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3 years later

'Call me it.' Draco drawled, lying on his bed, Hermione resting her head on his thigh and stroking it affectionately.

Hermione smirked. 'No, I'm not really in the mood, Draco.'

'Please? You know I love it when you do it.'

'You used not to.' Hermione said, looking up at him with a smile.

'Well, I changed my mind, so come on.'

'I told you I'm not in the mood.' Hermione mumbled again. Draco put his hand on her hair and played with it between his fingers.

'You used to call me it all the time.'

'Exactly, so why does it turn you on?'

'Because you never call me by it anymore and I miss it.' He pouted, his eyes going wide and innocent.

'I'm not calling you it, it sounds weird now.'

'Please?' He begged and he suddenly felt Hermione give a large sigh.

'Do I have to?'

'Yes, use it in a sentence if you have to.'

'You're so weird.' Hermione grinned.

'You love me for it now, come on.'

Hermione swallowed nervously and she moved so she could see Draco more easily. 'I'm pregnant, Malfoy.' She said shakily but enunciating his name clearly.

Draco blinked rapidly for a few seconds before sitting up abruptly and swinging his legs over the side of the bed and away from Hermione. He ran a shaking hand through his hair before turning to look at Hermione who was watching him warily, awaiting his reaction.

'Ok.' He replied quietly.

'Ok?' Hermione said slowly, raising an eyebrow.

'Yeah, I think I can be a dad. I can't promise to be a good one or anything but I know my responsibilities.' He said slowly, looking down at the floor intensely.

'I don't want you to feel obligated, Draco.' Hermione said softly, reaching out and placing a hand on his lower back.

Draco let a small smile touch his lips and he felt Hermione's hand warm him slightly. 'I'm your boyfriend, it's not an obligation, I want to do this.' He paused, thinking something over. 'How did this happen though?'

'Well, when two people love each other very much, they-'

'Hermione, I know how but we're always careful.' He mused, turning to face her.

Hermione shrugged. 'Not all the time. Remember a month ago, at Ron's wedding?' Hermione smirked as the memory poured back into her mind. 'That was your fault.'

'That wedding was so boring that I needed to make it better by dragging you to the closest cupboard.' Draco said with a large smile.

'Let's not tell our child that they were created in a cupboard, Ok?' Hermione said with a smile as Draco reached out to take her hand.

'Fine.' He said, moving back onto the bed and pulling Hermione into a tight hug. 'I'm going to be such an awful Dad.'

'You'll be wonderful, although you'll probably spoil them.'

'It's going to be a Malfoy, of course it's going to be spoilt.' Draco defended, letting his mouth fall to Hermione's ear and kiss it gently.

'I love you and I'm glad you didn't freak out.'

'Give me time; it's still going in, the freak out will happen any moment now.' He grinned as Hermione laughed gently in his embrace.


Draco looked up as a small, nervous looking man interrupted his important meeting. The man looked around shyly as everyone turned to look at him expectantly.

'Can I have a word, Mr Malfoy?' He asked slowly, avoiding everyone's gaze.

Draco looked at him, feeling irritated. 'I'm in an important meeting right now as you can see, would you mind waiting until it's over?'

'It's sort of important, sir.' The man said again, watching Draco get more and more annoyed by the second.

'Whatever it is, it can wait.' He said, his voice going clipped slightly.

'I was told to make sure you got this message, sir.' He said, feeling his brow going slightly sweaty.

'Fine, what is it?' Draco said harshly.

'May I speak with you outside?' The man said, looking utterly terrified of Draco.

'No, you may not. Whatever it is, just say it.' Draco snapped.

'Your girlfriend has gone into labour.' The man said, finally grateful as all the gazes that were on him, switched to being on Draco in an instant.

Draco only took a millisecond to react and before anyone could so much as utter goodbye, he had left the meeting room and was making his way quickly to St Mungos.

He arrived to find Hermione sitting happily in bed, reading a book and looking quite content, the bump on her belly looking extremely large on her small frame.

'I thought you were in labour.' Draco huffed, standing in the doorway, taking in deep breathes of air.

'I am, the very early stages anyway.' She remarked. 'My mum will be here in a moment.'

'I thought you were about to have our baby.' Draco said, making it clear he was expecting to see a sweaty, angry, screaming Hermione and not the happy, comfortable one sitting in front of him.

