Of Brothers and Lovers

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Summary: Uchiha Sasuke deals with seduction at school, home, and the business world.


Uchiha Sasuke sat in his Calculus class, trying to listen to his teacher and ignore the eyes boring into his back at the same time. He loathed Second Period. It wasn't because he had math then (he loved it and was quite good at it, actually, being a year ahead of his junior class), but because of who were in his class – particularly two boys from wealthy business owners. Uchiha Enterprises wasn't in any direct competition with the Hyuuga Corporation or the Sabaku Law Firm, but Sasuke still disliked the family members of that company anyway. One of them was currently staring at him, and it was grating on his nerves. Apparently Hyuuga Neji had nothing better to do than set his strange, milky eyes on Sasuke.

Sasuke had known him since he was eight when his parents started dragging him to charity dinners and other social functions for the wealthy and powerful. He hadn't thought other kids his age would be going (he thought it was only his family's twisted tradition; Itachi had been going since he was eight, too.), and when he had seen Neji he had been glad to see that another child shared his misery. Upon introduction from Sasuke's mother and Neji's aunt, Sasuke found that the other boy was a year older and had a trembling girl at Sasuke's age hiding behind his back. Sasuke had been content to stay close to his brother from then on, as he wasn't interested in either of the Hyuuga children, but the pale, ethereal eyes of his acquaintances never left him. Sasuke had later reflected that they held sadness in their depths. Unfortunately, he hadn't been surprised and would later know why.

The three of them went to school together. It was strange how they had this connection but never really became friends. Sasuke hadn't cared and he'd be damned if he initiated conversation. Hyuuga Hinata, the heiress, had made several attempts, and Sasuke had responded in kind since she looked like she was really trying. As for Neji, indifference eventually developed into rivalry between the two of them. Sasuke had gone out for the soccer team in the sixth grade, and Neji had made it his personal job of constantly outdoing the Uchiha. Since then, they've been competing in every class organization, sport, and contest that had caught their interests (funny how they liked the same thing at the same time). Uchiha Mikoto, Sasuke's mother, had thought it was cute for such natural prodigies of similar age to constantly vie for the top; it kept them motivated. Itachi had had no such problem since he was a genius of extraordinary caliber to whom no one could match up. Sasuke constantly lived in his brother's shadow, and he'd be damned if anyone got in between them, especially a Hyuuga.

Sasuke knew his rivalry with Neji hadn't completely surfaced from who their families, but how their personalities clashed. They were both proud individuals with rather aloof demeanors, and these proverbial birds didn't flock together. Girls stalked the both of them equally and often argued over who was the better boy. The attention irked Sasuke to no end. He hadn't realized his relationship with Neji was so public, but then again, that was the story of his life. Yet being constantly under the public eye and the pressure of their families, caused them to form this involuntary bond under the guise of competition and insults. Sasuke respected Neji and mostly likely the feeling was mutual. Lately, however, Neji was changing. He was more mysterious to Sasuke, and that wasn't a good thing. Neji barely spoke anymore, but his looks were becoming more frequent. They still had their competitive edge, but Neji conceded easily, which wasn't very characteristic of the older boy. Sasuke would be damned if he cared, but it did bother him, nonetheless.

Mamu-sensei, a sweet old man with a bald head and thick glasses, concluded his lesson and assigned them homework from the book. Sasuke took out his planner and quickly wrote the numbers from the board, though there were still ten minutes left of class.

He glanced at the window to his right. It was sunny outside with the lush courtyard two stories below to the ground floor. The Academy of Konoha Gakure was an elite school with a tremendous reputation of being one of the oldest and best schools in Japan. It had dorms, scholarship programs, and community service organizations. The Academy accepted students from political leaders to farmers, so long as they had the intelligence and diligence for the work (or the money, if the kid lacks both). It began from the sixth to twelfth grades and the graduates were usually accepted into Tokyo University (affectionally dubbed as Todai). Itachi was in his third year there majoring in business and psychology there. Sasuke didn't know why his brother bothered going to college. Itachi already worked for their father, but had said something along the lines of learning the fine print in trusts and corporate takeovers. Sasuke wasn't sure what he wanted to go into yet… possibly pre-law. His father wanted him to work for their company as well, but his mother gave him open options.

