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Chapter Four

It's a date for Deidara

"So, where would these two pretty ladies heading to?...yeah," Deidara asked, glancing at Sakura, as if checking her out.

"We're heading to the new restaurant here that Ino recommends. Right, Ino?" she answered as she turned to look at Ino, who gave a small nod of agreement.

Deidara was about to start another conversation with them but he felt a familiar chakra behind him; Sakura the same with Ino, stared at the tall shadowy figure right behind Deidara. "Sorry to interrupt your little conversation here but, I have to fetch Sakura home now." Itachi said as he emerged out from the darkness.

"Nii-san…?" Sakura was startled to see her brother there.

"Let's go Sakura, we have to go home immediately." Itachi said walking towards her, grabbing her wrists in the process and not even glancing at Deidara, like he was not there.

"But nii-san, Ino and I—," Sakura was cut off when Itachi spoke again.

"No buts, Sakura! Have you forgotten the promise you made?" he asked her, trying to let her remember the promise she made three days ago.

Sakura then remembered the things they have talked about and the promise she made to Itachi. Sighing, she turned around to face her best friend, "I'm sorry, maybe next time?" She apologized to Ino.

"It's okay. You don't need to apologize. I understand." Ino assured Sakura, painting a smile on her face.

Itachi then pulled Sakura again, turning to the opposite way. But even before they could completely turn their backs, Itachi took a moment to glance at Deidara, the same with Sakura who muttered silently, so Deidara could only read her lips discreetly. He was sure that she said a sorry together with an apologizing look. Deidara then grinned at her, transmitting a message that he understood. After that, they completely turned their backs walking away, leaving Ino and Deidara alone.

"Hey, I also need to go now. Well, see you around…yeah," Deidara said to Ino as he walked away then he gave her a wave using the back of his hand.

"Ok, bye!" she shouted at him; she then started to walk away in the opposite direction.


Itachi stayed silent as they were walking home. On the other hand, Sakura was stealing glances at him; she too stayed silent then glancing back at him and remembered again what they'd talked about three days ago.


Sakura had recovered fully the day after she got sick.

The moment she opened her eyes, she raised her right hand across her face to block the light that was coming from the window; squinting her eyes in the process, trying hard to see from the blinding light. She could barely see anything until a shadowy figure of a tall man appeared right in front of the window and pulled the curtains down to cover the window so that, she could see properly.

She returned her hand back to its original position down in the bed sheets as she recognized who it was. "Nii-san…?" She said weakly, feeling a bit groggy from her slumber.

Itachi walked towards her and stopped at the foot of her bed. "How are you feeling?" he asked sincerely examining her carefully.

Sakura slowly tried to move; after sleeping for a whole day, her body felt like a thousand pounds as she tried to sit up. "I'm fine, nii-san." She said weakly, he could ever barely hear her. She then roamed her eyes around and recognized her own bedroom; just the two of them inside it.

She looked up at Itachi, who was also observing her with his arms folded across his chest. A pregnant silence came between the two siblings as they continued to stare at each other's eyes.

Sakura was scared to speak; scared of the mistake she did, but none the less, the trouble she made. She felt guilty of causing trouble and to the fact that she indeed lied to her parents. She bit her bottom lip and fiddled with her fingers nervously when the air inside the room became thick. She knew sooner or later, she would have to face their wrath and make some explanation to them, especially to her older brother Itachi.

Itachi noticed her nervousness and decided to break the contact to lighten her up a bit, and to his delight, it worked.

When Itachi felt that she was now relaxed and calm, he started to speak. "Time to explain," he said calmly with his eyes closed.

Sakura just stared to his serious face and tried to speak up but she couldn't find the right words to start her explanation. "I…I…uh…" she babbled.

"Are you trying to search for an excuse huh, Uchiha Sakura?" he asked calling her name completely, his voice still serious but gentle to her.

"N-no!" she answered him quickly. "This is it! He called me in my complete name that means I have to prepare myself for a long sermon!" her inner self shouted in her mind. "And it's from him!" her inner self added. "Well, I'm sorry! It's all my fault…I'm really sorry," she apologized.

"Is he your boyfriend?" he asked right after she admitted her fault and apologized.

"What! No…he lied to me…I thought he was nice but then…" she trailed off not wanting to continue as she remembered some flashbacks of what Neji did to her. "He asked me to come at his place and help him to take Tenten back to him but…"

Itachi opened his eyes to look at her once again, but she could still see the word concern written in his eyes. "Forget him—everything! Otou-san and Okaa-san still doesn't know what really happened to you," he said as he watched her in the bed.

