Title: Notre Amour

Author: Nikki (Agent Riss)

Rating: PG-13 – M

Pairing: Sydney/Vaughn

Summary: AU. S/V Meet in a completely different way.

Disclaimer: Alias and its cast, writers etc do not belong to me… and will never.

Author's Note: This was started back in 2004 and is still a WIP. This essentially started out a PG fic but gradually grew to an NC17. I have de-smutified parts and they are now more suitable for the PG readers. If you would like to read the NC17 chapters, you can make your way to and search for me under my username: Agent Riss and the links are in my signature.


The click of the door handle opening attracted her attention from the view outside the window beside her. She slowly turned her head towards the sound, her soft brown hair brushing against her shoulders and back as each strand moved with her.

Students hushed as many noticed his presence, but others continued on their conversations as if the arrival of the new teacher was less important than who dyed whose hair on Thursday night after the bowling alley party that Jimmy threw up at.

She sat quietly contemplating him; the way he gripped the leather handle on his briefcase, the way his right hand curled around his Starbucks styrofoam coffee cup, the way his tie hung looser than the other male staff, she studied his face from his green expressive eyes that showed apprehension and doubt, to his clean shaven jaw.

Her eyes were trained on him, moving only when he did. She didn't even think about the way he might feel her watching him, or the way people might notice she was watching him considerably more intent than others.

She felt a small hand tap her on the shoulder and she found herself jumping slightly in her seat with the shock of being interrupted. She turned her head slightly, her eyes falling away from his form. A folded piece of paper landed on her desk; a note.

He had felt a pair of eyes trained on him the second he'd stepped foot in the classroom. He felt them continue to roam over his body, from his hands to his face. He knew whoever was staring so intently could see his self-doubt, his anxiety about the situation. With his back towards the class he felt her eyes drop away, probably losing interest, he'd thought, and the emptiness he'd felt without that person's stare startled him. He breathed in slowly preparing himself for his first lesson as an English teacher.

Picking up a piece of chalk in his left hand, he rolled it between his fingers, the weight and texture he thoroughly felt. He familiarised himself with the stick before lifting his arm and resting his hand on the board.

And he felt it again, the staring. This stare held sorrow. He wasn't sure what caused it but its comfort was back and in his mind, he knew he was already in trouble.

She'd slowly opened the note and found a caricature staring back at her. A girl with exaggerated ears and forehead sat drooling at a desk, her eyes trained on the teacher, a pool of drool at her feet. The teacher had 'Starbucks Man' written across the back of his jacket, chalk stains on his pants and unruly hair. The top of the page read: "Sydney Bitch-tow – Dream on!"

She'd been the butt of many jokes; tricks included. Each one she took to heart, each one pulling her deeper and deeper inside her shell. She folded it back up and slid it into her folder before looking up at the new teacher once again, this time with sadness weighing down on her heart.

As he finished with his name, he turned and faced the class, his eyes glancing at her for the briefest of moments.

"Good morning. I'm Mr Vaughn and I am replacing your English teacher Miss Gibson, indefinitely. So, if someone could be so kind as to tell me where you're up to, then we can get started."

They didn't know it yet, but for Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, their lives had just taken an interesting turn.