He heard a group of girls giggling and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Through the reflection in the mirror he could see them giving pointed looks in his general direction, which consisted of Hyuuga Neji and himself. He saw their gazes move further to the left, and Sasuke knew one other wealthy young man who had caught their attention.

Sabaku Gaara was a mystery Sasuke would rather not solve or even begin to think about. He had crimson hued hair that remained messy despite his reputation and dark rimmed eyes from both kohl and his genealogy. Unlike Neji and Sasuke, Gaara was only half Japanese. His father had lived in Egypt and married a princess of noble Arabian descent. Those piercing green eyes were also probably dark from lack of sleep, but Sasuke refused -- emphasis on refused -- to think about that.

The Suna Law Firm was headed by none other than Judge Sabaku. Although the Sabaku ancestry was obscure in the history of Japan, Gaara's father put his family in the top twenty list with ten branches of his firm throughout Japan and being seated on the Supreme Court as Chief Justice. Most would say the Sabaku family was more powerful than the top five, and Sasuke could only guess why. His father had said the judicial system was more than a little corrupt.

Gaara was quiet and the most withdrawn of the three. Sasuke sensed he was dangerous, if not outright homicidal. He didn't know his family's past well and figured it was filled with darkness, pain, and secrets best kept in the tomb of a pharaoh. Yet Gaara was just as popular and admired, if only because of his family name. Adults feared him, boys kept their distance, and girls were infatuated with him. Despite his aloof exterior, Gaara was apparently some kind of sex god. Sasuke had been mortified to walk passed a group of girls some time ago and listen to one of them gush over the details of her night with him, sounding as if she might have an orgasm just from talking about it. Another horrible incident was when Sasuke had seen Gaara fucking some girl against the wall after he had hung back from basketball practice; Gaara had still worn his jersey while the girl was naked and screaming in pure ecstasy. Sasuke figured everyone whom Gaara had fucked was a one night stand since he didn't have a girlfriend. Maybe he didn't hang onto a girl because he and Itachi were involved. Sasuke hated it when his parents went out of town because that meant Gaara would stay over,and Sasuke would get no sleep that night unless he slept in his parents' room (but he still felt uncomfortable knowing his brother was fucking his classmate, and vise versa). Itachi had never let him leave the manor when they were together. Sasuke figured his brother was just sadistic like that.

He avoided Gaara at all costs and only dealt with him if he really, really needed to (like if it were for a project assignment, in sports, or in dinner parties and his mother forced him). He and Sasuke had been classmates since the eighth grade when Gaara first transferred in. To say the least, those calculating green eyes had locked onto his on the first day and never ceased in the attempt to read his soul. They had shared a word or two, most of them coming from Sasuke since he had to show the other around. Sasuke didn't know how or why Gaara and Itachi were involved, but he would rather not ponder on it. The two of them were so serious and radiated this killing intent when solemn; no amount of psychology and anthropology could explain Itachi and Gaara's strange affair. Sasuke tried to ignore his brother and classmate's rendezvous, but the sounds of ecstasy echoed in his ears every time he glanced at Gaara and that just made talking to the redhead even more difficult.

The bell rang, signaling the end of second period and the start of the fifteen minute break. There was block scheduling where each class was ninety minutes long. On seven class schedule days, each class was forty-five minutes long. A White day would be odd number periods, ninety minute classes. A Red day would be even number periods, ninety minute classes (white and red because they were school colors). The scheduling had something to do with preparing for long college sessions. Sasuke liked it because he could have a day's time to finish homework, but sometimes it meant double the workload.

He waited until the room was nearly empty before packing his things. The only other people in the room were Mamu-sensei, Neji, Gaara, and a girl named Suzuki. Neji was on his way out when Sasuke felt eyes on him again. This time, he was being watched by eerie, dark rimmed eyes.

"What, Sabaku?" he ground out, his patience thinning at a rapid rate. Sasuke didn't know what had dubbed him as an eye-magnet, but he wished it would go away! Not to mention Gaara's gazes were particularly creepy, and he hated feeling mentally stripped of his clothes.

Gaara said nothing as he continued to watch him. Sasuke glared at him when he wasn't answered and vaguely wondered if Gaara suffered from some mental disability that was the exact opposite of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) because Gaara could stare and stare and never seem to lose focus. As if reading Sasuke's discomfort, the green eyes glinted with sadistic amusement and moved down from Sasuke's eyes to his feet then back up again, clearly enjoying the sight. Flustered, Sasuke's glare intensified with an added scowl on his lips.

