Interrupt my dreams.


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Chapter 4: Interrupt my dreams.

*At the hospital*

Ash made his way slowly toward Misty's room, a little apprehensive about seeing her after all this time. He could feel the sensation of butterflies enter his stomach, as he opened the door. Stepping inside the room he gasped, she looked pale and thin. Ash could see her eyes were wide open, her once beautiful aqua coloured eyes he loved to stare into were now coloured a dingy dark blue. She didn't even stir when he stepped into the room; moving slowly to her side he noticed the bruising on her arms and legs. 'That bruising must have happened while she was struggling with the nurse last night' he thought to himself. He sat down quietly next to the bed, he gently reached for her hand, slipped it into his own, she was freezing cold, and he couldn't help but want to comfort and hold her close until she was warm once again. Resisting the desire to hold her, he decided to try to gain her attention "Misty?" he whispered in her ear, she gave him no response and didn't even bat an eye lid. He sighed and gently smoothed away a stray hair off her face with his free hand. "Misty if you can hear me… please come back to me…"


Brock, Duplica and Dr Travis were out side the room Misty were in, watching to see if Misty had given any response to Ash, she hadn't even moved from staring up at the ceiling. Dr Travis sighed dejectedly while shaking his head, "She has been like this for some time, it's like she has gone into a coma like state, but she is managing to breath on her own and that is a good sign".

"What's going to happen next Dr Travis?" asked Brock.

"When or if she awakes from this, I'm hoping she will be able to discuss her nightmares with one of our 'REM analysis consultants'. I hope that they will be able to help Misty overcome this and accept that she has an illness. Making it easier for her to control her dream." Dr Travis explained.

"Do you think she will wake anytime soon?" Duplica added to the conversation.

" I have no idea, Misty is the only one who can help herself right now", he replied.

Looking on helplessly, they could see Ash starting to tear up as he continually stroked her hair.


She could barely hear or see anything around her; she was shrouded in darkness and could feel only the breeze of coldness and death. Turning desperately around to see if she could escape from this nightmare, she found there were no exits or doors just blackness. She could feel her fear rising as she tried to move but found herself yet again paralysed to the spot. "What do you want?" she yelled into the nothingness, receiving no reply but her echo. She wanted out of this pit of hell, and summoning up all of her courage, she forced herself to move her legs.

Managing to move only mere inches with great difficulty she could feel something or someone's presence, still frozen with fear her heart was racing faster and breathing heavily, she turned slowly around to see who or what was spying on her.

"Who are you… leave me alone…!" she demanded. Then she saw the mist of shadows appear once more in front of her, she screamed as the 'Thing' made it's way toward her. Panicking she twisted the whole of her body around forgetting that her legs were glued to the floor, she couldn't move, this was it she thought as she closed her eyes so not to witness any more.


"Misty". Hearing her name being called in a soft gentle and caring voice. Someone was calling her, and she was sure she heard this voice before, but couldn't put an image to it. "Misty if you can hear me… please come back to me…" the voice echoed from nowhere, 'I know I've heard that voice before, but where…' she desperately thought to herself. Trying her hardest to concentrate on where she had heard it, she closed her eyes tightly and grasped her head as a pain shot through it. Catching her off guard, she fell to the ground with a thump.


It had been a long 3 hours since they had arrived at the hospital. Ash had not left Misty's side once, and he had been trying his best to awake her from her comatose state. Brock and Duplica had now joined him in Misty's hospital room, watching Ash beg and plead for her to wake. Brock had been feeling sorry for his best friend/brother. Ash hadn't been his usual self since the accident, taking this thing so badly and blaming himself for Misty's condition. When Misty had refused to see him, it had cut in deep and depression soon followed. Brock had tried to comfort and reassure Ash that things would work out in time, all Ash needed to do was patiently wait for Misty to ask for him and want his help. Brock knew how Ash would react to all this, always taking the blame and regretting things, especially when it concerned Misty. Ash and Misty were close friends and had a strong bond they shared, not even he could comprehend how strong it was, if one were suffering the other would feel it and vice versa.

