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"Hao? Hao-san is here?" Yamasuzu turned, and Hao smiled at him, watching the scene unfold before with amusement.

"At last, the Originals have been reunited. Touching, isn't it? But we have no time for explanations. We must hurry to the Forest of the Great One." In a motion, all were flying on the Spirit of Fire at a neck break pace.

"Hao-san! Why the emergency? Are we being followed by the Asakura?" Yamasuzu yelled over the howl of the wind. Hao turned back towards him, and smiled a mysterious smile.

"The Asakura," Hao stated as he turned back around, "are no longer any threat to us. Our Utopia is at hand, and we will not fail. I possess their blood, and my brother does as well. We need no longer worry!" Hao shouted joyously, quite uncharacteristically, really, as his Spirit plunged into wild forest of the Great One.

"Stop!" Yamasuzu shouted, jumping from the back of the Spirit of Fire and landed softly onto the soft ground.

"What is it, Yamasuzu-san? Getting cold feet?" Hao asked, alighting his Spirit with Yoh. Akihoshi, not knowing what to do, stayed in midair.

"I need to know what's going on! You have their blood! Your BROTHER has their blood? Since when did they stop being a threat? And when were you so confident in our abilities? Are you planning to once again try the Act?" Viciously glaring at Hao, Yamasuzu did not lower his gaze. Hao sighed with an emotion that one could try to write off as sadness.

"...I am."

"Well, then, I won't allow it! I will not allow Aki-koi to die for this worthless cause again. She suffered, I won't let her be hurt anymore!" He stopped his feet, anger turning his irises red.

"I understand your frustration, Yama-san, but we have little time left. My brother's companions are searching for him, and it won't be long until he is TAKEN AWAY. We have no choice in this is matter but to act now. I'm sorry, but there isn't any time for explanations."

"Than I won't do it! I'll fight AGAINST you if I have to, Hao, and I will NOT let you take Akihoshi and draw her into this!"

"Don't you think that Akihoshi-san can think for herself? She is a strong women, powerful in her own right. Please do not make decisions for her when she can make them for herself."

"Aki! Tell him! Tell him right now that you don't believe in this cause anymore! Tell him!" Yama look desperately at her, but Aki had to avoid her gaze.

"Yama-koi, I...I have been faithful, and am still. I still do believe in our Utopia, even though you do not. Please try to understand as I still wish to fight by your side. I want our dream to come a reality, and if Hao-san says it can happen now, I believe him. Now, either come with us or do not, but, whatever you chose, do not stand in our way, or I will be forced to fight against you, and I would not want that."

Yama could not speak. Since when had Aki become so uppity? He did not deserve this! Women should be quiet and meek when they address men, and certainly NEVER disagree with them! (THIS IS NOT MY BELIEF! THIS IS NOT MY BELIEF! NO WOMEN SHOULD EVER BE TREATED LIKE THIS!)

"You will regret saying that, you little bitch. I treated you well, all these years, and now you go and side with HIM? I will tell you what you are, you are nothing but a little whore, but what you do not realize, as you jump from one man to another, is that the men you love have been with others all along!" With that, Yama summoned his Spirit and disappeared.

"I have...always had a feeling that he had a different side to him, one he really only showed to you. Did he hurt you much?" Hao asked quietly, looking slightly at Aki. Tears forming in her eyes, she smiled softly.

"Yes. I did not want to believe it, but I have no choice but to accept it now. Yama is a fool, and he will most likely die a fool's death, but he DOES contain valuable information. If we do not hurry, than we will most likely be stopped. However, what we will do now, considering we have no earthen spirit?"

Hao smirked lightly.

"We have our ways. As you are well aware of, we need but only four spirits. You have Wind, I have Fire, Yoh has Rain, or Water, and together, you and Yoh will able to create a Spirit of Thunder. There is four. Yama was merely an Earth container, and if we must, we will find another one. A KINDER one." Yoh looked at him in confusion.

"Hao...where am I?" Hao turned to Yoh...had the spell worn off?

Far, FAR Away

"Anna, as his fiancé, it was your responsibility to watch out for him. You were to make sure Yoh was protected, and what happens? Yoh is gone, and we now must expect the worst situations."

"I understand, Yohmei-sama, but please, can't I work with Okaasan to search for Yoh? Wouldn't it be more affective if I helped her?" Anna begged, pounding her hands on the ground.

"I will not allow it. Your foolishness has cost us enough. Do you think I should trust you anymore? Am I not justified in saying that you are indeed untrustworthy?" Yohmei simply did not want Anna to help, if you were to put it in blunt terms. Yoh was his favorite grandson, and because of this girl's foolishness, he was gone.

Staring at nothing in particular, Anna softly began to weep.

"Sir, we have a person here telling us that he can give us information on Yoh's whereabouts'." A spirit informed Yohmei.

"Well, why haven't you asked him to give it?" He asked, rightfully mad.

"He insists on talking to you before he speaks before us."

"Than bring him!" Yohmei felt as if he was surrounded by idiots in this world. Which he was, if you included himself.

Moments later, his leaf servant brought an exhausted looking young man, who was an obviously gothic child. (I seriously hate that stuff! Screw you evil old people!)

"Are you the man who can tell me about my grandson?" He asked anxiously.

"I am, but if I tell you what I know, will you promise to help me stop the man who has taken him?" The man asked.

"I will! Where is Yoh?" Yohmei asked frantically.

Yama smirked with malice as he began to tell his story.

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