"I'm not my fucking brother, Sabaku. Quit it." His heart was racing with fury and embarrassment and did his forehead read, 'Special: Free Meat!' in bold letters? – because Gaara was looking at him like he hadn't eaten in days (it happened often. Was his sexual appetite never satisfied?) Sasuke understood why so many girls allowed themselves to be used by him, but he refused to become another notch on Gaara's belt. He wasn't even interested in the redhead as far as he was concerned, but in saying that Sasuke was confused as to why he had wanted to rip those girls' hearts out or rend him from Itachi's grasp.

"I know you're not Itachi," Gaara finally replied, his voice almost husky and his gaze thoughtful. Sasuke felt his blood boiling. He didn't know why he bothered talking to Gaara. The redhead acted way too calm to be normal. Sasuke was sure he could kill with a straight face. Deciding not to waste his time any more than what was lost, he whirled around and walked to the gym to prepare for his P.E. class – which he also had with the redhead.

Anko-chan (the suffix forced upon them with well placed threat) had had to have been a drill sergeant in her past life or a spoiled princess or a slave driver. They were playing a basketball scrimmage in preparation of the sport coming up next quarter (currently it was volley ball and cross country) and every time someone missed a shot, a count would be placed on that team, and they would have to do that many suicides at the end of the game. Needless to say most were afraid of trying at a shot and passed the ball to someone more sure of himself. Sasuke was hot and sweating despite the fact that the gym was in air-conditioning, having to make up for his team. He only had his good friend Uzumaki Naruto to back him up.

Sasuke dribbled down the court after the other team had scored. His team was down by six, which wasn't that bad considering the only varsity players he had were himself and Naruto. Their opponents had Gaara, Inuzuka Kiba, and Nara Shikamaru, all veterans as well. Sasuke really hated being pitted up against Shikamaru because he was hella smart and the main strategiest besides the coach. He also knew every person's weakness, which included Sasuke's. Anko-chan had made their teams like that on purpose, Sasuke mused wryly.

He was met with Gaara, who kept low and in perfect defense formation. The redhead showed no signs of weariness, though his body was covered with a sheen of sweat. Those green eyes were watching him closely, then more specifically at his body. Out on the corner, Sasuke saw the new kid open. He passed the ball and drove straight to the basket. Gaara was hot on his tail. The ball had gotten to Naruto who brought it back out to the threepoint line and shot the ball in. Sasuke caught the ball after it went through the hoop and smirked as he heard a loud whoop from the blonde.

A whistle blew. "Good job, gentlmen," said Anko-chan, jumping down from the bleachers. "Better than last class, I'll say!" Her loud voice was too cheery to the boys panting and sweating profusely. She didn't seem to notice their physical anguish. "There are twenty minutes left of class. Team white: four suicides. Team red: five."

The boys knew better than to voice their complaints, much less groan. Sasuke was pleased his team had to do less suicides, though they had lost the game. He didn't mind much. Last class had his team losing by ten and having to do six suicides. Their statistics at beginning of the year had been much, much worse.

"Not so bad, eh, Kiba?" Sasuke heard Naruto say to another boy, who snorted in response. "Next time, you guys are going down."

"Shut up and get over here, dobe," Sasuke said as they made their way to the baseline. Naruto crossed his arms.

"Stop bossing me around, you bastard!" Naruto called back, but nonetheless jogged to Sasuke's side.

Uzumaki Naruto had transferred in at about the seventh grade. Sasuke hadn't known of his family, but the blonde hair had looked too familiar from one of his father's photo albums. Naruto had been quiet at first, as no one talked to him or seemed remotely interested in him. The first time Sasuke had seen Naruto open up was when Iruka-sensei, their student counselor, had entered the school. Sasuke had been startled to see such a previously withdrawn boy come alive with laughter and obnoxious gibberish that had, since then, grated on Sasuke's nerves to no end. Naruto was a constant chatterbox that had managed to charm his way into people's hearts, and along with his loud voice came a dynamic personality that never lost confidence in his goal to become acknowledged by everyone in the school, who had constantly looked down on him without a second thought. Their friendship had developed out of thin air through rivalry in sports and a secret only Sasuke knew.

