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Summary :
What will happen if Sakura (when she's still a baby) was adopted by Uchiha Mikoto, mother of Itachi and Sasuke?

Pairings : Itachi / Sakura / Deidara (its not the common pairings of Itachi/Sakura/Sasuke)


Chapter One

The only girl in the Uchiha children

Haruno Rika had been adopted by the Uchihas one of the most powerful and richest clan in Konoha village. She was adopted when she is only 8 months old because her clan had been forfeited by the Sound ninjas. Uchiha Mikoto, mother of Uchiha Itachi and Sasuke, by that time, she badly wanted a daughter and because she saw her in an orphanage house, she immediately took her and renamed her "Uchiha Sakura." Sakura because her hair was pretty pink like the cherry blossom trees and because she already knew that Sakura is meant for her --to be Sakura's mother. And she had loved her as a real daughter who came from hers. All the Uchiha accepted Sakura warmly because, who can resist Sakura?... she looked like an angel sent down for them. But Mikoto told everyone including her husband who also accepted Sakura to be a member of their clan and Itachi who was 5 years old by then, that they would not reveal the true identity of her until she reached 18. Sasuke don't know anything about that because he's just 1 year old by then.

15 years later...

'Ugh!... I don't wanna go to school today' Sakura said to herself. She sat on her bed looking at her clock beside the lampshade, it was 5:30 in the morning. She slouchily stood up and headed to her bathroom that was connected in her bedroom. She took a long shower and then she brushed her teeth. After finishing her morning "rituals", she went downstairs and walked to the hall where the kitchen was.

She saw everyone were already on their long and elegant dining table, eating their breakfast except Sasuke. She bet Sasuke will be waking up late again. She yawned while walking towards her chair and a maid approached her to take out the chair for her. She was in front of Itachi's. Another maid approached her just to give her the breakfast she ordered a little earlier when she passed by the kitchen. It was a black forest cake with a cherry on the top, it was her favorite! and a glass of milk.

"Arrigatou" she gave a warm smile to the maid. And the maid just bowed to her showing her respect to Sakura.

She looked at everybody. "Ohayou!" she greeted them with a smile on her face.

"My... could you please tell me why my daughter looks very happy today?" her mother asked her with curiosity in her eyes. Her mother was on her left side.

"Okaa-san, its just that..." she paused as she was thinking too, why is she happy? And all of a sudden, she smiled cheerfully again. "Well, that's what I feel today, Okaa-san!" then she took a piece of her cake by her fork and brought it in her mouth.

Her mother giggled. "You remind me when I was on your age" her mother said, then they all laugh except Itachi who was busy eating his breakfast, pretending that he didn't care but surely, he was listening too.

"Well, your mother is right" her father said and then they all laugh again at her father's comment.

They were interrupted when a maid excused Sakura and whisper something.

"Young lady, you have a phone call from Hyuuga Neji" the maid whispered to her right ear.

Sakura gestured the maid to lead her to the main room of the Uchiha mansion, the living room. Then she looked up at her parents whose still busy teasing each other.

"Excuse me" she excused and her parents just nod at her and proceed to their "teasing moments." She stood up and followed the maid. But before she left, Itachi had eyed her suspiciously.

In the living room...

The maid handed the cordless phone to Sakura. "Thankyou, you may leave" she commanded. Before the maid gone, she gave Sakura a graceful bow and left.


"Sakura?" Neji's voice came from the other line.

"Yes, Neji?"

"I have a big favor to ask, Sakura"

"If I can do, I will do it but If I can't, well I'm sorry" she frankly said.

"It's not that hard, Sakura-chan!"

"So, what is it?" she asked impatiently.

"Okay. Would you please be absent for today?" Neji told her at last.

"And why is that?"

"I have something to tell you please..."

"About?" she have guessed it already but she still asked him.

"About Ten-Ten" he told her without hesitance.

Her guess was right. Because Ten-Ten and him have broken up a week ago and she guessed he only wants a companion to talk to and besides, Sakura was a close friend of Ten-Ten.

"Okay. Infact, I also don't want to go to school today."

"Where would we meet?"

"I guess let's just meet at your house"

"Okay. I'll wait for you here."

"Then, see you later!"

After she hung up on the phone, she went running to her bedroom almost dancing. But unbeknownst to her, Itachi was listening to their conversation from the other wall and he really have this questions building inside of him.

In the room of Sakura...

Sakura had just finished dressing up into her lavender turtle neck and a black skirt that reached below her knees and a pair of high-heeled sandals with lavender colored laces that was crossed in her legs each, when someone knocked at her door.

"Come in" she permitted.

The door opened and it spitted out Itachi. He closed the door after he stepped in.

She looked at the door to see who it was. "Oh, nii-san! need something?" she asked her older brother, Itachi.

Itachi leaned on the door and smirked. "Nothing... just checking up my only little sister!" he said still holding his famous smirk.

"Huh?" she was taken aback in her brother's words.

"I know what you're thinking right now" he paused for a while and spoke again. "...and that's, why all of a sudden?"

"Yeah?" she absent-mindedly answered.

"I just want to be close to you 'cause you're my only sister" he explained to her then he smile but a true smile.

"..." she was speechless.

"Know what?..." he started again.

"What?" she asked while fixing some of her stuffs in her bag.

"There's an arrogant bastard guy who challenged me yesterday!" he started telling his "unpleasant events." Itachi said emotionless as his eyes rove her pretty face.

"And who is that guy?" she asked still not looking at her brother's eyes.

"I believe you and Sasuke were batchmates of him." Itachi told her.

Sneak Peek

"Neji, w-why are you l-looking at me like that?" she asked him nervously.

"Is it so wrong to look at you like this?" he said and then chuckled evilly that made Sakura shivered.

"Neji, stop it!" she growled at him.

"Why should I stop? is it so bad to stare at you like this?" he was still staring at her maliciously.

"Because you were staring at me like... as if you were going to rape me!" she told him and stepped backwards.

Neji didn't respond at her words but he only chuckled evilly again. And that made her shivered again.

"You won't going to rape me aren't you?" she stepped backwards again but soon she hitted the wall and made her helpless.

"If yes, what will you do?" he said huskily and his eyes were full of lust. He trapped Sakura to the wall by pinning her by his body and putting his hands on both sides of hers so that, she can't escape.

"Stop it or I will scream!" she shouted at him.

"Then scream! for all I care 'cause nobody will hear you." he hissed at her ear.

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