Lost Heaven

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Author: The thing with crossovers is, it's very difficult to keep it true to both series, especially when you have the characters fighting each other. With that said, expect some over and under powering for characters of both series. Just a warning to give you a heads up.

This chapter will not say who is coming from where.

Also, this story and my current other story on Negima are going to take a while cause if you've read my stories Hanabi vs Naruto and The Hidden Power Within, you'll know what the action can be like, except this time there isn't just one fight but several.

Oh yeah, brackets are the character's thoughts.

Setting- After Sasuke's betrayal, before Naruto's three year training.

Chapter 1- Stolen Sun

Hanabi and Neji walk side by side down the street, Hanabi had just finished anther day at the academy and it was Neji's turn to take her home. Hinata was finished with her team training but has some chores to do at home.

"So what happened to day Hanabi-sama?" he asked.
"Not much, same old same old," Hanabi replied. "I was hoping we'd learn some new jutsu or something."
"Patience Hanabi-sama," Neji told her. "All your hard work will pay off one day, look at Naruto and Hinata-sama."
"You're right," Hanabi giggled. "If I'm going to be like my sister I'd better keep working at it."

Neji just gave her a smile as they continued the walk back to the main house. Opening the front gate, their eyes widen.

"Hanabi stay here! Don't move I'll get help!" Neji quickly ran down the road as Hanabi drops to her knees looking at the sight.

"GAI-SENSEI!" Neji called out.
Gai and Lee turned to see him running fast towards them, "Neji? What's wrong?"
"The Hyuuga clan, the Hyuuga clan been attacked!"
"What? Lee get help. Neji take me to them," Gai ordered.
"Yes sir!" Lee runs off as Neji lead Gai to the main house.

Neji and Gai race through the streets, Gai can sense much distubance within Neji as they come to their destination. They hear loud crying as they look through the door. The floor was full of Hyuuga's all of which have been cut several times over seemingly from all possible angles on their skin and all around the building as blood oozes from the bodies. Quickly going deeper, they find Hanabi at Hiashi's side.

"Father! Father!" Hanabi cried out as she looks over her father's unmoving body, he was the only one awake out of all the Hyuuga's that were attacked.
"No one seems to be dead," Gai observed. "Just severely wounded."
"FATHER!" Hanabi cried again.
"Hiashi-sama…" Neji.
Hiashi began to talk, very slowly as his strength is slipping, "He was… too strong… too fast… surprised us… don't know how powerful…"
"Father save your strength," Hanabi cired.
"Forget… about me…" Hiashi's strength was nearly all gone. "You… must save… Hinata!" With that, he loses consciousness.

Neji and Hanabi were shocked to hear those words, Neji used his Byakugan and did not find Hinata anywhere. "They took Hinata-sama! I-I can't find her!"

"Father… onee-san…" Hanabi's tears fell from her face to her father.

Lee had arrived with the medics and they quickly went to look after the fallen Hyuuga's. Lee quickly finds his teacher and his teammate.

"Lee…" Gai started. "I'll leave things to you, I need to pay a visit to Tsunade-sama."
"What happened here?" Before he could get an answer, Gai leaves and he ends up looking at Neji, Hanabi and their father.

Three ninjas jump through the forest, their leader carrying the knocked out Hinata. All of them wore a long white vest with black kimono-like clothing underneath. The leader also wears a white scarf around his neck and white triangular prisms in his hair, his katana at his side. The woman to his side has short, dark hair with two long braids covered in cloth, she is the only one without a sword. The last one carried his sword behind his back.

The youngest, a white-haired boy, seeming to be older then Hinata, with green eyes takes a look at their captive. "How long will the sleeping spell last?"
"By the time it wears off, it'll be too late," the leader answered.
"I still don't get why we were hired for this. You took out all those Hyuuga's by yourself," the woman pointed out. "While we waited outside the gates."
"It is understandable," the leader started. "Konoha was deemed a very powerful village in the land. The Hyuuga's were their most powerful clan, our client didn't want to take any chances."
The woman looks at him curiously, "Why didn't you kill them?"
"I only followed the mission order, nothing more."
The kid looks back where they came from, "How long do you think before they send out a rescue squad?"
"It doesn't matter, we are capable of handling whatever they send. With your ice, her speed and my flowers their so called rescue force will be the ones that need rescuing."

Hanabi stays by her father's side as Neji, Lee, Tenten and Gai stand before the Hokage. She looks out the window in deep thought.

"As you all know," Tsunade began. "Whoever attacked the Hyuuga's must've been extremely powerful. It's very obvious whoever it was is after the Byakugan."

Just then Kurenai, Kiba and Shino walks into the room. Tsunade turns around and meets them.

"You're here," Tsunade told them. "You must know already the situation."
"Yes we do," Kurenai quickly responded.
"Then I'll skip straight to the mission," Tsunade puts on her serious look. "I'm sending you two teams to retrieve Hinata as soon as possible. There is no room for error, I'll only give you one hour to prepare. The mysterious attacker may or may not be alone, as soon as Kakashi and Team Asuma return I will send them after you as well. Is that understood?"
"Yes ma'am!" all of them answered.
"Kurenai," Tsunade began. "You're one member short, so I sent Sakura to get your replacement. He may not be much normally, but he's very dependable when it comes to his friends."

Sakura enters the room, "I'm back, and I got him."
Naruto walks in after her, "GRANNY TSUNADE! When do I get to beat this guy up? I'll get Hinata back, believe it!"

Tsunade smiled at his usual energetic self. "In one hour, you are to meet at the gates and pursue immediately. Remember, this is the one that took out the Hyuuga main house by himself. We don't even know who it is or if he's with anyone. If Shizune is able to give me the report before then, I'll send it to you ASAP. If not, then you're on your own, good luck to all of you."

Kiba looks over to Naruto, "Hey, make sure you leave some pieces for us."
"My bugs will make sure there is nothing left," Shino added.
Team Kurenai leaves the room as Gai gives Naruto his signature pose, "With all of us together, there's nothing to stop us."
Neji walks out quietly with Lee and Tenten right behind him, no words passed, just silence. Naruto could tell that he was very worried about Hinata as well.

"Bring her back Naruto," Sakura told him.
"No worries, that guy is toast," Naruto went to leave the room. Once out he sees Hanabi, she ran and grabbed him and her tears poured onto his clothes, "Oh hey, you're Hinata's little sister right?"
"Please," she cried. "Please bring her back."
"Don't you worry," Naruto kept a tough face. "I'll bring her back, I promise!"

Naruto smiles at her as he leaves her standing in the hallway. Sakura has heard his words and saw him go down the hall. (That was the same promise you made to me about Sasuke, except you only have one chance to keep this one. Please keep it Naruto.)