Yoh sat on his porch late tonight, not feeling like going to sleep just yet.

But the truth was that he could never sleep.

Yoh always felt that there was something out there-someone out there with their eyes on him at every moment, watching, waiting for him.

For him.

Yoh felt like there was some part missing from him and he always felt slightly empty. Like no matter how much he ate or drank, he would always feel that small, yet persistent void in him never fill.

To tell the truth, Yoh was sad and disturbed at the same time.
Sad because he felt like he would never fill that void, and disturbed because he yearned for whatever was watching him, like it could some how complete him.

"What is this feeling? I…don't know…who's out there? What's out there? I…need you…whatever or whoever…you are…please just come out…I need you." Yoh murmured to himself. He knew it was pointless to talk to him self because whatever it was that was out there would never answer.

"Hello, Yoh." Came a voice from behind him. Yoh turned around and saw a boy who looked like him but with long hair standing behind him. The boy smiled and walked over to him as he stood up.

"Who are you?" Yoh asked, not understanding why the boy looked so much like him, even though Yoh was pretty sure that they weren't related. The boy just simply kept on smiling.

"Who are you?" Yoh just looked at the boy in confusion.

"Who am I?" He asked, pointing to him self and looking even more confused. The boy opened his eyes and they looked identical to Yoh's. Yoh couldn't bring him self to look away; he was drowning in them and he didn't care. The boy smirked as he spoke again.

"Who are you? You are mine. You are mine, Yoh Asakura, and nobody else's!" He said.

Yoh was still looking into his eyes and even as he said this, Yoh's eyes lost their pupils and he seemed to hang on every word the boy said.

"Yours…" He whispered, just barely audible. The boy nodded as he smiled again.

"Yes, now sleep Yoh." Yoh fell forwards as the boy said this, and the boy caught him well before he hit the ground.

"Good boy." Hao said as he lifted Yoh up and turned around to the Spirit of Fire, who was waiting patiently for his master.

"We should leave before they notice what I've taken." The Spirit of Fire just nodded as Hao jumped into his extended claw and they both disappeared.