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High school queen

By auraluna7

Chapter 1: The new girl

Michiru got out of the shower and into her school uniform. The black and blue checkers little skirt fitted her perfectly, she buttoned up the white blouse and tied up the blue tie, she had only 30 minutes before classes started so she hurried to the dinner hall to take some breakfast.

Michiru Kaioh studied in one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Japan, The Hanakashi Institute, founded over a 100 years ago the school had the tradition of forming some of the most refined and bright young women in the country. She entered the dinner hall smiling, most of the other students greet her when she walked by. Michiru was what could be called the Queen bee of the school, the most bright student, the perfect 'princess looking' girl; she was proud of herself keeping the top of the scores although it was a 24/7 job.

She sat down in a table next to her roommate Larisa Yoko, a pretty girl with long silky pink hair. "Morning Michiru"

"Morning, so did you studied for today's Biology test?"

Larisa looking completely relaxed took a bite of her muffin and shook her head."No, you know I was ...busy"

"You're going to fail, aren't you worried?" Michiru looked over the last details of her homework while eating a healthy looking bowl of fruit.

"No, not everyone is perfect ...like you"

"You're teasing me, hey are you coming for the track trials this afternoon?"

"Sure, although I don't know why they do them it's obvious you're winning again"

Michiru smiled, she had been the captain of the Track and Field team for 4 years now. She had been elected the youngest Team captain when she was only 12 years old."Makoto is improving"

"But she ain't better than you"

Michiru knew Larisa was right but she had always considered herself a modest person. "Are you finishing that muffin?"


"Why are you punishing me dad?" Haruka's face was a poem, this whole day could have been extracted from a nightmare.

"This is not a punishment Haruka" Haruka looked at her father searching for a convincing argument.

"A girls school? You think this is not a punishment?"

"It's one of the finest schools in Japan"

"So is Hikaru High"

"Look, I warned you, you were suppossed to go to school every day and not to skip classes to spend time on the race tracks, I told you school first, car racing second. We had a deal and you broke it, I cannot be watching over you all the time, my work forces me to travel, in here they'll make sure you attend classes, and perhaps you can continue to race cars on your weekends off"

"But...they'll make me wear a skirt dad! And I'll miss you"

"I'll come to visit you, don't be dramatic, and it's a uniform not a skirt"

"What I am supposed to do locked up with all these girls?"

"I thought you liked them"

Haruka blushed hardly, her father knew she was gay but somehow she hadn't get use to him mention it as a everyday thing. "Oh...aren't you scared I'll harrase them?" "Now he'll take me out of here quicker than..."

"I know I raised you better than that, you'll behave" Haruka hung her head on defeat, her father had made his mind and now she was sentenced to spent a whole year in this fancy prision. "Now I must go, be good Haruka"



"Have you heard? There's a new girl in school"

"Really? How is she?"

"Ah...blond, short hair...I think she has green eyes"

"Miss Yoko, Miss Tawashi, be quiet" The pink haired girl nodded and Michiru tried not to smile seeing her friend in trouble again for being such a chit chat.

"I told you to be quiet Lara" Lara gave her a dirty look.

"Oh shut up Michi, guess what? There's a new girl"

"Great I hope she signs up for one of my teams"

A young looking girl entered the class a few minutes later, she talked to the teacher a second and then she left.

"Miss Kaioh?" The teacher called her and Michiru looked up.

"Yes ?"

"Go to the principal's office, they are asking for you" Michiru nodded and stood up, handing her exam to the teacher. "You can finish it when you get back"

"I'm done" Michiru smiled, she had finish it like 5 minutes ago, she took her back pack and turn to leave.

"Damn you Michi" Larisa whispered, Michiru looked at her friend thinking that if perhaps she would have studied like she did, she wouldn't be in so much troubles.

Michiru walked down the corridors to the principal's office. She knocked twice and then came in.

"Good Morning Mrs. Ando"

"Morning Miss Kaioh" Michiru saw there was another girl in the room, well at list she thought it was a girl, her blonde short hair make her look like a tomboy, she was wearing a black t-shirt and some tore up jeans with military boots. "Please take a seat, this is Miss Haruka Tenoh our new student..." Michiru looked directly to the blonde tomboy smiling. The blonde girl nodded and smiled back at her.

Haruka looked once more to Michiru, when she first came in she thought the girl was mirage, one of those poster girls who made the fantasy out of all the guys, she had long aqua colored hair falling down to her waist, her deep blue eyes were mesmerizing and she had the longest most beautiful legs she had ever seen...the principal seemed to be talking at her but by some reason she was unable to understand her...what was that again?

"Miss Tenoh are you ok?"

Haruka shook her head and tried to focus, she nodded to the woman. The aqua haired girl smiled amused. "She thinks I'm a dork""Sorry Ma'am I was distracted, I'm a bit tired"

"It's ok I was telling you that Miss Kaioh would kindly tour your around our school, she'll be on your group"

"Oh, thanks...Miss Kaioh"

"Sure, shall we go now then?"

The principal nodded and the girls stood up. "Just...where do I put my luggage ma'am?"

"Oh right, Michiru she'll take the extra bed on your room" Michiru nodded, then they both exited the office.

"So let me help you with your stuff Haruka...is Haruka right?"

"Yeah...don't worry I can handle them...ah..."


"Michiru, I can carry my own bags"

"Don't be silly" The little girl took the two smaller bags and the blonde carry the rest and followed her. The school was huge, it had been some kind of castle long time ago, built on an European style it was mostly made of stone, they walked like five minutes through the halls and gardens, everything around looked so perfect and solemn, Haruka wondered if actual people ever sit by the garden, they finally arrived to the dorm. Michiru opened a door and they came into bedroom.

"The one by the window is my bed, the one in the other side it's Larisa's so I guess you can take the one next to mine, you can use the last three drawers of that closet, plus your night stand and that book shelve over your bed, lights are suppose to be off by eleven but if you keep it down you can use the computer all night, there behind that door is our bathroom, although there are showers downstairs that are far better than that one, classes begin at 8 a.m.; breakfast is served from 6:30 to 7:50 a.m, luch is served at 12:00 and dinner is served at 6:00 all of this in the dining room...I'll show it to you later, you should wear your uniform between 8 a.m and 4 p.m Monday to Friday...so, doubts?"

The blonde shook her head, she had doubts like...why was she here? And why she couldn't get her own room? But obviously Michiru was not holding those answers.

"Ok then, I'll give you a few minutes to unpack alright?"


"Then well I'm suppose to tour you around but first you'll have to join me down to the tracks...hey! I have an idea...tell me Haruka do you like sports?"

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