hospital wing."

Dumbledore led Harry out of the office with Sirius behind them, transformed back into a black dog. Ed watched them leave and slumped back down in the chair. He felt his chest heavy with sadness and a will to rest like never before. Anti-Sora sat on the floor next to him, Ed opened one eye to look at him. Anti-Sora looked up at him,

"Why… did you… come back?" Edward asked.

"I had to." said Anti-Sora. "Ed, I'm sorry for every thing!" he blurted out, "I didn't mean… I mean I never wanted any one hurt… I only wanted to get back to Riku and Kairi!" his eyes seemed so sad, the blackness melted off of him, revealing the ten year old from before. He seemed so much sadder and filled with guilt. Ed put a hand on Sora's head and rubbed it as if he was a dog, Sora's lip quivered, "I'm sorry." He said in that small voice, "It took over, I never wanted this…." he said about to cry. Ed sat up and opened his eyes looking down at the ten year old Sora,

"No one wished for this except for Voldemort… but you still helped him anyway." Ed lay back in the chair but continued to watch Sora as he hid his face in the armrest. Ed's capturer was this ten year old boy? Ed looked at him, "You said you weren't ready to go back… why?"

"I want to help you, before I'm returned. I need to make sure I didn't leave before you got well."

Riku, Roxas and Dumbledore came into the office. Dumbledore sat behind his desk and Riku saw the ten-year old boy, he frowned, then smiled. Riku bent down and put his hands on his knees. "Hay there." he said warmly, much more care in his voice then Ed had ever head Riku give. Sora looked up at him,

"Hi." he said.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked. Sora looked at him oddly,

"I think… you're Riku?"

"Yep." said Riku in almost a breath. He had finally found Sora, and not Anti-Sora, but the Sora he knew when they were kids… Sora's child like innocents that made him Keybarrer. Riku swallowed and stepped closer to Sora, Sora stood up. "Riku… I can't go with you yet."

"Why?" he asked, looking a little disappointed,

"Because first I have to take care of him." said Sora, pointing to Edward. "I have to make up for what I did."

"Riku." said Dumbledore, "I think you all should hear this." Roxas stood straight, tearing his eyes away from his other half. "Now, Edward… yes I did take you from the gate. I wanted to protect you here, so I asked the military that they give you this assignment. I know of your promise to your brother, and I'm sorry for the deception of your world. Also… when I summoned your brother here, that was a lie as well."

"Huh?" Ed sat up straight, being very protective of Alphonse, he forgot his fatigue.

"That wasn't Al, but merely an imprint of your memory and a suit of armor that I made for that one time." He was silent as Ed's heart sank, "So… my little brother was never here?"


There was a long silence, then Ed sighed and looked at Dumbledore. "How do I get home?"


Over the next month, hearts healed and friends grew stronger. Ron and Hermione never left Harry's side as Sora never left Ed's. Riku would often come in with Roxas to visit them both. Harry was in better condition then Edward, he left to the common room first. Edward stayed in the Hospital wing alone, thinking of his brother, and his home. The door to the hospital wing opened, and Edward turned his head and looked down the long hall of hospital beds. Hermione walked down the row and stopped at his bed. Edward looked at her, but she only smiled. Hermione carried a book with her in her arms. He went to the right on Edward, then sat down on the chair next to his bed. She opened the book and quietly started to read. Edward eyed her, then looked back up at the ceiling.

Hermione smiled, "It's just like before." She whispered, Edward looked over to her.


"It's just like before… say for the fact that you were much quieter." She smiled. Edward remembered what Harry had said. He had told Ed who had been by his side before he was kidnapped. Edward smiled slightly, then looked back up at the ceiling, wondering if there were people like his friends back hom… on his side of the gate.

A week later, Ed was allowed to leave. Edward healed quickly, for he hated being in some one's care for too long. He was healed, now to fix Sora and return him to normal… or as normal as Sora got any way.

It was a rainy day. Ed, Sora, Roxas, Harry and Riku stepped out onto the field. Donald and Goofy were there with them, Goofy held Sora's limp body.They went to the center of the field as the rain continued to pour. Ed turned to Sora's heart, "I'm better now, so you can go back right?"

"Yup." said Sora looking at his body. Roxas went over to Ed,

"I'm glad I met you."

"Yea… sure." said Ed simply, he was never good at saying good bye. Goofy put the body down as the rain continued to pour. Roxas bent down and grabbed one hand, Sora grabbed the other.

Nothing happened. "What's going on?" asked Roxas looking at Riku, he shrugged looking helpless. Ed looked over to Harry,

"What do you think? Should we help? "

"Dun-know if we can… I could try a merging spell."