Deciding to speak up first he walked over and put a hand on Ash's shoulder, "Ash, why don't you and Duplica go for something to eat and I'll stay with Misty for a while?"

Not turning from Misty he replied simply by shaking his head from side to side, indicating he wasn't going to leave her anytime soon.

Brock sighed again, "Ash, you haven't eaten a thing since yesterday morning. Please… this won't help you or Misty by making yourself ill".


Duplica broke the silenced filled room when she started to sob into her hands. Brock was at her side instantly. "Ssshhh…" he hushed her. She looked up from her hands to Brock, who was giving her a reassuring smile. At first she smiled back then quickly diverted her eyes toward the ground, she didn't deserve to be comforted, after all she thought this was all her fault. Feeling a little hurt by her sudden reaction he stepped away from her, knowing when he was not wanted he sighed once more and made his way back toward Ash. 'Even Brock, hates me now… maybe I shouldn't have done that he looked so sincere…Great I've ruined yet another friendship… ' She thought to herself.



A dream occurring during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep that brings out feelings of strong, inescapable fear, terror, distress, or extreme anxiety, usually awakening the sleeper.

"Hmm… Interesting…" Brock said to himself, he was reading yet another one of the 'Sleep Paralysis' pamphlets that Dr Travis had given them to read. Putting it down on the table, he turned to the girl he was sitting next to. "So Duplica, have I done anything to offend you?" he asked her with care. She lifted her head up to look Brock in the eye; she smiled a little apprehensively and replied only by shaking her head from side to side. Brock smiled back at her and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "Don't keep on blaming yourself Duplica, you didn't know any of this was going to happen". Feeling a little better, she gave Brock a nod. "That's better, are you hungry or thirsty?" he asked.

"I am a little thirsty." She said quietly, after crying for nearly an hour it had left her throat dry.

"Okay, I'll go get you something. Ash, would you like something to drink?" waiting for a reply and receiving nothing, he sighed and left the room.

Duplica couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable about being alone with just Ash and an inert Misty. She didn't know if she should say something or stay quiet, thinking it best just to stay mute she carried on staring at the floor.

The room was deathly quiet and the silence and coldness sent shivers up and down her spine. Trying her hardest to concentrate on the tiled floor as not to stare at Ash, she found it hard not to look up every once in a while to check what he was doing. 'He hasn't stopped staring at her for the last 4 hours… Oh God… I feel so bad, this wouldn't be happening if I weren't such a selfish and stubborn brat.' She thought to herself regretfully.

Not really hearing or listening to anything going on around him; he just kept on trying to reach Misty from a different perspective, may be getting her attention from his warmth and compassion, or from his heart and soul, even with his mind, desperately wishing he were telepathic right now. What else could he possibly do to help her? He wanted to so badly that it hurt; pushing aside the pain, he continued to overcome those that were threatening to take her from him.


She felt disorientated at first; colours and images were blurred as she opened her aqua green eyes.

Wendy had come into the room to check on Misty before finishing her shift, reaching the end of the bed she picked up Misty's chart for a closer inspection when she noticed Misty coming to. "Misty, it's Okay. I'm here." She whispered as not to frighten the already confused girl.

It had been a long and distressing day; Brock had managed to convince Ash and Duplica to eat something. They hadn't been gone for very long when Wendy came into the food hall in search for them to let them know Misty had awoken from her comatose state. Spotting them at a far away table, she made her way toward them. Brock was trying his best to console the two younger teens sitting in front of him, they hadn't said a word for the last 15 minutes. Worrying about Misty was hard, but now he had started to fret about both Ash and Duplica, they had been taking this badly and had blamed themselves for Misty's condition. His heart nearly leapt out of his throat when he saw Wendy heading toward them, 'Oh God…please… I hope this is good news.' He thought to himself. He noticed her smile and ignored the feeling of dread that had passed him. "Wendy, is every thing alright?" he asked her. Both Ash and Duplica's heads shot up when they had heard Brock ask that question.

