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Spoilers: 'Homebodies', 'Nesting Dolls', and if you don't know about Sara's past, don't read

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I shut my locker door and sat down on the bench. I never expected to fall in love with Nick. It had started harmlessly enough, him throwing dummies off of a hotel roof. I was there to investigate Warrick. At the time, I really wasn't interested in guys. I was too busy. For all I knew, Nick was Warrick and I was there to investigate him. I hadn't really noticed Nick. More like he noticed me.

I was thinking about our relationship. We'd been flirting shamelessly for years, but if I were to pinpoint a time when we'd stopped being "Nick" and "Sara" and gone to being "Nick and Sara", it would have to be right after Suzanna Kirkwood had been murdered. I hadn't taken it well. She and I had bonded fairly quickly after I'd taken her to the hospital. I kind of understood what it was like to be in her position. To be a victim of a crime, not able to tell anyone, being too scared to do anything about something horrible that happened to you. My dad had done that to me. He told me he'd kill me if I ever told anybody what he did to me. After Suzanna's body was found, I'd gotten into my car and sat there for a while, remembering how she'd snuck into my backseat only a few days earlier.

I'd been sitting there for a while when I heard a soft tap at my window. I remember I wasn't happy about somebody bothering me. I'd looked out to see Nick's face smiling gently. He'd come around to the passenger side and hopped in. He'd asked me if I was okay, which had just made me break down in tears, and he had reached over the centre console to take my hand. He just let me cry and then had gone to Grissom and asked for me if I could have the night off. Then, he'd driven me home to my apartment building in his Denali. I had cried myself to sleep, so he'd leaned in and carried me up to my apartment building doorstep. I'd woken up just then, so I got my keys out and was going to let myself in when I stopped myself.

He hadn't let go of my hand, and I didn't want him to. Our eyes had locked, mine puffy and red, his dark and searching. I don't really know what happened then, but he pulled me into a hug. I think he was just being a friend, but neither of us was about to let go. I looked up at him, and then leaned in just a bit. He'd reciprocated, and our lips brushed ever so gently at first, then a little bit more firmly and deliberately. We traded slow, lazy kisses for a while before realizing that he had a scene to get back to, and I really needed to go to sleep. He'd begun to walk away, his hand still in mine until he had to let go if he wanted to keep moving. I turned and unlocked the door and headed inside, where I quickly fell into a dreamless slumber.

There had been no mistaking what had happened between us that night, and we both knew it. The next time he saw me, he had bluntly asked, "Do you want to go out with me?" Of course I'd said yes. Who wouldn't want to go out with handsome Nicholas Stokes?

One date had turned into two, two into four, and eventually we had decided to be "officially" a couple. I loved being Nick's girlfriend. I loved the little things he did for me every day. Whenever I pulled a double, he'd always go to Starbucks and get me my favourite drink, a double Americano. He always paid. Every time, I tried to pay him back, but every time, he refused and kissed me on the cheek.

The next time I really hit a rough spot, we'd just wrapped up a suspected abuse case, my behaviour during which had ended in me being suspended for a week. He'd come over every day to see me, and once, when he'd had the next day off, we went for a long walk in the nearby park. We'd found an enormous hill and raced up it, then rolled down it, then raced up it again. I'd won both times, but we both knew that he'd let me. We were both exhausted. It had been a long day for Nick; he'd pulled a double. He asked if I minded if he crashed for a while on the couch, and I invited him to share the bed with me instead. I remember he'd raised an eyebrow curiously, and I'd said, "Just sleeping." He looked a bit nervous, but had followed me anyway. We'd laid down on the bed and then he said, "Don't worry. I'll be the perfect gentleman." I loved that about Nick. He was so chivalrous in an old-fashioned way.

That was the best sleep I've had in years.

Now I reluctantly realized it was time to go home. I laughed. It was the first time I'd ever been sad to go home. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job, but I liked going home too.

I heard an announcement over the intercom. "Sara Sidle, please report to reception. Sara Sidle to reception." Sighing, I stood up and walked down the corridors.

I greeted Judy, the short receptionist. "You have two messages and a package," she said, handing me three things. The first message told me that my car, which was in the shop, was ready to be picked up. I flipped to the second message. It had two words on it:

Marry me?

I gasped. I opened the package and my heart jumped into my throat. It was a black velvet box. I was too scared to open it, but I finally worked up the nerve. I opened it, and was surprised to see that it was empty, except for another piece of paper with two more words on it:

Turn around

I did. Nick stood there with what I could only assume to be the ring in his hand. I gasped as he knelt down and slid the ring onto my finger. "Marry me?" he asked.

I pulled him up and kissed him, the same slow, lazy kisses we'd first shared years ago.

"Of course."


Author's Note: Okay, so that's my first oneshot. I don't really know if it qualifies as short, but hopefully it was sweet. Reviews make me very happy…