The students had made Naruto's situation sound worse than it was. He was rumored to have been an orphan only taken into the Academy because the school was doing community service. Sasuke had thought that was stupid, of course. Who knew of a school to take in unfortunate pupils just to look good? – certainly no place an Uchiha was attending. Sasuke had later tried to convince himself that he had only investigated because it was for his pride – that he refused to associate himself with a pity-school – though why the other students' gossip bothered him, he didn't know. Maybe Naruto had reminded him of a lost golden retriever without a master and needed pity. Maybe Sasuke felt those blue eyes weren't meant for pain. Whichever the case was, Sasuke found himself inquiring his mother and looking through old photo albums again. He had seen his parents with a tall man with shaggy blonde hair and a beautiful woman beside him. They were in front of the Academy of Konoha Gakure.

Sasuke knew Uchiha Enterprise often donated equipment to the school (as did other businesses) and had wondered why the picture was in front of the school of all places. The blonde man and his wife – Sasuke had assumed the lady to be – held a giant pair of scissors in their hands. When Sasuke had approached Principle Sarutobi, the old man had told him that the Uzumaki owned the school. Naruto's parents had most likely been murdered in order to gain control of the campus. Naruto had only been an infant then and moved to America with his aunt. Without an heir, the Academy had been put up for sale and the bids were only growing higher. Nartuo needed to be twenty in order to inherit the school, and Principle Sarutobi had said he was trying his best to keep the school under the government until that time. The wealthier, more influential students were told to keep away from Uzumaki to make sure he wouldn't recognize his rather prestigious heritage, but their parents had probably made another excuse.

True to his word Sasuke hadn't said a word to anyone. What he had done was encourage the blonde to gain more confidence by provoking and challenging him (at the same time, make sure Naruto didn't best him, of course). Naruto had been more than entertaining to rattle, and Sasuke liked having the extra rival (added to the list of Itachi, Neji, and Gaara). The blonde had turned out to be carefree and easy going, though an idiot at that. Sasuke found his presence refreshing though there were times when they argued and had outright fistfights that later developed into the strange friendship they had today. Sasuke had been convinced he had hated Uzumaki – had been almost jealous of him – until they were in a fight together. Sasuke had never had school bullies before, but Naruto did. In the eighth grade Sasuke had unwittingly stepped into the fray of a pair of seniors (who were twins of a family Sasuke knew) and took a blow for Naruto, who had already been beaten unconscious with a crow bar. It had turned out that the twins hadn't liked the Uchiha either and picked on Sasuke instead. Having had taken karate classes and blessed with natural speed Sasuke held on his own for a while, but was quickly losing strength against two bigger boys. Sasuke had been sure he'd end up like Naruto when Itachi had appeared and proceeded to beat the other boys near death until Sasuke had pleaded for him to stop. Naruto had been taken to the hospital and was none the wiser when he had woken up two days later. The Uchiha had sued Inertia Technology and made their building into a branch of Uchiha Enterprises (Their case had been taken to the Supreme Court and Judge Sabaku must have disliked Inertia Tech. because evidences against them came to light from unknown origins. Sasuke should have felt sorry for them but with Naruto hospitalized and Sasuke sporting a fractured wrist and a black eye, it was hard to feel sorry for the Okunai family).

When Naruto had returned to school, his peers were a fraction nicer. Sasuke's black eye had vanished but he still had the cast (heavy with signatures, mind you), giving him away as Naruto's savior. Naruto had questioned him about his arm, but Sasuke had lied by saying his brother had pushed him down the stairs. Naruto had laughed, took out a pen and signed the light blue plaster where he could fit a small message: 'Thanks, Sasuke – Uzumaki Naruto'.

The boys went to the locker room to shower and change. Lunch was after, so Sasuke was in no hurry. He undressed and blocked out the stupid locker room talk as he showered (at least there were partitions on the side, so he had some privacy), not interested in knowing whose erection was longer or thicker, or who had sex with the flavor of the week. He was glad the other, more brainless, jocks weren't around else it would be outright disgusting, conversations ranging from who had the hotter mom to masturbation techniques (and sometimes demonstrations).

Sasuke took his time, though he was starving. He hadn't eaten for break and only had eggs, toast, and yogurt for breakfast (his mom often scolded him for not eating enough, and Itachi, when he came over for weekends, never failed to wrap his hand around Sasuke's wrist so that his thumb overlapped his fingers). Sasuke scowled to himself. He didn't care what he ate or how often, so long as he could function properly.