"Yes everything is fine, I just came to let you know Misty has finally woken up."

Ash was the first to his feet, soon followed by Brock and Duplica.


"I think it would be best if Brock were to go in first, she has been used to seeing him, and we don't know how she would react about seeing you Ash." Dr Travis said to the three of them.

All agreeing that Brock go in first, he opened the door slowly as not to startle her. Walking toward her he quietly spoke to her, "Hi Mist, welcome back to the land of the living, you had us worried there for a sec."

She looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from and recognized him immediately. "Brock" she questioned.

Reaching the chair, he sat beside her. " Yeah it's me… are you feeling alright?" he spoke to her softly.

She smiled weakly at him and nodded.

"Mist, are you ready to see anyone else today, like Ash or…"

"Ash?" she asked him feeling a little confused.

"Yeah, you know your best friend…" still noticing the confused look on her face he continued to describe him, "the one who annoys you, the kid you followed around since you were ten, the one with spiky black hair and brown eyes and wears a red and white league hat all the time."

"Who… I don't know who… I… I can't remember…"

Concerned about this he walked out the room. "Ash" he called.

"Is she Okay? Can I see her now?" he asked anxiously.

"Um… Ash, she's a bit confused at the moment… and well she doesn't seem to… um… remember you…" he stammered a bit.

"What do you mean doesn't remember me?"

"I mean she doesn't know who you are."

Ash wasn't about to accept this and barged past Brock into the room she was in. "Misty"

Hearing another voice she turned to see who or where it was coming from, her eyes instantly widened at what she saw. There in front of her was the 'Shadow' the 'Thing' that had been pursuing her and taking her against her will. It was right there hovering above him.

"Please… leave me alone… don't hurt me… please…!" she cried desperate to get away from him.

"Misty, it's me, Ash." He said reassuringly.

"Please don't come any closer…!" she cried once more.

Brock was confused. Why was she reacting like that, it was as if she was afraid of him or something.

Ash couldn't believe this, Misty was petrified of him. "Misty" he spoke softly, "please… don't be afraid…"

"What do you want!"

"I want to help you."

"You… Why… why do you hurt me…"

He could see the look of fear in her eyes, deciding that this was not helping her any he didn't say a word and just stared at her in confusion. Brock also noticed the fear in her expression, but also noticing how Ash had reacted to the whole thing, he walked slowly toward him and whispered into his ear, "Ash, I think it would be better if you left".

Agreeing, he left the room solemnly. Brock slowly walked near the frightened red head and spoke gentle reassuring words to help calm her.


*Later that evening*

Ash hadn't said a word since he had left the hospital; he even ignored Pikachu at first, but received a thunder bolting from the little electric mouse. It did the trick and Ash had told his best Pokemon friend what had happened, feeling a little guilty the little yellow mouse apologized to it's trainer/friend.

Ash wanted some time on his own for a while to think, but didn't mind having the company of his little friend, Pikachu always knew just what to say to help comfort him. Walking out of the Pokemon centre and toward the tree that he had made his thinking spot, in the clearing of the forest. He slumped down behind it, and sighed. "Pikachu, you should of seen her… she was scared of me…" Pikachu looked up to his best friend, he looked so sad and depressed, not knowing exactly what to say to console him, it just cuddled a little closer to him to offer it's warmth as it's only reply. Ash smiled and held onto his little yellow companion accepting the warmth it was offering.


Brock had been worrying about Duplica's state of mind. She had been threatening to 'Leave and never be found again' well that was what she had said; so thinking this may have been a suicide threat he had confronted her about this.

"Duplica, don't talk like that, stop blaming yourself." He said to her softly.

"But Brock, I can't help feeling this way!" she cried.

"Sssh… it's alright Duplica, you're not alone…"

"Yes I am! Ash hates me, you hate me, and Misty will probably never talk to me again!"

"That's not true and you know it!"


She had stayed silent for a while before breaking down and falling into his arms. Brock grasped her tightly to his chest and gently rocked her, hushing her.

