"Jack! Get help, Danny's in trouble!" Maddie instructed after a quick recovery.

"Sorry lady, as I said before, I am taking you and Danny to Vlad and killing the man." Skulker appeared inside the vehicle.


"You hurt my son and you are going to pay for this!" yelled Jack.

"Oh, but you hurt your son too!" skulker laughed.

They thought about this for a second. He was right, they had hurt Danny. They weren't very good parents. Actually, they were terrible parents.

"Well, I think my master would like it if HE killed Jack instead of me. Well, I will take Danny first; I will come back for you later." Skulker informed them.


"Not anymore, I have gloves!" laughed skulker.

"No…" whispered Jack.

"HA HA HA! Bye now, I will be back." Skulker then disappeared.

He held the ghost boy in his hands, not putting him in a box or anything. This was the one time he could get revenge on the ghost boy and he was thinking like Jack. He put a shield around the Fenton's that only a ghost could get through and left. Danny opened his eyes and looked up at skulker who, didn't know Danny was awake. This was the perfect time. Danny threw his hand at skulkers face and punched him hard. He quickly transformed to keep him from falling to his death.

"Why you little… whelp, I am going to get you!" yelled skulker.

"No, I'm going to get you." Laughed Danny as he sucked skulker into the Fenton Thermos.

Danny flew back to where his parents were last and spied the Spectre Speeder. He saw a shield around it and approached slowly. He held his hand up to it and touched it. Human proof, but not ghost proof. Danny laughed at this and looked inside. His mother and father were calling out to him, asking for help. Danny held out his hand and fired a ghost ray and the shield disappeared. Danny needed some time to think so he flew off towards the portal. He got there before his parents and went into Jazz's room. He saw her tapping her feet and looking at the clock. He was invisible so he floated towards her.

"I need to talk to you." He told her.

"AH! Oh, it's you Danny. You scared me. Where are mom and dad?" asked Jazz.

"Oh, they're still in the ghost zone. Skulker came up to me, threw a ball at me and it shorted out my powers for ten minutes. Mom and dad saw and I don't know how they reacted. I woke up in skulkers arms, captured him and set mom and dad free. I flew here as quick as I could." Explained Danny.

"Well, that's a lot. Just, confront mom and dad, explain to them. I'm sure they will accept you." Jazz advised him.

"Alright, if you need me, I will be watching TV, awaiting their arrival."

Danny flew downstairs and landed on the couch, changing back into human. He turned on the TV. and started to watch Spongebob Squarepants. He laughed at there little jokes and found it kinda good. It was ten minutes later that his parents walked in, and looked at Danny.

Was that really Danny? He is just sitting there, watching TV. like nothing ever happened. He doesn't seem worried at all. That surely isn't him. The thoughts rushed around Maddie's head while Jack thought something completely different.

Wow, Danny's a ghost. I want a cookie. I wonder if he can get me a cookie.

"Hey Danny." Muttered Maddie.

"oh, I never realised you got in.' Danny turned off the TV. and looked up.

They saw he had a bruise near his eye from skulker.

"Danny, are you okay?" Maddie asked, rushing towards him.

"Yeah, yeah. Just a little bruise, I'll live. Look mom, dad, I'm sorry I didn't tell you." He apologised.

"Oh Danny, we are sorry for attacking you." Maddie cried.

"That's ok." Danny told them.

"But, why didn't you tell us?" asked Maddie.

"Because, I thought you would kick me out of the house." Cried Danny.


Danny looked at Jack, surprised.

"Nah, that was a joke. Danny, your mother and I would never do that to you. We love you for who you are." Jack ensured him.

"I love you too." Danny smiled.

"But I wish that this would be enough for one day." Maddie said.

"Your wish is my command!" came a voice.

"GHOST!" yelled Maddie and Jack.

"Ah, sweet normalcy." Sighed Danny.