He turned to shower off and noticed with disdain that the boys were still chatting while they dressed. Sasuke counted to five when someone called his name.

"Hey, Uchiha, have you gotten any lately?"

Sasuke refused to reply. He got that question practically every other day, and he seriously didn't think it was anyone's business. So what if he didn't think of sex? He was much too busy, and he hadn't met a girl he was interested in. It didn't matter what his lack of response implied to the other guys. Obviously they didn't think anything of it since they've been asking him the same question since the seventh grade, and he's only been giving the same answer every time.

The conversation dropped and the boys left, laughing at some raunchy joke. Naruto waited back for Sasuke and began tapping his foot when the Uchiha was still buttoning his shirt.

"Will you hurry your ass up?" the blonde grumbled. "I'm really hungry and I could be using the three minutes waiting for you to cook my ramen instead." His comment was half-hearted despite its harshness.

"Then go, dobe," Sasuke called back, fixing his tie. "I'll meet you in the cafeteria."

Naruto shrugged and left with Shikamaru and Kiba.

Sasuke put his gym bag in the locker and closed it, nearly jumping when Gaara appeared. He stoned his features. "You again?"

Gaara was fully dressed and looked like he had been for a while. Sasuke glared at him, satisfied that the redhead stood an inch shorter than him. He was a bit on the scrawny side, but Sasuke knew better than to judge a person's strengths based on their physical appearances. A slow smirk spread across Gaara's lips, causing the Uchiha to frown. Sasuke didn't see anything funny about this situation at all.

"Itachi tells me you're a virgin. I'm beginning to believe him."

Sasuke didn't know which angered him more: the fact that Gaara mentioned Itachi so casually; that they talk about him; or that Gaara's eyes darkened with desire at the name of his brother. Before he knew what he was doing he grabbed the other boy by the collar and slammed him against the lockers.

"You fucker, you don't know anything about me. What Itachi knows about my sex life is bullshit. He isn't around half the time to know anything." Sasuke finished ranting, realizing that he had said to much, and abruptly let go of Gaara. He never lost control like that. Why did he feel so uptight around Gaara or when he spoke of Itachi? Sasuke couldn't be jealous because Itachi will always be his aniki and no one could change that. The idea of Gaara and Itachi being together shouldn't bother him because it's been going on for nearly five months and… well… what they did in bed was their business and if they loved each other, then that was fine, just try to explain it to Otousan and Okaasan when you want to get married. Sasuke would eventually find someone, then he could flaunt their sex and love and whatever the fuck was associated with couples in front of everyone's faces…

Sasuke turned to walk away but he was grabbed by the elbow, spun around and pushed to the bench between the rows of lockers, so that he was straddling it. He opened his mouth to protest, but Gaara was on him. The redhead jumped onto his lap and ground their groins together. Sasuke moaned and tossed his head back as he was engulphed in heat, a scream nearly escaping him when Gaara bit his jaw.

"That's right, Sasuke-baby. Moan for me." Gaara's husky voice was right by Sasuke's ear, and the Uchiha was hard in record time. He wanted… he didn't know what the fuck he wanted, but he wanted Gaara to move and it was too hot and he wanted clothes off…off… OFF!

"Uhn… Gaara…" He brought his hands up to grip at flaming red hair, pushing Gaara closer. Gaara nipped at his ear and when he saw Gaara's hands fumbling with his belt, he came back to his senses, as if reality in the form of cold water washed over him. He pushed Gaara off of him with difficulty but with force reserved for fighting. Gaara fell onto the floor, his face flushed and his eyes dark with hunger. Sasuke scrambled to his feet, knowing he looked no better. Rage like none other spread throughout his body and it was the fear of picking up where they left off that stopped Sasuke's fists from flying. He couldn't even trust his voice to speak else it betray him and utter a plea. He took his book bag and left without a word.

"Uchiha. Where were you?"

Sasuke mentally cursed when he met Neji in the hallway. The last thing he needed was another weird confrontation someplace deserted. What the Hyuuga was doing in the hallway anyway bothered him, too (it really shouldn't have but Sasuke was highly strung at the moment). "What Hyuuga?" he snapped, falling into his old demeanor. "Are you my mother?"