'I am… in about 4 hours or so.' Hermione said with a lazy shrug, looking almost bored.

Draco was about to respond when Blaise barged into him from behind, obviously having rushed there like Draco as he quickly gasped for breath. He stopped on seeing Hermione sitting in bed and frowned.

'I thought you were having the baby.' He said, giving a confused look to Draco who looked just as unimpressed as he did.

'I am!' Hermione said forcefully.

'Are you sure?' Blaise asked and Draco chuckled next to him as they both walked into the room.

'You men don't know anything do you? Labour can take hours and hours and hours.'

'But, you're not even in pain.' Blaise said, sounding almost disappointed. Hermione shot him a glare.

'No, though every now and again it hits me but I've been fine for the last 30 minutes.' Hermione commented, putting her book on the bedside table.

Suddenly Harry and Ginny ran in, stopping just in time before hitting Draco.

'I hope we got here on time, have you had it? Have we missed it? Harry, I told you we shouldn't have stopped so you could go to the toilet. Where's the baby? Is it blonde? Did it hurt?' Ginny rambled, looking around the room wildly.

'I haven't had it yet. I'm having it soon.' Hermione said, feeling her patience slide slightly.

'But, you're not in pain.' Harry said, confused.

Hermione let out a long, annoyed sigh. 'No, I'm very sorry that I'm not in pain.'

Draco moved over and sat next to her, trying to make himself comfortable. 'We're going to be here for a while.' Draco explained to Blaise, Harry and Ginny who were watching Hermione like a ticking time bomb.

'How long?' Ginny asked.

'I don't know.' Hermione replied, looking down at Draco who was already looking extremely bored. 'You can all go home. I really do think it's going to be a while.'

'Really? Draco said, sounding hopeful.

'I was talking to them.' Hermione snapped, motioning towards her 3 friends. 'You're the reason I'm here so you're going to sit there and be bored with me.'

'Fine.' Draco mumbled, slouching down in his chair and sighing deeply.


Draco's ears perked up as he suddenly heard foot steps just outside of his study. He looked towards his doorway to see a 10 yr old blonde girl tip toe past, obviously oblivious to Draco watching her with increasing amusement.

'Rebecca!' Draco said loudly as the girl froze in her steps, eyes going wide and innocent as she turned toward him with a smile.

'Dad.' She said, holding her bag to her chest, watching her father carefully.

Draco got up from his chair and walked around his desk and over to the doorway where his daughter was currently plastering on her best puppy dog eyes. 'And where do you think you're going?'

'Out.' Rebecca said simply, tucking her blonde hair behind her ear.

'Out, huh? Out where and with whom?' He asked, raising an eyebrow.

'A friend.'

'A friend.' Draco repeated, nodding thoughtfully. 'Does this friend have a name?'

'Yes.' She replied simply, her eyes going slightly defiant but the fear of her father was still there.

'You're making this very difficult, Becky. What is her name?'

'It's not a female.' Rebecca said slowly, looking down at her shoes. Draco felt a large stab of anger and protectiveness take over as he stared down at his daughter.

'Not a female? So, you're sneaking out of the house to meet up with a boy?' Draco said incredulously, feeling himself get angrier by the second.

'He's a friend.' Rebecca tried weakly.

'Hermione!' He yelled toward the living room and only a moment later, she appeared with a raised eyebrow. 'Did you know our daughter was about to go out?'

'Yes.' Hermione replied simply, folding her arms as she walked over to the pair.

'You gave our daughter permission to go and spend alone time with another boy?' Draco asked slowly, his eyes cold.

'It's only a boy from school, Draco, and they're 10. Nothing is going to happen so leave her be. I think it's lovely she's made friends.' Hermione said calmly, ignoring Draco's shock and anger.

'Made friends? With a boy?!'

'Yes. I was friend's with Harry at the tender age of 10 too, Draco, so let her go out and have some fun.' Hermione said, looking down toward the girl with a gentle smile as the girl grinned back at her thankfully. 'Go and have fun.'

'Don't you move a step young lady.' Draco snapped as Rebecca made a move for the door. She stopped rigid when she heard his tone, knowing this was going to be harder than she thought.

'She is allowed to have friends.' Hermione said forcefully, her hands on her hips and she felt her calm demeanour slowly seep away.

'Male friends!' Draco shouted. He couldn't understand why Hermione wasn't on his side in this situation.