"But why?" she asked, confused why their parents still didn't know what happened to her. "As your brother, we need to cover it all up just for your sake." Itachi answered her, still not taking his eyes off her.

"We?" she asked again, raising a pink brow, confusion evident in her features.

"Sasuke and I," he answered plainly.

Silence came again between them not after Itachi spoke again. "Promise me you'll never do that again or otherwise, I'll tell them." He warned her, sticking out a finger and positioning it in front of her face, showing to her that he was warning her.

"Yes, I promise," She said pushing away her brother's accusing finger. 'He's like otou-san…no! He was stricter than otou-san when it comes to me.' She thought.

"Also promise to me that after school, you should get home directly," his voice serious but gentler at her.

"I promise."

She knew she was very lucky to have him as a brother, always there to protect her. She will never do such thing like that, that would make her brother mad again and that was her own promise.

End of flashback…

She smiled at the memories that came back to her mind. She was very glad to have him now as her older brother and being always at her side to protect her.


The next day, it was early afternoon; she was walking down the street and taking a stroll at the shops nearby. She was walking around the market when her attention was suddenly diverted to a very cute cat. The cat was displayed in the window of a certain pet shop.

She walked in the pet shop and walked closer to the cage where the cat is. It was all black but the cat's chest was white, it's very adorable and cute she can't hardly wait to cuddle it!

While she was looking at the cat, the person at the counter walked to her. "It seems you like the cat?" an old lady said, she was standing beside her with a warm smile on her face.

Sakura looked at the woman beside her and knew she was the owner of the shop. "Yes, very much!" she said happily. "How much is that cat?" she asked as she continued to stare at it.

Then the old lady told her the price and immediately bought it. After that, she was now holding the cat in her arms as she walked out the shop. She was busy on playing with her cat when someone called her and she turned around to see who it was.

"Oh, hi! What are you doing here, Deidara?" she asked him giving him a simple smile which melted his heart. But for him, it was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

He smiled back at her. "Just wandering around…I'm bored…yeah," then he gave a chuckle. "How 'bout you?" he asked back then he turned his eyes to the cat she was holding.

"Same as you. But for me not to get bored, I got myself a very cute cat!" she said while giggling and ruffling the cat by its ears.

"Oh, I see…," he said while walking towards her then stopped when he was at her side.

Sakura eyed him while a smile was plastered at her lips. "Its Hanami festival this Saturday," Deidara started. "Want to come with me?...yeah," he continued.

"Why not? I love Hanami festival!" she replied. Hanami festival is the Sakura blooming festival that the Konoha celebrates every year.

Deidara leaned forward to her face and looked at her eyes, making an eye contact while he was grinning. "Then, it's a date?" Sakura just shrugged her shoulders. Deidara then gave the time and place where he will pick her up for the festival.

"Okay," she replied after he had explained to her everything.


Sakura stirred in her sleep as she heard the ring of her alarm clock, she sat up to turn it off. 'Its Hanami festival today!' she smiled at the thought, then she got up from her bed and headed to her bathroom to take a shower. After 20 minutes, she went out of the shower room and blow dries her hair. After blow drying her hair, she walked to her closet and opened it revealing tons and tons of beautiful and elegant clothes.

She decided to wear a white yukata with a pattern of pink flowers on it. After changing into that beautiful yukata, she grabbed a white chopstick to roll her hair up into a bun. She let small curls of pink hair fell seductively on her cheeks.

When she went out, she met up with her best friend, Ino. She was also wearing a beautiful yukata but a violet one.

"Hey, you look more beautiful today!" Ino complimented her. Sakura was always beautiful but she looked more beautiful and radiant today.

"You, too," She said then gave her a smile.

They started their conversation as they walk in the busy streets of Konoha. "You know, Deidara invited me to come with him at the Hanami party tonight." Sakura started as she linked her arm with Ino's. "Oh...? Well, Shikamaru also invited me tonight," Ino replied while giggling.

Later that day…

It was early evening when Sakura got home after she and Ino hang out. She headed to the kitchen where her mother was; washing some dishes. "Okaa-san," she called out to her mum.

Mikoto looked at her back to see Sakura walking closer to her. "Hm…?" then she smiled at her only daughter.