Neji looked amused. "No, but we're missing the Junior class president," he explained evenly. "There's the brief Student Council meeting today, remember?" Sasuke didn't stop his eyes from widening. "You didn't forget, did you?" Was it just Sasuke, or where those pale eyes grinning in that smug, 'holier than thou' way? "Ah, you did."

"Shut up," he was able to say, afraid his ability to speak coherently had been lost in the locker room somewhere. He gave an inward sigh of relief. It wouldn't bode well if he started stuttering in front of Neji; he'd never live it down. "I got held up." Which was true…

"You need a teacher's slip, then," Neji said curtly. He paused, waiting for Sasuke to move. "What? Do I need to hold your hand?" Neji's cool, pale hand took a hold of Sasuke's wrist, causing a shiver to run down Sasuke's spine.

Sasuke glowered as he tried to tug his hand away, but to no avail; Neji's grasp was firm. Sasuke couldn't very well say he had a near make-out session with Gaara. Anko-chan wouldn't give him a slip unless he told her the truth and he was more reluctant to tell her what had happened than to Neji. He would just ask (nicely) if they could forget about it and just head to the meeting instead…

Neji's eyes averted from Sasuke's and narrowed maliciously. Sasuke felt Gaara approaching rather than heard the increasing volume of his dress shoes clicking on the marble floor. He half turned his body to face the redhead, who wore just about the same murderous expression as Neji, if only more intense because of the kohl around his almond shaped eyes. 'Like a tiger,' Sasuke thought idly, trapped into those green orbs for a moment, 'intent on protecting his territory. The Academy isn't big enough for the three of us.'

The rivalry between the Hyuuga and Sabaku clans were too monumental to fully comprehend. Sasuke only knew that the events leading up to the murder of Hyuuga Hizashi (according to Uchiha Fugaku, who knew much about the affairs of powerful families) had initiated the disagreement between Judge Sabaku and Hiyashi. It might have gone farther than that to the generation before, but none were sure. Each family had its own reasons for hating the other, and the feeling was almost so emphasized that the current generations didn't even know what it was about anymore. Neji and Gaara had actually gotten worse just this year alone. It seemed as if there was a challenge between them to settle the dispute once and for all. How, Sasuke didn't think he wanted to know.

"What do you think you're doing, Hyuuga?" Gaara demanded, his gaze falling on Sasuke then to where Neji touched him. Sasuke tugged at his wrist, but Neji refused to let go. Instead, Neji smirked and brought Sasuke closer. The motion caught him off guard that he almost lost his balance.

"The fuck?" he hissed, catching himself against Neji's chest. He pushed back to put some distance between them but Neji's grip only tightened. He winced. What was with the older boy today?

"We were just leaving, Sabaku. Not that it's any of your business," Neji replied in kind, nodding his head in mock politeness. Sasuke felt the move even before it came, and he was flung aside as Neji blocked Gaara's punch, then kicking at the redhead's vulnerable stomach. Gaara grunted upon impact and retaliated by tackling them to the floor where they continued their onslaught. Sasuke stood by the lockers and had a mind to watch them kill each other, but knew he had to break it apart because they would kill each other. He reached to pry Gaara off of Neji when a teacher stepped out of the staff bathroom further down the hall. Sasuke recognized him to be Iruka-sensei.

The counselor spotted them and immediately ran over, yelling at them. "Hey! Hey! What's going on here?" Sasuke stepped aside as Iruka easily picked up Gaara and tossed him over to Sasuke, who decided to give him an earful.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Sabaku?" He shoved at him and turned to peer down at Neji, who was just sitting up. His face was flushed with exertion, and his long, straight hair was sticking out. Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Neji was slower to lose his temper than Sasuke and Gaara, so it was strage seeing him after a fist fight. He reached out a hand and helped Neji up, missing the smirk the Hyuuga passed to Gaara.

"That's enough!" Iruka held Gaara back just as the redhead was about to launch himself at Neji, if only to wipe that smug look off his face. Sasuke glanced between the two as he wrenched his hand out of Neji's grip for the second time that day, frustrated with the strange way they had been acting. Just when he had thought he'd had enough of them, Iruka announced their punishment. "I don't know what's gotten into you, gentlemen, but Sarutobi-san is going to settle it, and then I'm going to make sure you clean every homeroom for the next week." His usually gentle voice was firm and reflected his disappointment.

