Spoilers: Letters From Pegasus

Summary: Kate says goodbye.

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and its characters aren't mine and will never be mine. But the characters that Kate, my muse, came up with are mine.

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Author's notes: Just a short something. It sorta popped into my mind and my muse and her evil plotbunny wouldn't stop whining about it…so, I had to write it down. Oh, I gave Kate a pair of siblings, call it author's freedom.


"You can get as mushy as you want." He had said, grinning like the young Lieutenant he was.

She had smiled at him, rolling her eyes in the process. She had had no intention to get mushy, at least not in front of the camera, maybe later when she was alone in her quarters.

And mushy she had gotten. Her pillow was soaked and the tears wouldn't stop falling. She just couldn't believe they were going to die. There was only a fool's hope that they would survive the Wraith Armada that was on its way to find the city, kill its inhabitants and use its Stargate to go to Earth. She couldn't resist another wave, as she imagined her family being killed by these creatures, which sucked the life out of you with their hands. She shuddered at the thought.

The reason the young lieutenant had come by in the first place was to offer her a chance to send a message home. They all knew it was just a way to say goodbye, but most had taken the time to record something for their loved ones. To be quite honest she had had no idea what she was supposed to say to her parents or her two siblings. She had never been this far away, or this long for that matter from her family. Her mother had begged her not to go, but she knew there was nothing stopping her little girl from going anyway. She had always been a little bit more adventurous than the rest of the Heightmeyers. And look where it had gotten her, on the brink of her own death maybe.

She wanted sleep to come swift but knew she'd end up waking up screaming when that same nightmare would haunt her over and over again, the one where she was killed again and again and again. She could never fight back, always paralyzed by fear. H.P. Lovecraft once said, 'The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear'. There was nothing closer to the truth than that little sentence.

She was scared and not for the first time she regretted coming to Atlantis, signing those damned papers that brought her into this expedition. Not for the first time she kicked herself for not listening to her parents, her brother or her sister. But she knew when the morning came she would rise, go to work and listen to the others telling her about their fears, uncertainties and other things they would like to share. This was her job, listen and give hope where there was none. If only she could take some hope herself. The Wraith were coming...