"Brock… What have I done… I've hurt you all…" she sobbed into his shirt.

"Duplica, we don't blame you for any of this" he reassured her.

She pulled her head away from his chest to look up at him; noticing the concerned look on his face as he looked down upon her with soft and caring eyes, feeling safe and wanted she moved closer to his face and kissed him gently on the lips, that gentle kiss soon turned into a passionate one.
After some time they both pushed away to catch their breaths, Brock was the first to speak. "Duplica, I… I'm sorry… I…" he stammered.

"No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that…" she replied quietly. 'Not again' she thought. She couldn't take being rejected again. "It wasn't your fault… you don't have any feelings for me and I should never…"

"No, I do have feelings for you… it's just I saw you and Ash… and I thought… you were together."

Duplica's heart nearly stopped when she heard that Brock had seen Ash and her kissing. 'Oh god no, he probably thinks I'm some kind of user' she thought to herself regretfully. "That was a misunderstanding, I admit I had strong feelings for Ash, but you're different… I feel safe and protected when ever you're near me and when you touch me I feel warm and I… I feel cold as soon as you let go" she said to him.

He didn't know what to say, when he had seen Ash and Duplica together he hadn't taken it well. Now she were telling him she had feelings for Ash and himself, but felt differently about each of them. 'Do you really want to get hurt, are you willing to forgive and forget about what had happened? Think about this Brock-o, does she mean that much to you?' he asked himself.


Wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his chest, once more he spoke softly into her ear, "You'll never feel cold again".

Hearing this she wrapped her arms around his neck, put her head onto his shoulder, and cried quietly.

Feeling once again safe and warm.


*Next day*

Today was the day Misty had her appointment with the hospital's 'REM analysis consultant' Brock, Ash and Duplica were going to be present when Misty would be interviewed. Ash felt uneasy about seeing Misty again, she may react the very same as yesterday, and he couldn't take that again. Dr Travis had reassured Ash, that Misty would be too busy to notice he was there, so he agreed to be close by.

An older looking woman stepped into the room they were all in and introduced herself, "Hello, my name is Lisa, and I'm a 'Dream analysis consultant' for the hospital, I will be trying my best to help Misty on her way to recovery". She said pleasantly.

Lisa had short silvery coloured hair, which she wore in a bun at the top of her head, she wore a simple black trouser suit with black high heels and a pair of half moon glasses over her bright blue eyes.

"Hello" they all said together.

"Okay, just to let you know I will be hypnotising Misty for the first part of this analysis, followed by getting her to speak about her nightmares, then I will attempt to conclude what these dreams or nightmares are trying to tell her."

"So you think it's getting worse because she has something troubling her?" Ash asked.

"In Misty's case she is suffering from 'Sleep Paralysis', but that is controlled by medication, the nightmares itself are more apparent and she is not able to control them and can't tell what is reality and what is not."

"Oh, do you think you can help her?" Ash asked again.

"Hopefully." She said positively.

When Misty was brought into the room, she had not noticed Ash, Brock, and Duplica sitting at the far end of the room. Lisa smiled at Misty and lead her to a near by chair, sitting directly in front of her she introduced herself again and reassured Misty that everything was going to be alright.

Lisa began by trying to relax Misty a bit by asking her to think of a safe place, then slowly she began asking different questions as she noticed Misty's sudden disturbance.

"Misty, can you tell me what you can see?"

"I can't see anything, it's black." Misty said anxiously.

"Okay Misty, try to calm down, can you hear anything?"

"No, it's quiet, I'm cold though."

"Misty, try and look for a exit"

Misty was desperately trying to find an exit or door, but couldn't find anything, she started to panic when she had the feeling something or someone was watching her, turning around in a whole circle she cried, "Go away!"

"Misty, what's happening?" Lisa asked at once, while watching on unable to help or do something for Misty.

She felt shivers going up and down her spine. Still there was no answer. Then something materialized in front of her screaming in terror she tried desperately to move, but could not. The 'Thing' was heading toward her slowly, she kept on trying to move, but found she couldn't get away from the 'Shadow thing'. She screamed once more as the darkness enveloped her.

