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Sailor Pigtails and Sailor Tomo-V
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice, and in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" Tomo proclaimed, walking into the classroom and taking the seat beside Osaka while Yomi walked in behind her, sweatdropping.

"Why," Yomi asked, sitting down beside Tomo, "can you not shut up about Sailor Moon, damnit!"

"Why should I shut up?" Tomo replied, poking her tongue out at Yomi.

"Why are you acting like a kindergartner?"

"Because I want to," Tomo replied, grinning.

Yomi hit her head on the table, and muttered, "How much sugar have you had?"

"Lots," Tomo laughed. "Lots and lots and lots and lots and…"

"We get the picture," Yomi snapped. "Shut up."

Amazingly Tomo was quiet, but the silence didn't last long as Osaka suddenly piped up, "You know, I wanna be a Sailor senshi."

"Oh Kami-sama," Yomi mumbled.

"Yeah!" Tomo cheered. "I wanna be a Sailor senshi too! Like Sailor V, because then I could work for Interpol!"

"Tomo, we've been through this one before," Yomi sighed. "I really don't think you're ever going to work for Interpol, even if you do actually have any idea what you're talking about."

"Yeah, but if I was a Sailor senshi…"

"I wanna be Sailor Pigtails," Osaka dreamily stated. "Coz then I could fight the evil pigtails and stop them brainwashing people."

"Okay then…"

"Cool! And I'm gonna be Sailor Tomo-V!"

"Tomo-V would be to obvious. It's like Chibi-Usa calling herself 'Sailor Rini Moon' in the special act of manga number five," Yomi stated, then blushed when she realised what she'd just said. She wasn't supposed to like anime…

"Ahah! So Yomi's a closet otaku!"

"No, that's you Tomo."

"Nah, I'm just an otaku, there's no closet involved. Well actually there is; I have a closet full of anime at home."

"Two closets actually" Yomi replied, to which Tomo just grinned like a cheshire cat.

"Maybe the evil pigtails are storing themselves in closets, hiding from people and waiting to take over the world with their evil powers," Osaka said, then her eyes widened in genuine worry. "Oh no."

"Oh no what?"

"The pigtails! I've got to save Chiyo-chan!" Osaka stood up, panicing. Yomi sweatdropped, Tomo laughed.

"Save me from what, I'm right here" Chiyo said as she, Kagura and Sakaki walked into the classroom.

Kagura looked first at Tomo, then at Osaka and finally at Yomi.

"So," Kagura asked, "what did we miss?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Good point, I don't."

"Well I'm gonna tell you anyway," Tomo grinned.

"Oh Kami, save us all. It's not the 'attack of the evil pigtails', it's the 'attack of the otakus.'"

"Does that include you, Yomi?"

"Oh shut up, Tomo."