'I think you need to calm down.' Hermione said, taking her daughter's hand in hers and rubbing it gently, knowing how she was slightly afraid of her father when he was like this.

'What is this boy's name?' Draco asked coldly.

'Malcolm.' She said quietly, looking to her mother pleadingly.

'Sounds muggle.' Draco snorted.

'Actually, he's a pureblood. He's in Slytherin.' Rebecca replied defiantly. Hermione shut her eyes and took a sharp intake of breath, knowing that if she looked toward Draco right now, she would find a man about to throw his daughter into a locked room where no one could ever touch her, especially a Slytherin.

'No, you're going to go to your room and think about what you've done.' Draco snapped, pointing toward the staircase.

'But, what have I done?' She asked, knowing she would have been better to just accept her fate and go to her room.

'You, young lady, tried to sneak out of the house to meet a boy and not just any boy, a slytherin boy who probably wants to corrupt my first born in anyway he can.' Draco said, pointing toward the staircase again as Rebecca looked at her shoes and walked slowly away.

'Becky, come back here.' Hermione said, ignoring the glare Draco was sending her way. 'You go out and have fun, OK?'

Rebecca looked toward her father fearfully. 'But dad said that I can't.'

'I'll deal with dad.' Hermione said, pushing her toward the door gently with a smile. Rebecca didn't need telling again and quickly left without looking at her father who she was sure was going to ground her for a million years after this.

Draco rounded on Hermione the moment the door shut. 'How dare you go against my wishes. You had no right to disrespect my authority in front of our daughter like that.'

'I wouldn't have had to if you were being rational.' Hermione stated, not about to back down.

'How can you be like this? That is our daughter. Our innocent, clever, very beautiful daughter who is sneaking out of the house to meet a boy who is in slytherin of all houses.'

'Draco, she is 10. They just want to spend some time together, probably making potions and learning a few harmless spells.' Hermione explained softly.

'She is 10 now but if we let her do this now, it won't be long before it's our teenage daughter who sneaks out of the house to get herself knocked up.'

'I think we've brought her up better than that, don't you?' Hermione said quietly, putting a comforting hand on her husband's arm.

'I don't want to think about boys touching my daughter.' Draco said, his resolve breaking slowly as Hermione wrapped her arms around his waist and laid a kiss on his cheek.

'We won't have to worry about that for many years to come.' Hermione said with a kind smile, kissing him on the mouth chastely. 'You know she's scared of you, don't you?'

'She needs a strong father to make sure she keeps in line.' He said, looking down at Hermione.

'What she needs is a father who doesn't make her feel like she has to creep past his study because she's afraid of his reaction.'

'I know.' Draco said weakly, resting his chin on the top of Hermione's head and kissing her hair lightly. 'I told you I would be an awful father the moment you told me I got you pregnant.'

'You're not an awful father. Far from it, actually, but in future, try to be a little less heavy handed with her.' Hermione suggested lightly. She felt Draco nod slightly before suddenly feeling his hands creep underneath her top and his head moving so his mouth was pressed against her neck suggestively. 'What are you doing?'

'I think it's pretty obvious what I'm doing.' Draco mumbled, pulling back from her neck and going for her mouth as he kissed her slowly and deeply. 'Wanna go upstairs?'

'It's the middle of the day.' She responded, giggling as he nibbled gently on her ear.

'So? We have a free house thanks to our son being round Harry's house and you forcing our daughter out to be corrupted.'

'Draco.' She warned, pulling back from him and giving him a disapproving look.

'I know, I know.' He paused slightly, pulling his arms away from her body and Hermione looked slightly disappointed. 'So, are we going upstairs to have sex or what?'

'We're not a pair of horny teenagers.'

'No, but we can remember how horny we were when we were teenagers.'

'You maybe, but I spent my teenage years studying and reading through history books.' Hermione said as Draco wrapped his arms back around her and lowered his mouth to her ear.

'You know how turned on I get when you talk about your bookishness.' He half-joked, pulling her body against his so he could press into her.

'Fine, we'll go upstairs.' Hermione sighed, feigning annoyance as he dragged her upstairs to their bedroom, both of them grinning like children who had been given their favourite toy to play with.

When they made it to their room, Draco turned and looked down at Hermione in adoration. 'I'm so glad you were my roommate.'

'Me too.' Hermione replied, looking up at Draco lovingly.


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