Oh well, here we go again. I've written this type of AU four times but I think I'm going to like this one, hopefully you as the readers will enjoy it too. :-) Anywayz, have fun reading people.

Marked by the enemy on the Hallow night

A phoenix on the left hand and a deadly venom at the other

The champion born by parents who have defied the enemy thrice

On the closing of the seventh month

Only one of two will survive intact

There was no doubt about it, Harry was bored, his chores were done, his parents were out celebrating his brother's birthday and he'd read nearly every book in the library at Godric's Hollow. He went downstairs and turned on the TV his mother had bought, his father still couldn't work it and they'd had it for as long as Harry could remember.

His brother was his twin, yet their birthdays were on separate days, Alexander was born at around five past midnight whereas Harry was born fifteen minutes earlier. As such, although twins, their birthdays were one day after another. His mother and father had given him gifts the day before, after all, parents are not likely to forget entirely that they had another son. They weren't abusive and they weren't oppressive but it was safe to say that Alexander did get more privileges.

Of course, it was easy to see why; Alexander was the boy who lived. Harry and Alexander hadn't even been one so Harry couldn't remember any details, but he did remember a blinding green flash, then pain, then a scream. Apparently, the self proclaimed Lord Voldemort had attacked their house, killed their babysitter and then tried to kill he and Alexander.

Harry had a lightning mark on his forehead, a curse scar, but Alexander had one too, only the other way round. The conclusion had been that Alexander had somehow rebounded the curse onto Harry off whom it had ricocheted again and hit Voldemort, killing him. Harry had been protected by his brother's boundless love for him. How a baby, less than a year old could be conscious of such boundless love Harry wasn't certain but he wasn't the type to argue so he carried on.

Looking up at the clock he saw it was nearing eleven, he didn't feel tired but a yawn gave away how his body actually felt. He went over his list of chores in his mind, he'd done them all and his parents hadn't asked him to wait up. So with that, Harry went off to bed. Completely unaware that tomorrow he would receive his letter saying that he would be able to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents had gone there and he'd heard so much that he couldn't wait to go.

Nor did he realise that when he got there life was going to be difficult because to the majority of people he would not be Harry Potter, he would Alexander Potter's twin brother. His twin hated the fact that Harry was the older and had been known to lie and say that he, Alexander, was the older. Harry didn't bother to correct him, if that's what he wanted to believe, then Harry would let him. He didn't like arguments or confrontations, all Harry wanted was to be happy and for those around him to fell the same.

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