Ash panicked when she started to scream and begged Lisa to wake her.

Lisa looked at the distraught boy in front of her begging her to awaken the hypnotized redhead. "Misty, wake up" she cried while clapping her hands.

Her eyes sprung open, gasping for breath.

Ash leaped to her side instantly and embraced her, hushing her while rocking her slowly.

Misty could feel a presence that warmed her and made her feel safe, who or what was holding her and rocking her like a child she thought to herself, trying her hardest to come together.

She had managed to focus her eyesight on to what was holding her, it was soft and warm, and smelt of freshly cut grass, that confused her a bit, was she out side? Slowly she lifted her head up to see what it was. Like a flash of lightning, memories flooded her. "Ash?" she questioned quietly.

Hearing his name, he looked down at the redhead he was holding, "Misty, you know who I am?" he asked.

She smiled nervously and nodded her head.

"I am sorry Misty, I know you are scared to talk about your nightmare, but please it will help you to recover." Lisa said apologetically.

Misty nodded nervously; she let go of Ash and sat back down. "Okay, I will tell you what ever you need to know."

Lisa gave her a reassuring smile and began by explaining, "What we need to do is 'Interrupt your dreams' find 'Key' elements, and put the puzzle together".

Misty nodded and began to remember her nightmarish world. "It's dark, cold, I see nothing only blackness…" closing her eyes she described the place again. "Okay, there's no exits or doors, I can't hear anything, I can't move, I try to, but something is pulling me down; holding me maybe, the shadow or mist always comes when I can't move…" opening her eyes and looking toward Lisa, she sighed. "That's it, I don't want to go back there."

"That's alright Misty, that's all I need." She reassured her. Misty smiled at her and nodded in recognition. "Every thing you have just described, would indicate a nightmare, but I think differently…"

"What do you mean?" asked Ash, walking up to sit closer to Misty.

Lisa smiled and continued her explanation, "I mean Misty's nightmares have a symbolic meaning…" gaining all four friends' attention now she carried on, "I can explain everything".

Ash grasped Misty's hand and squeezed it gently, while listening to Lisa's conclusions.

"What I'm trying to say is, the things you're afraid of during the day turn up again in nightmares; Overcoming your fear will help combat these nightmares. I have noted the 'Key' elements you described from out of your nightmare Misty, all we have to do is work out what they mean."

Misty slowly nodded her head, "I think I understand what you mean."

"Okay then, firstly you described seeing nothing, as if you're in darkness or the night; that could suggest you're hiding something or unwilling to see things clearly. Secondly, you feel as if someone or something is watching or pursuing you taking you by force; dreaming of that could suggest you're running away from something or yourself, daily life, anger, jealousy, fear, even love can appear to be threatening. Thirdly, being 'frozen in fear', the fright that paralyses you in a dream may be something you fear in daily life. Lastly, the 'Shadow or ghost' you see may be a part of you that is unclear or something you yourself does not understand. I know that this may sound confusing Misty, but please if there is anything bothering you, please talk about it."

Misty couldn't think, Lisa had told her that the nightmares she were having may have something to do with unwilling to talk about or a problem in daily life. Trying her hardest to think what these things meant, were hurting her head and she could feel the headache coming.

Ash stared at Misty, he could tell she were confused and scared.

"Mist, if there is something wrong, please tell us what it is…" he said to her while staring at her. She looked up from the floor and stared back into his beautiful brown concerned eyes. Then it hit her; every thing Lisa had said may have been because of her relationship with Ash. Of course it all made sense; she were scared to tell him about the way she felt about him. She would hide from these emotions, forget about them or simply tell herself it was a stupid crush, but she knew deep down in side and in her heart it was more than that.
It went deeper than a crush or just a fazed feeling.