"What?" Neji and Sasuke simultaneously cried. Gaara snorted.

"I have responsibilities after school! As Student Council President –"

"Yes, Hyuuga-kun," Iruka agreed calmly. "And as such I expected better of you. Now then, if you'd all follow me…"

Sasuke sighed and stuffed his hands into his pockets as he followed after Iruka. He couldn't believe he was being associated with the brawl between Gaara and Neji. Guilty by association, my ass. Sasuke neither knew nor cared about what the other two were fighting about but he'd be damned if he didn't get off with lesser repercussions. Sasuke had been involved in fights of his own, but those were out of school and caused by upperclassmen who were dumb enough to start it. The smart ones stayed away.

He glanced over to his right and saw that Gaara had a cut lip. It still bled, though a pink tongue came out to lap at it periodically. Gaara's jacket was bent out of shape and missing a button. His shirt was untucked and his tie was crooked. He gave Sasuke a cold, sideways glance, causing the Uchiha to scowl. What the fuck? It wasn't his fault they were in this mess!

Neji's hair had fallen into its proper place somewhere along the way. The wide, red mark that had been at his temple was now dark purple against the alabaster skin. Neji noticed his look and gave him a small, wry smile. Sasuke wanted to flick both boys off and beat the shit out of them later for fighting for the first time when he had been around.

They were lucky enough to get off with a lecture. Principle Sarutobi was a shrewd old man who was infamous for making even the toughest bully crack. Before the end of the hour, he had managed to get an apology out of the Hyuuga and Uchiha and a grunt from Gaara (which made a great difference), but couldn't get them to apologize to each other. Neji and Gaara refused to look at the other and Sasuke sat in the middle, livid that he had been stuck in the midst of a stupid feud and felt he had nothing to say to either of them. Sarutobi had sighed and dismissed them to Iruka's care.

Sasuke didn't know Umino Iruka much, other than the fact that he was a close friend of Naruto's and the school counselor. He was pretty timid and kick back, but not when crossed. His silent lectures spoke volumes that reminded Sasuke of when Itachi was upset with him and gave him the silent treatment. It made him feel like shit, and he was mortified to know a teacher he barely knew had the power to make him feel that way.

Their detention would start that day under the supervision of one of the teachers. It was a Friday and Sasuke was in a hurry to go home because Itachi should be there already. Itachi hadn't come over last weekened because he had a project or other, and Sasuke had been dying to see him again. It should have worried him that he couldn't go for more than five days without seeing his aniki, but that was hard when he found it so innate to have Itachi with him at all times. Sasuke only had memories of his younger years spent with Itachi; the rest were cast aside as they were deemed insignificant. The world could end tomorrow and Sasuke would only remember Itachi's face.

It had all started for as long as he could remember. Sasuke had wanted to be like Itachi, his role model. Their parents fawned over him and everyone was just to impressed with his genius. Sasuke had had to live in the shadow of his brother's success, but at the end of the day, it had been Itachi who had played chess with him and helped him with his homework; who had walked him to and from school and eventually drove him around. The familiarity of having Itachi around had grown into comfort that Sasuke found himself needing for stability. Itachi had been and will always be everything to Sasuke. Whether or not Itachi had noticed it was anyone's guess, but that didn't matter, so long as Itachi cared about him.

Sasuke's … admiration of his brother wasn't obsession or infatuation, or so he tried to convince himself. He had heard of incest and the "brother complex" but Sasuke thought himself to be above that – he was sure his love for Itachi was purely platonic. It wasn't like Sasuke had wet dreams involving his brother or even fantasized about anything remotely sexual, though he felt the rise of jealousy against his brother's lovers contradicted that. Sasuke had assumed it was because Itachi was always too busy for him but still had enough time to pick up a sex partner. He hated it when someone else got in more time than he did with Itachi and couldn't stand the sight of him holding someone else. His aniki's relationship with Gaara had been especially hard to swallow.