"And I knew a transmutation circle that might work." Ed suggested.

Harry got his wand ready, as then Ed clapped his hands and placed them on Roxas's and young Sora's head. Harry fired a spell, and then they started to disappear into light. They disintegrated into light and were gone.

Sora's body began to stir, his eyes fluttered open, and he looked around. The rain made him jump as it hit his face, but he blinked and calmed down. Every one crowded around him, his view of the sky was blocked by everyone's face. Sora was helped up by Riku. "Riku?" Sora asked, looking at him. Riku nodded smiling slightly,

"Riku… you…" he said, smiling slightly as well, "You look different." He said.

Ed watched them, Sora looked over at Donald and Goofy, "Hay, what are you two doing here?" he asked. "Aren't you suppose to be meeting with King Mickey?"

"Sora?" asked Riku, "Do you remember any thing? Any thing that happened this year?"

Sora looked at Riku and blinked, he thought. "Yea… we were in Merlin's house at Radiant Garden, then we went out side and were ambushed by heartless…" his expression changed as he put a hand to his chin. "Then we… started fighting. I was hit from behind by a big heartless with a lance…" he looked around the area, as if pushing through different memories. "Riku… what happened to me? I have two different memories of this place."

"It's alright Sora, it's normal. You were split into two people again, only this time your heartless came out-"

"No." said Sora holding up a hand and looking to him, "Don't tell me, I remember all that I did, right up until the end."

He walked over to Edward and Harry just then. Sora thought for a moment, then smiled. "You're Harry… and the tall one is Ed right?"

"WRONG!" yelled Ed. Harry held him back as Ed tried to get at Sora. "What do you mean tall one?" he yelled, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING TOO SHORT FOR THEIR OWN NAME, SPIKEY!"

Sora's face lit up as he remembered the nickname Edward had called him all year. "Sora laughedm "If anything, that's the one thing I remember, Ed." But Edward was still furious. Sora leaned over to Riku and whispered, "Apparently he was touchy about his height." He muttered. Riku laughed and nodded as they watched Ed try and get out of Harry's grip, and they all laughed.

They stood in the rain a bit longer, Hermione and Ron watched them from a window in the castle, "Say Hermione,"

"Yes Ron?" she said turning her head to him as she stay leaning on the window sill,

"What ever happened to Rita Skeeter?" he watched Hermione smile a cruel smile,

"Well, it turns out, I found out how she knew about all those things that happened at school." She opened her back pack that was on the floor next to her, Hermione held up a glass jar with a bug in it,

"That's the beetle Harry and I saw at the Yule Ball!"

"Yup, Rita Skeeter is an animungus… an unregistered animungus." She said looking at the bug sadistically, "She can't change back while she's in the jar, so I'll think of a deal we could make later." She put the jar back in her bag. Ron looked at her, "Tricky, very tricky."

"Oh, come on Ron, let's go meet Sora… again." She grabbed his hand and they ran out into the rain.


Soon Sora meet every one, and it was like the beginning again. Sora made his jokes as usual, Riku knocked him over the head, and Ron poked fun at him. Sora hung around with Ed more often, they were good friends, much more then before. Harry and Riku would often sneak back into the Elf kitchen and sneak food up to the Gryffindor tower, Ron would often be tought how to fight with Riku as his teacher… he wasn't that good. The remaining month was a good distraction for Harry and Ed, they let go of their fears and just let them self's play with the others. There were quiet times however, times where the Triwizard Tournament was brought up… and every thing went silent again as Harry and Ed were pulled back into their memories. One of those times were when they were in the Gryffindor common room, Harry stared into the fire as Ed pet Hermione's cat that was curled up in his lap. His red coat was still missing, all he had was the Hogwarts white shirt with robes on. "When I find the slit nosed bastard, I'm going to kick his ass and get my coat back." He said quietly. Ron and Hermione were in the room, with Sora, Riku Fred and George. Every one was either board or depressed.

Time passed, then Fred stood up,

"Alright, well that's just enough of that!" he said. Every one looked up at him, "Come on, we need to start having fun again." He said looking around. They all looked at him with flat expressions, as if it were too soon to be having any real fun for a while. Fred frowned, "Come on guys!" he said, he looked at his brother, "We're opening a joke shop, it's our job to have as much fun as we can!"

"Where are we going to get the money? Ludo ran out on us."

"Worry about that later brother!" said Fred pulling George up. More students came in looking as bored as they did. Fred glanced at his brother and gave him a look, George shook his head, as if reading Fred's thoughts. Fred nodded slowly, and George shook his head 'no'… but then smiled and nodded. Harry and the others watched curiously as Fred then said to them, "Follow us if you want to live… er- laugh I mean."

