The Bet

By: Lizzie B

Author's Note: Really, I should pay more attention during American Pluralism, lol. This is born of the fact that I can't pay attention in that class to save my life. First SVU fic, so if you've got an opinion, please share. I do so love criticism. It's cute, it's fun and I hope you all enjoy it.


"What's going on between Benson and Stabler?" Fin asked breaking the lull in conversation. It was two days since he'd left Narcotics for Special victims and Odafin Tutuola wasn't an idiot.

"What?" John asked, a little taken aback that Fin had brought up the squad's white elephant. It was an unspoken rule that everyone ignored the sparks that continually leapt between Elliot and Olivia. No one, Elliot and Olivia especially, wanted to acknowledge that they existed because that would lead to disaster. It was easier, and safer to sweep it under the rug, so to speak.

Fin rolled his eyes and shifted in the passenger seat, "Don't give me that, man. You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"He's married," John pointed out then quickly changed the subject, "Any sign of Hall?" They were on a stake out, waiting outside the suspect, Marshall Hall's apartment building. So far, it had been two hours since Hall was supposed to get home and they were still waiting.

"Street's empty, John," Fin didn't miss the attempt to change the subject and wasn't about to let it go, "Married men cheat on their wives all the time, what's to stop him?"

"Catholic guilt," John muttered, "And Liv's not the type to sleep with a married man."

Fin snorted, "If it was just sex they wanted, they could ignore it better." John looked at his new partner, a little surprised he'd noticed the deeper connection between Elliot and Olivia only after two days. His respect for Fin went up a few notches.

"So, you noticed that too huh?"

"I'm not stupid," Fin said, stiffening a little, "You'd have to be brain dead to miss it."

"Yeah well, they're not going to sacrifice their partnership," John sighed, rolling his shoulders. He hated sitting in the cramped little tan department issue sedan. He was too old for this, not that he'd admit that to anyone.

"First time one of them goes through a life changing crisis, that'll change," Fin said softly, watching the blue sedan parked at the other end of the street. He could just make out Elliot and Olivia's silhouettes but it didn't look like anything more interesting was going on in their car. Except maybe they were doing that silent communication thing they had, which was what Fin had noticed first. After that it had been easy to pick up on the little signs. Elliot checking out Olivia when he thought no one was looking or Olivia watching Elliot from across their desks when they were doing paper work. Fin had also noticed no one talked about it. Strange, since gossip like that was usually all squads had to break up the monotony and horror of their days. And the stake out seemed like a perfect opportunity to talk to his new partner about it. Any more conspiracy theory talk and Fin would probably shoot John.

John agreed with Fin. At the first sign one of them was going to break, the other would be there. That's how it had been since Elliot and Olivia had teamed up, but he didn't think they'd ever act on their obviously mutual attraction. It wasn't just because Elliot was married and so Catholic he probably thought just thinking about Olivia and sex in the same second was adultery. It was because they relied too much on each other as partners. They both seemed to feed on the fact that through all the sick crap they faced every day they had each other and that would never change. Sure, John thought, also watching the blue sedan, Fin was just, but just to be contrary, "As long as Elliot's married, they're just partners."

"Wanna bet?" Fin grinned, one eyebrow raised as he turned to look at John.

John's eyebrows shot up in surprised, "You wanna bet on if Elliot and Olivia will have sex or not?"

"Two hundred dollars says three years before they jump each other," Fin challenged.

"Three years? Just goes to show how little you know. I say at least seven."

Fin held out his hand, "So, we've got a bet?"

John clasped his hand, "We've got a bet."


Author's Note: I'm tempted to continue this, though I have no idea where I'd be going, but I think it would be fun. Hmmmmm.