It was love…

She could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks and did nothing to stop from showing them, she wanted his help, and he would be her only cure. Ash noticed Misty start to cry and gently wrapped his arms around her, he wanted her to open up and tell him what the problem was. "Misty, I will always be here for you, you're not alone… please let me help you…" he whispered into her ear. She couldn't hold out any longer, she wanted to tell him everything and didn't care about the consequences of her actions anymore, she wanted the nightmares to stop, and they had to stop now.

"Oh Ash, please don't leave me…" she sobbed into his chest. Holding on to her tightly as to reassure her he replied, "I'll never leave you Mist, you can trust me, and I won't hurt you".

That was all she needed to hear from her best friend, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist now she sobbed onto his chest.

Brock and Duplica looked on to the scene that were playing in front of them, Brock couldn't help but feel relieved in some sort of way, Ash and Misty were obviously going to work things out. Duplica grasped a hold of his hand and stood on tiptoes to whisper up into his ear, "Should we stay, or should we go?"

He looked down at his newly found girlfriend and smiled. "I think they need to talk." Nodding in reply, Brock, Duplica and Lisa left them alone to talk.


Ash and Misty had been holding onto one another for sometime before any of them spoke, they didn't need words right now, all they needed was each other's warmth and support.

Ash didn't know what to think, Misty had never let herself get so emotional in front of him before, and to see her cry like that had shocked him at first, she always portrayed strength in front of him, and this was worrying him tremendously. "Misty it's alright, I'm here now, just let it all out." He said to her softly, while stroking her back for comfort.

"Ash, I… I don't know what to do… I… I'm so scared…" she managed to croak out between her sobbing.

"You don't have to be scared anymore Mist, I'm going to help you through this." He reassured her.

"I just don't want to… to be alone Ash, I'm really sorry!" she cried.

"Shh… sorry for what?" he asked.

Misty pulled away from Ash's tight and reassuring hold, and looked up to him with blurry and red swollen eyes, her tear stains beginning to revive from the new ones that fell on top of them. "For e-every thing I have ever done or said to you." She stuttered.

Ash looked straight into her eyes and smiled, "Mist, I knew you didn't mean any of it… you're my… friend and best friends always stick together through thick and thin!"

Misty stared back into his beautiful shining brown eyes 'God I love you…' she thought before lowering her head, what she was about to say next scared her. "Best friends huh… well I don't want to be just friends" she said in a low voice.

Ash looked hurt, "What?" he asked worriedly.

"Do best friends keep secrets from the other, do they lie…do they Ash?" she asked him while lifting her head back up to look him in the eye.

Ash was lost for words, had she found out about how he has been dishonest and hiding something from her. 'Oh no… she feels betrayed… I promised not to hurt her…I did lie' he thought to himself regrettably. "Misty, I…" before he got to finish she interrupted him.

"No Ash let me finish. I… I think about you more than just a friend… I dream about you… I want to be with you all the time, I want you to touch me, hold me and tell me you… you…"

"Love me, tell you that I love you?" he asked her. Misty was a little shocked at his reaction; she didn't know if she had blown this forever. Ash was probably going to tell her she was nothing more than an annoying brat who has a stupid sleeping problem and didn't feel the same for her. The next thing she knew she was being lifted off the ground and whirled around in a circle. "I love you Misty." Ash whispered into her ear. She closed her eyes wishing and hoping that was not her imagination wanting this to happen, opening them wide when she felt a soft hand touch her face. Ash smiled at her. "Be with me forever." She smiled back, wrapped her arms around his neck, and leaned in to touch his lips. Reaching down to meet her lips they kissed, feeling the tingles reaching up and down their spines and the overwhelming feeling of warmth and pure pleasure as there tongues danced together to their lovers' song.

Both pulling away from the other to catch their breaths, but not letting each other go, Misty could feel tears of joy and a sudden weight lifted from her as she spoke to Ash, "I love you too, always."

They both smiled lovingly at each other and continued to just hold each other in silence.


Brock and Duplica had been waiting out side the room along with Lisa for the last couple of hours for Ash and Misty to emerge. "So Brock, you think what I explained in there had something to do with Misty's feeling toward Ash." Lisa asked him curiously.

