For Who You Are And Who You Used To Be... By, Oribella

The love I had still beats strong inside of me,

But when I look at you, I don't love you for who you are,

But for who you used to be,

My heart is still reminded of who you were in the past,

Now that that soul lingers, I've found that love at last,

But now I'm stuck between who you are,

And who you used to be,

But if you were given back yourself,

The you now, wouldn't remember me,

My mind never stops thinking of you,

One day I will break through!

Because you know our love is true,

When I do, our love will be free,

Because I'll love you for who you are,

And who you used to be...

Author's Note: This is a poem about how Inuyasha only likes Kagome because she looks like Kikyo and has part of Kikyo's soul. I love the pairing of InuyashaXKikyo so I wrote this poem. :)