Sister 20



05/11/1992 , Monday

"Ranma, take the pig and the clothes to the furo. drop him in the hot water, and let him dress. Then take him to back yard to spar. NO Property Damage!" Ranma nodded at Nabiki's comand and collected the scowling pig, its clothing and headed for the Furo.

Ranmd set the pig on a stool, ran a glass of hot water, and tossed it him.

"Die Ranma!"

"Only if you want to fight in the nude."

"Just give me my clothes!"

Tossing the buddle at the wet boy, " Remember What Nabiki said. No Property Damage. I think is to be a spar, while she sets up things for us to have a real Fight. She is even going to see that you are on time."

"Why are you letting a girl tell you what to do? Ar you that weak?"

"No Pigboy, I am not. I promised her that all my challanges go through her. So that she can handle the odds, collections and property Damage. Remmber the damage we use to do to the walls when we first met? and if anything you have gotten better, I know I have." His cheast puffed out.

Ryoga just snorted.

Ranma led Ryoga out to the back yard. "Again; No high attacks. Lets dance pig-boy!"

"Don't call me that"

And the the young males flowed into their Dance of the Art. It could not be called a fight of any kind. It was a Dance. they flowed like silk scarfs in the wind. they spun, kicked, threw punches and blocked the other's attacks...I could go on, but there is something i need to look in on.


Hearing that she had been defeated by a male under Curse. And that She was Second Wife, hurt deeply. But the Girl claiming to be First Wife had said things that no one out side of the Village should have known about. Great Great Grandma's name was not that unknown, but to Say the "he who should not be named" and then say that GGGranny was needed to collect what he had stolen from the Village...It was almost impossable. Then to bring up Saffron, and that Husband was a God-Slayer...

She Cleared the dock and landed lightly on the deck of the ship. The Captain having spotted her came to talk to her. She gave her destination, showing a gumball sized Ruby. The Captain looked at it, looked at her, and spoke into his Walkie-talkie. As the ship pulled out off the Harbor, it changed course and picked up speed...


Akane exited the Dojo. She had pounded the Bricks and Punching dummies into dust and twisted metal frames...Still she needed to hit something... and there was that fat panda of Ranma's...

She did not stop to think, she was consumed by her rage...

The panda's ear flickered and it ducked her flash kick, returning a back hand...

As the fight here was not the smooth flow of silk that Ranma and Ryoga had, this was closer to a brawl. The panda had more knowledge, but was fighting an unknown, was bigger, with a longer reach but was fighting a Rager, and While it was but a girl, slow and clumsy, she was strong and he had not fought with Ranma sence getting here...


Soun finished his Paper, turned to see what was going on in the backyard, and saw that his daughter was fighting his old friend in panda form. Her style was slow, slugish, but when she did hit the panda, he flew back a bit...

Genma's style always was to take a hit now and then, cause it brought your enemy into reach of your attacks, but Akane would just block the panda's strikes, and slam her fists or feet into the panda.

As Soun sat there watching, he noticed that his baby girl was picking up speed as she learned her foes style and moved to counter it, as a true student of Anything Goes should. He could see that Genma was her better, and was holding back, but he was enjoying the fight.


Nodaka looked out the back door, watching the boys dance. "Nabiki, I need you to bring up the Contract with Ranma. I have not made up my mind what to do with him yet, but I think I am going to bring him/her over to my training for the things he is missing. He walks smoothly, around both of us, but there are a few things that he does that I would like to correct. His manners are just one of them. "

Nabiki nodded. "He was trained to eat fast, or Panda-Baka would steal his food. Before he would eat fast, warding off Genma, or even stealling the panda's food in return. " Nabiki smirked, "You would always scold Ranko for eatting too fast, as Mr. Panda was fed only bambo, and Akane's Mishaps, or atleast those that where eatable in nature."