Chapter 1: Gate to another dimension

The blonde man turned his head on a side; there stood his archenemy, the most vicious and yet intelligent youkai he had ever met.

The youkai (now in human shape) stood silently in the middle of the room.

He grabbed a chair and sat down on it. He knew he didn't need to rush things. He wanted something from his weak enemy and he was going to obtain it. He didn't care how long it would last, although he hoped this wouldn't last long.

"Suzuki" the youkai whispered with a cold voice that sent shivers down the other man's spine, "I came to ask you a favor"

"A favor?"

"I need something that only you can create for me"

"I won't help you"

"Oh, I think you will… or perhaps I should tell Koenma our little secret?"

"You wouldn't…"

"Really? Wait until he learns about that shape-shifting potion…and I'm not wrong when I say that you still have the jewel, am I?"

"Please, don't do this! It was a mistake, and nothing more! I paid my debt towards you!"

"Then you won't mind spending time in prison"

"No, I won't be sent to prison, because I didn't do anything"

"You provided me with everything I needed to steal it and then you accepted to hide the jewel in here. I'd say you're just as guilty as I am"

"All right, what do you want from me?"

"One last toy. And make it big"

"Are you sure this will be the last one?"

"Yes, this will help me get rid of my enemies and take over Reikai with the power of the jewel"

"Fine. This will be the last thing I do for you."

The youkai smirked and vanished. This had been easier than predicted.

"Koenma, have you called for us?" Kurama asked stepping into the room.

"Yes, there's a new thief in our 'wanted' list. You have to find him and bring him here"

"Hn, and you had to call us all? Urameshi can do just fine by himself"

"This is not an easy task"

"Why not?" Kurama asked.

"Because the item he stole is Shikon no Tama"

"Shikon no Tama?" Yusuke frowned. "What is it?"

"It's a jewel that can make the possessor very powerful, maybe even more powerful than an S class youkai" Kurama explained. "Everyone will want that jewel, because no evil soul can resist the temptation of its power"

"The jewel was stolen a month ago" Koenma told them.

"So why did you call us so late?" Kuwabara interfered.

"Because…it was me. Only, not exactly me. The images on the camera…I saw them…and he looked just like me" Koenma said

"A shape-shifter" Hiei muttered.

"And we've only tracked down its energy yesterday"

"So, where are we going this time?"


Koenma removed a map and showed them a small village on top of the mountain.

"This is where the jewel was created; the last miko died trying to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and we took it to protect it further"

"Just a second; why didn't you tell us you had such a powerful object held in here?" Kuwabara asked with his usual strident tone.

"Because I wasn't sure you'll resist the temptation"

"You know us for so long and still you don't trust us?"

Koenma ignored the question.

"We had a force field surrounding it so that no one can feel it. But the thief knew what to do and managed to disappear without a track"

"Let's go then!" Yusuke shouted.

The evening came when our heroes approached cautiously to the village. It seemed deserted. Not a sound, not a track…

"It's too silent…" Hiei whispered.

"We know, midget!" Kuwabara shouted

"Good job, baka. Now you alerted our host"

"Smells like a trap" said Kurama, who was ready for anything, as usual.


They entered the village without noticing the thin barrier that encircled them. Somewhere in their right, a shadow moved.

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!" said the man, clapping the hands. "You've finally found me! What took you so long?"

"Why did you do this?"
"To take over Reikai, of course! And the jewel will give me enormous power…"

"Grrr! That's it!"

Kuwabara and Yusuke rushed to get it, but they were stopped in middle air; Kurama and Hiei also felt a strange energy.

"Do you know what it is? It's a little toy that Suzuki made for me"


"Oh, yes…and using the jewel's power, I'll make sure that it transports you someplace with no return…so no spirit detective will ever bother me again!"

He made a sign with his hands and vanished. The four boys were encircled with an energy wave; they couldn't move so they couldn't fight it.

"Why did we get trapped? I thought we were smarter than this!" Hiei muttered sarcastically

"Apparently not" Kurama said sweat dropping.

Everything blurred around them and a tornado of colors transported them into another dimension…