Sora was the first who stood up, then Harry and the others all followed them to the Great Hall where lunch was taking place. George leaped up on a Ravenclaw table and picked up a mug of Butter Beer. Fred joined his brother and yelled out, "Now that the event is over," every head in the school looked over at them. . "Now that the Triwizard tournament is over, you 'foreigners' will be leavening soon…no?" asked Fred, refurring to the Beaubaxton and Drumstang students. George saw the stunned faces of the teacher's on the teacher's table, but the amused face of Dumbledore.

"Before you leave, we want you to carry this song with you."

George started stomping his foot on the table at a four by four beat and clapping his hands. Fred managed to have some Hogwarts students clap along then started singing in a Scottish accent that was more like speaking. His words went up and down like a paper airplane on a breeze,
Well a Scotsman clad in kilt left the bar one evening fair,

One could tell 'bout how he walked that he drunk more then his share,

He fumbled round until he could no longer keep his feet,

Then he stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street.

People listened wondering why he sang as they clapped along, but they soon got into the song as George sang the chorus:

Ring ding diddle iddle ideo,

Ring di diddly ido,

He stumbled off into to the grass to sleep beside the street.

Ed and the other's clapped along as they too saw the amused face on their headmaster, and the shocked ones on their teachers. Ed listened and watched Fred and George dance around on the table again as George stomped and Fred picked up on singing again,

About that time two young and lovely girls just happened by,

one says to the other with a twinkle in her eye,

See yon sleeping Scotsman so strong and handsome built,

I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt?

Ring ding diddle iddle ideo,

Ring di diddly ido,

I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt?

Edward started to see where this song was heading, he also had the feeling that so did every one else!

They crept up on that sleeping Scotsman quiet as can be,

Lifted up his kilt about an inch so they could see,

And there behold for them to view beneath his Scottish skirt,

Was nothing more then God had graced him with upon his birth!

Ring ding diddle iddle ideo,

Ring di diddly ido,

Was nothing more then God had graced him with upon his birth!

Drumstang boys hollered as girls whistled. Some students picked up their mugs and started swaying slightly as they sang the chorus with George. Sora leaped up onto the table and started doing a sort of jig as Fred started up again,

They marveled for a moment then one said 'we must be gone,

Let's leave a present for our friend before we move along',

As a gift they left a blue silk ribbon tied into a bow,

Around the bonny star the Scot's kilt did lift and show.

Edward laughed as Sora then jumped up and landed in the splits. He got back up and sat down with them. Harry shook his head in disbelief as Fred and George continued with the chorus, Minerva looked nervously to Albus, but he looked over at her and said, "Through hard times, one must find happiness where ever it is found. It'll be fine, Minerva." And he went back to listening,

Now the Scotsman woke to nature's call and stumbled towards a tree,

Behind the bush he lifts his kilt and gawks at what he sees,

And in a startled voice he yells to what's before his eyes,

Lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first prize!

The whole school sang along as they raised their glasses:

Ring ding diddle idle ideo,

Ring di diddly ido,

Oh lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first prize-!

It ended with a bunch of laughter and applause. Harry laughed so hard his sides hurt, and even Riku biting his lip hard to keep him self from bursting out. Ed went over to where Fred was and shook his hand. "Well done, never seen a group of people this together since the time Al and I were mobbed in the town of Lior."

"Well, if we are going to run a joke shop-" started Fred,

"Hold on, where do we get the money for it?"

"You need money?" asked Harry coming to them, "Take my Triwizard money." He said. Fred and George looked at each other,

"You're mad mate." said George shaking his head. Harry looked at him,

"I'm serious, I already have enough money. This would just weigh me down, you have it. Spend it on that joke shop, open one if you can."

"Really?" asked Fred, "Mate, for this you get discounts!"


Soon the year was over, Ed had to go behind the gate again, and Sora and Riku would leave for Destiny Islands. Ed wondered how he was going to return home, he went to Dumbledore's office. "Professor, hello?" he asked, entering without knocking. Ed walked in and looked around.

"Elric?" asked Dumbledore lightly, Ed jumped and looked at Dumbledore, he hadn't seen him behind his desk. He stood up straight and said, "Sir, I need to get home… so I need one of you port keys- or whatever- to get home."