Sasuke didn't want to know the exact details of the way things started between them, but was curious all the same. He didn't remember Gaara or Itachi even knowing each other prior to their relationship. Of course they knew the other's name, but nothing more than that. You could imagine Sasuke's shock when he had found Gaara at the Uchiha door when his parents had left to Hokkaidou for a week. It had been the most disturbing week of Sasuke's life with more to come. Hearing your brother fuck your classmate had to have caused some psychological problems and Sasuke had been no different. He had wondered why Gaara, of all people, and why Itachi? He had seen Itachi and Gaara half naked on the island in the kitchen and the memory had been burned into his mind's eye. He had been both disgusted and aroused by the sight of Itachi devourung Gaara's flesh as the redhead screamed for more. Sasuke believed to this day that they hadn't seen him, but upon recollection, he could have sworn he saw Itachi smirk and Gaara's hooded, jade colored eyes focused on him. Sasuke couldn't stand being alone in the kitchen since that day, and whenever his brother leaned against it – with his elbows resting on the surface and wearing a knowing smirk – Sasuke had to blush and turn away.

Besides their outward displays of lust (which seemed to happen often around him) Sasuke did his best to ignore them, for the most part. He always transferred to the other end of the mansion or occupied himself with the indoor pool. Though he found distractions, the couple would still find ways of chasing Sasuke out of a room. Itachi and Gaara were never confined to Itachi's room, much to Sasuke's chagrin. They went into the kitchen, den, study, pool, garden, and many other places depending on the convenience of the location. Once, the two had barely made it to the stairs fifty feet from the entrance and had fucked in the foyer. Sasuke couldn't look either Itachi or Gaara in the eye for weeks.

Sasuke glanced at his watch. It was four thirty – thirty minutes after dismissal. Apparently, their teacher for the detention thought it would be funny to come in late. He inwardly sighed. The room was deathly quiet except for the tick of the clock or the occasional rustle of movement. Sasuke sat on the desk closest to the door, his fingers linked together in front of his mouth in a bored gesture. Gaara was sitting on the counter against the windows and Neji was somewhere in the back, undoubtedly reviewing some paperwork his vice president had given him and making occasional corrections with his pencil. Sasuke felt eyes on him for the umpteenth time that day, but resisted the urge to confront the perpetrator.

Gaara's kiss and Sasuke's response still angered and baffled Sasuke. Why Gaara had threw himself at him eluded him, and why he had moaned was something Sasuke refused to investigate. He had clearly enjoyed the redhead's aggressive ministrations despite the fact that it was wrong and shameful – and didn't Gaara belong to Itachi? Gaara might not have seen Itachi throughout the week or for however long their separation was, but that did not mean he could attack Sasuke, expecting him to be a willing substitute. What had frustrated Sasuke more than not knowing why Gaara had touched him was why Gaara had mentioned his virginity in the same sentence as Itachi. The last time Sasuke checked, his sex-capades (or lack thereof) had nothing to do with anyone, much less his brother and his lover despite how generous they were with their sexual appetites. Sasuke was intrigued and disgusted by their interest, but decided that they had just been making fun of his abstinence.

His eyes narrowed and his body grew warm with renewed anger and embarassment. Were they mocking him by having sex everywhere, especially with him in the vicinity? Sasuke refused to play in their perverted game, but if he needed to prove he was interested in sex, then he'd do it. He'd do anything to stop them from fucking each other and have Itachi spend the time he would be using to fuck Gaara on him instead. Sasuke would love to see their faces as he pumped his dick into a hot, willing body that only writhed and screamed for his touch, much like how Gaara and Itachi did for each other…

The door slid open, revealing a very late and disheveled sensei. Sasuke grunted as he had recognized the teacher to be none other than Hatake Kakashi, the seniors' literature teacher. He should have guessed it was him twenty five minutes ago.

"Tutoring, you understand," the silver haired man said, smiling sheepishly. Neji made a noise somewhere behind Sasuke, and Gaara hopped off the counter. "Hm? I knew I had to watch over three students but I didn't expect any of you." Kakashi-sensei gave a pointed glance at Sasuke, who scowled.

"You don't need to rub it in."

The teacher looked off to the side in mock contemplation. "Yeah, I do, actually," he said, smiling. Sasuke hated him already. "I have an Uchiha, Sabaku, and Hyuuga. Well, at least I know the classrooms will be cleaner than they've ever been."

Kakashi-sensei then divided them to a room each, explaining how they'd make their way down to the freshman rooms by the end of the two weeks. Sasuke had gotten 4A, the calculus classroom. He was thankful since Mamu-sensei was quite anal-retentive and kept his room organized. He didn't listen to Gaara's and Neji's assignments as he made his way two doors down.

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March 29, 2006


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