"Would you allow me to go out tonight for the Hanami party?" she asked her mother, asking for permission while giving her, her best appreciative look.

"And who are you going to be with?" her mother asked back while a smile still playing on her lips.

"A friend invited me to come," she said as she helped her mum to put the dishes on the plate dispenser.

Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "A friend?" she repeated her daughter's first words as a question. "Well, girl friend or…" she paused for a while. "…boy friend?" she continued like she was teasing her, grinning in the process.

"Kaa-san!" she exclaimed in embarrassment then she turned her back quickly at her mother as she felt her cheeks burning red and continued to putting the dishes at the dispenser.

Mikoto laughed at her daughter's reaction while she's still holding a plate. Then she stopped and regained her composure. "It's okay if you got yourself a boyfriend as long as you put your priorities first," Mikoto said while giving her a small smile.

"I'm going out tonight with a friend I repeat, only a friend and nothing else," she tried to sound angry at her mother.

"Ok, Ok, don't be mad I'm just giving my opinion," Mikoto said as she laughed again at her reaction.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing… ok, you can go tonight just be sure you'll get home before 12 midnight," she then smiled when she gave her permission to Sakura.

After putting the last plate in the plate dispenser, she turned around and kissed her mum on the cheek. "Arrigato, Okaa-san!" then Mikoto just gave her a wink.

When Sakura was about to exit the kitchen Mikoto called her. "You look very much stunning on that yukata, sweetie," she complimented at her daughter. And Sakura just gave a giggle. "Arrigato, kaa-san." She said as she smiled at her mother, appreciating the compliment. "Well, wear your red yukata tonight, I'm sure you'll look more stunning!" she added. The red yukata her mother was mentioning was her gift to Sakura just a month ago.

Suddenly, Itachi entered the kitchen. "You're not going anywhere tonight," his voice was smooth but could detect firmness in his words.

Sakura felt her blood boil up. "What! You're not my mother or father to tell me that and besides I already have kaa-san's permission." She said making a very serious don't-mess-with-me face as she stood right in front of him, also trying to lower her voice as possible to contain respect in it.

Then she stared at his brother's face trying to find his reactions but as expected, his face still stoic and serious. After a couple of seconds, she noticed Itachi look at their mother. "Okaa-san, why did you allow Sakura to go out tonight?" his voice still serious but with a little concern.

"Eh? Can't she have fun once for a while?" Mikoto replied as her eye blinked for a while.

Then Sakura glared at Itachi and stick her tongue out. 'Seems like, I will win this time!' her inner self rejoiced.

"Just let her, Itachi, ok?" Mikoto told her eldest son. "You're being over protective to her you know. Let her have fun for a while."

Itachi gave a meaningful glare to Sakura like: if you'll not follow me, I'll tell them the truth.

Sakura think hard to get away from it then suddenly, she got an idea. "Ok, I'm not going out tonight. Kaa-san, maybe aniki's right that he doesn't want me to get in any danger or some sort of like that!" she said as she acted that she understands Itachi.

"Ok then," Mikoto replied and continued to wipe some kitchen tools.

Itachi didn't reply as he throws a suspicious look to Sakura, that something was not right and he was sure that she was up to something. Itachi then left the kitchen but before he left, he threw another warning look to Sakura.

'Heck! What's wrong with him?' inner Sakura screamed in her mind while watching Itachi's retreating figure.


It was already 7 in the evening, Sakura made up a plan just a while ago that she'll just escape and meet up with Deidara and with her other friends.

She glanced at her cat and put her forefinger on her lips as if telling the cat to be quiet and smiled after that; relieved that the cat doesn't meow.

She changed into her red yukata with a pattern of golden flowers on it. Then she rolled her hair up by her shiny red chopstick. After doing it, she walked to her mirror and looked at her reflection when she was satisfied at her look; she put on her black cloak to cover her up and silently went out of her room and stealthily walked in the hall, trying not to make any noise as she walk.

When she arrived at the main door, she opened it as quietly as she could and managed to get out from their house. She sighed in relief as she got out from the Uchiha manor gates; guards not noticing her.

When she thought she was now far enough in her house, she took off her cloak and folded it in her arms. She went to the place Deidara told her to meet him and minutes later, she saw him waving at her, he was standing beside a Sakura tree.

Sakura walked towards him while smiling. "I thought you'll never come…yeah," Deidara started, Sakura just giggled at his statement.

"Let's go…yeah," he urged at her and she just nodded, walking together side by side towards the event.

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