"I'm afraid that no port key can send you back now Edward." said Dumbledore standing up. "You see, the gate keeper in which I had spoken with had only allowed me to transport you once, now you must make a deal with him to return home." He looked at Ed with slight curiosity, wondering what Ed would do next. Ed went and sat in front of Dumbledore and thought, he put his hands in his face as he rubbed his eyes with his palms. He put together every combination of transmutation circles that he could think of. Dumbledore watched him a bit more then said, "You know Edward, Sora and Riku came through the gate as well. Maybe asking for help isn't always a weak thing to do?"

Edward looked up at Dumbledore, "I never…" but he paused and smiled slightly. "Er- thanks professor." said Edward.

Edward walked out of Dumbledore's office and then raced out to the hall. He needed to find Sora, eager to get home. Edward found Sora in Transfigurations class. Ed looked into the class, noticing that Sora wasn't paying attention anyway. "Pssst!" he said trying to get Sora's attention, "Needle Noggin!" said Edward. Sora turned and looked at him. Ed motioned for him to come out of class.

Sora stood up, "I have to go to the bathroom ma'am." He said to Professor Mc Gonagall. She nodded and Sora left the room, Ed closed the door, behindSora.

"What is it Ed?" asked Sora.

Ed turned to him, "What do you know about the gate?"

"The gate? You mean the one that connects this world and yours?" Ed nodded Sora shrugged, "Not much, but I do know that's where you came from."

"In the beginning of the year you- Roxas mentioned something about a keyhole." sid Ed beginning, "Is that what your looking for?"

"Yea, Riku and I still haven't found it though-"

Ed silenced Sora and continued. "On the gate's doors, in the middle of all the cryptic writing, is a large keyhole. Could this be what you're talking about?"

"It makes sense, that would be where the keyhole would hide it's self…" Sora looked at Ed, "So, if I summon the keyhole, you can get back to your home, right?" Sora took out his key. "Tomorrow is the last day, we'll do it then. This world and yours will be safe from the heartless."

Edward nodded, then walked away as Sora went back to class. Ed decided to go back the dormitory. When he entered, Hermione was sitting there. "Shouldn't you be in class?" he asked her. She looked up at him,

"No, I have a free period, since it is the last day and all." She was holding something red in her hands that covered her lap. "Oh, by the way…" she blushed a little, "Well, I knew that your coat was missing… and sending you back without it would bring up to many questions… maybe." She said blushing harder. Ed cocked an eyebrow as Hermione stood up, she held up the red coat, it even had his coat of arms on the back. The snake wrapped around the cross. Ed's eyes widened and he smiled. He grabbed the new red coat and threw off the Hogwarts robes, letting them fall to the floor as he tried on his new coat. coat. "Hermione, this is great! How did you make- magic right?" he asked looking up. She closed here eyes and nodded. She opend her eyes in shock as he hugged her. "Thanks Hermione, I'm leaving tomorrow, so this is perfect."

"Leavening? To go back home?" she asked sitting down, as he backed away. She smiled "Well, tell your brother I said 'hi'. It was nice meeting him."

"Er… sure." said Ed.


Harry woke up the next day, he, Ron and Hermione would be leaving on the Hogwarts train at noon, and Ed was going to leave before that. Harry sat up and saw that it was still dark out side, he went over to Edward. Ed's stomach half exposed and his mouth was open as he snored slightly. Harry shook him awake, "Come on, if we're going to do this then we have to leave now." He mumbled. Harry woke Sora up and dressed, as Edward packed his things. They exited the common room, but not before they heard,

"And where do you think you're going without us?" it was Ron and Hermione at the base of the steps. Ed shrugged, "Well, come on then." He said.

When they got to the forest's edge, where Hagrid had clamed to see the keyhole before, they saw Riku, Donald, Goofy, The King and Dumbledore waiting for them. Ed looked a bit surprised, but shook it off as they drew near.

"FullMetal Edward Elric." said Dumbledore, he held out his hand and Ed took it, Dumbledore shook his hand, "It was good to have known you."

"Thank you, sir." said Ed feeling a little embarrassed. The king went over to Ed, his hood over his face,

"Edward, I heard good things about you in the other world, don't let your brother down, alright?"

"Right… who are you?" asked Ed. The King pulled his hood off to reveal his mouse face with the two large ears and the black nose. Ed laughed slightly and thought to him self, 'Ok, I've had enough of this world.'

Sora went in front of Ed, "Ready?" he asked, Ed nodded, Sora took out his Keyblde and held it in front of him. Light collected around the edge of the key his cloths blew in an invisible wind as then a light shown in front of him. Ed saw the gate appear, the oak doors with the cryptic writing opened, and many eyes peered at them. Ed looked to every one. "Don't come any closer, or you'll get sucked into my world with me." He warned. They nodded and he turned back, 'Steady…' he thought and he took a step forward. The black arms shot out from the gate and took hold of him, he remembered something and turned back. "Professor Dumbledore," he asked, "How can I use Alchemy if I'm on this side?" he was starting to be led in.