"Yep, I'm pretty sure of it, they have had this love hate relationship for years now, ever since I first met them a few years back." He replied to her question.

"Brock's right, I have known them for a few years too and have even noticed their connection." Duplica added.

Lisa was about to ask the young couple in front of her another question, when the door of the interview room opened. Ash and Misty walked out hand in hand and smiled at the three people in front of them, gawking at them wide eyed.

"Hi guys, sorry we took so long to come out of there." Ash apologized. Misty nodded with agreement. Ash lead her over to where Brock and Duplica were standing staring and smiled, "Guys, Misty and I are a couple now." He said proudly.

Brock snapped out of his trance, grabbed a hold of them both, and hugged them while congratulating them. Duplica felt happy and sad at the same time for the new couple in front of her, but she had Brock now, and maybe her luck with love would change now she had him.

Lisa couldn't help but feel happy for the group of friends, Misty's case was rare and she had been the one to help start her recovery off, she was proud of herself. She walked up to Misty and Ash, congratulated them, and said her goodbyes.


*That night*

Misty still felt scared that the 'Shadow' may still come to her in her dreams and begged for Ash to stay with her. Wendy had a soft spot for both young teens and gave in eventually and given permission to them, but only for that one night.

Ash sat down beside Misty on the bed and gently wrapped his arm around her, reaching over to the side lamp switch to turn off the light with the other free hand he wished her a good nights dream and pulled her into his chest.

Misty entered her dreams once more feeling a little apprehensive she waited and watched for any darkness or 'Shadows' to appear once more. When none came, she was relieved and slept peacefully the whole night wrapped in her lover's arms.


Misty was due to leave the hospital in another day or so; she had been coping well with the new medication and her dream activity had very much slowed down. Dr Travis had told Brock and Ash that Misty would 'not' completely recover and may receive partially bad nightmares every other month, where the paralysis would affect her. Other than that, she would be fine to carry on with travelling with the boy's and Duplica as normal. She would wear a special band on her wrist at all times, explaining her condition, and she would need regular check ups.


Misty couldn't wait to leave the hospital she had resided in for the last month or so, today was officially her last morning in this room. She sighed and continued to pack up the few belongings Brock had brought for her while being there, she had some bad memories in this room and was glad to get shot of them. Zipping up her red backpack and walking toward the door, she didn't even look back when she exited the white sterile looking room. She made her way toward the nurse's station to say her goodbyes.

Misty walked up to a familiar face and hugged her tightly whispering thank you in her ear.

"You're welcome Misty, I'm going to miss you." Wendy replied. Misty nodded, "I'm going to miss you too, Wendy".

"Mist, are you ready!" Ash called to her while waving to both her and Wendy. "Coming Ash!" she called back.

"Okay, bye Wendy, and thank you." He called back. Wendy waved and nodded. "Bye Ash."

"Well I guess this is goodbye." Misty said to her. "Take care of yourself Misty." Wendy replied. "I will."

"Goodbye, and tell Brock I forgive him." she said. Misty smiled not completely understanding what she had meant by that.


Misty and Ash headed toward Brock and Duplica. Brock was holding a very excited Togepi in his arms and Pikachu was bounding it's way toward her at full speed, opening her arms to grab a hold of the ecstatic electric mouse, she cried his name.


"Pikachu pi!" (Misty!)

"I missed you too." She said while stroking its head. She smiled when she could hear Togepi trill in delight at seeing its mother. "Hello baby did Daddy and Uncle Brock look after you." She cooed at it. Receiving a "Togibri" in reply.

"Oh Brock, Wendy said 'she forgives you'. Do you know what she means?"

Brock grinned a little and turned beet red, "Umm… I can't imagine what she meant Misty." He stuttered, while receiving a glare from Duplica. 'Wow, that was a lucky one' he thought to himself-knowing to well what she meant.

"Com'on guys, lets get on to the road again!" Ash exclaimed.

Ash hoped to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Well almost normal, looking over to the redhead who walked beside him holding his hand.

He had a league to train for…




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