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Thanks, But No Thanks

'My life is over' A 22 year old Hermione said as she slumped into a chair opposite Blaise in a small café, rain pouring down outside and battering against the windows they were sitting by.

He raised an interested eyebrow and sat back in his chair, putting away his book and then waiting for her to continue.

'I got demoted.' She said, her frizzy, brown hair falling into her face as she leant forward, placing her head in her hands.

'Demoted? That's opposite of promoted right?' Blaise asked carefully.

'Yes.' Hermione said bitterly, shoving the menu up in front of her and scanning the contents.

'Why?' Blaise asked tentatively. Hermione lowered the menu so she could see Blaise and looked down sadly.

'Apparently, they had too many people working in my particular part of the ministry. How could you have too many people working in magical law enforcement? Honestly. There was no choice, I could either resign my position entirely or take a demotion.' She sighed, throwing her menu across the table in a small fit of anger.

'Calm down.' He said, holding back a laugh as her face got redder and redder.

'The anger saves me from bursting into tears and becoming clinically depressed.' She said dryly, resting her elbows on the edge of the table. Blaise reached over, placing a gentle hand on her arm.

'You'll get promoted again.' He tried.

'No, no I won't. Goodness, I worked so hard for that department and that's how they repay me. And, with the demotion comes less money which means I'm having to move out of my apartment because I can't afford the rent.' She folded her arms and stared up moodily at the small waitress who appeared to take their order.

'May I have a coke…and could you put a lot of vodka in it please?' Hermione said, looking close to tears. 'Do you serve vodka at 12pm?' At the waitress's slight nod, Hermione gave a thankful smile.

'Put a lot of vodka in it for her, will you? She got demoted today. I'll just have a coffee.' He said to the waitress, as Hermione slumped forward in her seat, sighing heavily making her hair fly up.

After the waitress had walked off, they sat in silence for a few moments before a sly grin made its way onto Blaise's face. Hermione looked at him expectantly.

'What? What about this entire situation is smile-worthy? I have a bad job where I'm not appreciated, I'm poor and most likely going to have to start living on the streets of London where I will most likely be attacked, raped or both.' Hermione said quickly. She raised an accusing eyebrow at Blaise as she slipped her robe off her shoulders.

'Well, you can't stay with me because I have Katie and she would hurt me if I wanted another female living in the house and you can't stay with your parents because their house is a mess and they have no room,' Hermione looked up, surprised at his knowledge of her family, 'I ran into your mum last week.' He said, answering her questioning gaze.

'Where is this going?' Hermione sighed exasperatedly.

'Be patient. I'm listing your options. Harry, Ginny and Ron won't have you because they're all staying in the Weasley house together and there is no room because Potter can't be bothered to move out and find himself his own place. The next step down from the dump you call your flat now would in fact be living on the streets.'

'I hope my drink gets here faster.' Hermione said, waiting for Blaise to get to his point and not appreciating his negativity.

'Well, let's just say, I know someone who needs a roommate...' Blaise trailed off, waggling his eyebrows as Hermione's eyes widened in realisation and she started shaking her head violently.

'No, not a chance. I would rather be attacked, raped or both than live with that ferret who you seem to call a friend.'

'Oh come on Hermione, we're 22 now. We should move on from petty school fights don't you think?'

'Does he still refer to Harry as 'scarhead'?' She asked pointedly.

'Only when he's drunk.' Blaise said in defence. 'When he's sober, we don't mention Potter.' Blaise grinned as Hermione took her drink quickly off the waitress who had arrived back at their table and started downing it with a disgusted expression glued to her face.

'Hmmmm, depressed Hermione seems like a lot more fun than happy I-will-never-drink Hermione.' He said as he watched Hermione finish off her drink and put it back onto the table with a clunk.

'Are you saying that normally I'm boring?'

'No, just…you're very…restrained. Why don't you come out with me tonight? Katie wants to go to some new wizard restaurant and Draco will be coming. You can get to know him a little better before you move in with him.'

'Thank you but no thank you. Firstly, I have plans tonight but thanks for asking, and the chances of Malfoy and I living together without killing the other person are zero to none. Also, why does Malfoy live with a roommate? He's rich enough to own several houses by himself. '

'Company I guess and he's lazy as anything. His last roommate tidied up, cleaned and basically cooked him meals when he was too tired to bother and he misses that situation.'

'So, what you're really saying is that he's looking for a maid, not a roommate. I'm going to be no ones maid.'

'Look, Malfoy is incredibly well connected and he works high up in the ministry. Get on the good side of him and you could get a promotion.'

'But I'm poor and he lives in some multi-million type place.'

'He doesn't need money from a roommate as you just pointed out. He's rich enough by himself. So? Come on, you'll be moving in to an apartment 40 times bigger than your current one for less money. '


'Think about it?'

'Thought about it and still no.'

'I don't want to see you on the streets getting attacked, raped or both though.' Blaise said as Hermione rolled her eyes and headed to the toilet to get away from Blaise's insistent behaviour.


2 weeks later.

Hermione heaved a sigh as she stood outside a large brown door, Blaise standing next to her. She knew it would happen, she had no where else to go but being there was 1000 times worse than the thought of it. She gave out a heavy, defeated sigh as Blaise unlocked the door to Draco Malfoy's apartment and led her in.

She had come to the realisation that she had to stay with Draco after all her other possible sources of places to stay ran dry. This was her last resort and unfortunately, she had to use it.

'Ferret around?' She asked, trying not to seem too impressed at how big and extravagant the apartment was.

'It's 'roomie' to you now.' Blaise said with a wink. 'And no, he's at work. I thought I'd creep you in so you can get everything unpacked without Draco moaning.'

'See! He annoys you too.' She said, pushing her trunk into her new bedroom, Blaise wandering in behind her.

'Yeah, he annoys me, but he's still a great friend. He's grown up a lot too, which is why I suggested you stay here in the first place. You guys will probably never see each other depending on your work schedules.'

'How'd he take the news that I was going to be living with him anyway?'

'He…er…he…well…he…didn't take it too brilliantly. He broke a few tables, cried himself to sleep a lot, hexed me a couple of times, the usual. Let's just say I have some blackmail on him that I threatened to give to the media if he didn't allow you to stay with him…and I told him that you like cleaning.'

'Fantastic.' Hermione said sarcastically, using her wand to unpack her trunk and put things in their rightful cupboards.

'Anyway, I have to go because Katie is cooking, it's a muggle thing she's trying, and I need to make sure my house is still there. Draco gets home in 15 minutes and if you want to avoid his bad mood and anger…well…either get out of the apartment and come back when he's asleep or walk around in your underwear.' Blaise said with a grin, narrowly missing the pillow that was thrown at his head.

She had finished packing fairly quickly and had been sitting on the sofa reading for 45 minutes, staring blankly at the page in front of her waiting anxiously to either hear the click of the door or to see Draco suddenly disapparate in front of her. She gave out a heavy sigh, and leant her head against the arm of the sofa and closed her eyes.

The next thing Hermione heard was a pop! followed by someone drawling a very sarcastic 'Fabulous.'


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