Dumbledore smiled, "A good magician Mr. Elric, never reveals his secrets."

Ed smiled and turned around again, he walked into the gate with the arms leading him.

The gate closed and all he saw was the black nothing ness. He heard a click and knew that Sora had locked the Gate, now he could see a light. He headed towards it, images of the year flashed all around him. Some with Sora and Harry, others with Voldemort, some with no one at all, and some with a large mass of people. Edward wandered to the light, looking at all the frozen images and smiling to himself, remembering all the laughs he had had. Ed continued walking towards the light, then he finally started running.

The light grew bigger and bigger he could hardly contain his excitement and he finally crossed into the light… he then started falling!

Ed yelled as he fell through the sky, tossing and turning like a rag doll. Ed finally started falling, facing the ground as his body became flat against the rising wind. Soon, Ed saw the Central building's roof. Edward yelled again as it drew closer. Edward crashed right threw it! He hit the floor, though more gently then he had thought he would have landed… considering he had crashed through the ceiling. Edward looked up as the dust and dirt in the air started to settle, and he could see. Edward realized landed in Colonel Roy's office. Ed looked up to see the hole in the ceiling he had made, it was an exact outline of his body.

"BROTHER!" yelled a voice. Edward didn't have to look to know who that was. Ed looked up to see Alphonse still in the suit of armored, "Brother! Nii-san! Ed!" said Al.

"Al!" exclaimed Edward. Ed stood up and looked around, he saw an either ticked off or relived Mustang looking back at him. Al hugged his brother with the metal arms, tightly. "I was so worried about you brother! What happened? Where were you? Why didn't you answer any of my letters?"

"Al- ouch- alright Al, knock it off!" he said, pushing out of Al's grip. Roy sat up, "Full Metal?" he asked, with a stern tone, "I was just informing Alphonse here of your disappearance… way to ruin a speech."

"Yea well it's your own damn fault for sending me there."

"It couldn't have been that bad at that school. Now that your back I can give this assignment to you-"

"I just fell out of the sky and already you're sending me on another mission?" he yelled. Roy looked at him and sat down,

"All you had to do was home work, FullMetal, what's so life threatening about that?"

"Listen you!" said Edward pointing to Colonel Roy. He was about to leap forward and attack him, but Alphonse held him back. Edward yelled instead, "I was trampled over at a stadium game by rioters- possessed by the spirit of a heartless monster- battled a dragon- protected Harry Potter throughout the whole year- fought a giant squid and was stabbed in the gut! Then kidnapped by an evil wizard- was cursed more then a thousand times- and finally fought of the Dark Lord just to get back here to your orders and snide comments! I DEMAND A BREAK!" yelled Ed at last. Al looked down at his brother who stopped struggling, he was breathing hard, he had finally let out all the stress of the year in that rant. He felt light headed from all the yelling but he did feel a ton better. Roy looked at him with a blank expression on his face.


"Yea… yea I'm done." said Ed, his brother releasing him,

"Good. You get a week off to write me a report… in more detail then that rant, Ed." Roy smiled at him, but it wasn't a smirk like usual, this was a warm smile, "Welcome back FullMetal, dismissed." and Ed stormed out of the office with his brother.

Colonel watched him leave, 'Well… he did do more then I asked him too, but if they want to get any where near the stone, they're going to need to start again soon.' Roy stared back at his paper work for the 'deceased' FullMetal, "Him coming back does mean less paper work…" he mumbled and torched the form with Alchemy.

Yes things did indeed get back to normal, Harry, Ron and Hermione left on the Hogwarts Train, as Sora and Riku took off in their Gummy Ship with Donald, Goofy and King Mickey. Would they ever see each other again… probably not, but they would never forget each other. In the bonds they shared, their hearts were connected, Ed would later find the Philosopher's stone, but be sent once again behind the gate and to the past.

Sora and Riku would return home to Kairi, just to turn around and have another adventure to go on.

And Harry Potter would in fact fight Voldemort once again… but that story is different. For now we leave the disconnected friends… they share the same sky…

One sky…

One destiny.



FMA: Hiromu Arakawa

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: J.K Rowling

Kingdom Hearts 1, com, 2: Tetsuya Nomura, Disney and Square Enix/Square Soft

The Scotsman: Bryan Bowers

Story: Eden Killinger

Deon Killinger

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