Dinner Date

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Frisky women...

Naruto looked at Shizune with a somewhat dumb look on his face. "How do you mean, there was no more gel in store? Damn, now I got to use something else to use…" she was somewhat eager to offer her services though, to his opinion.

"Are you sure that that is the right thing that will make it all nice?" he asked as she rubbed some gel in his hair, usually used for checking pregnant women, which she had on her at the moment. His hair had to be styled in just the perfect way so that he'd be able to go out clubbing with the ladies in a neighbouring village. The plan for vengeance was still some time away, the preparations having to be done in silence, though Naruto could spot Gai and lee training at times, whispering to each to her, then beginning to talk about the Power of Youth all of a sudden when a familiar face came close by.

"The fool will not be suspected, nor will their movements be detected for what they are. They will be able to serve us well, as long as they continue to act just like that, which is pretty standard for them… Do we still have that bedspread with Gai on it in your house?" Otousan… I don't think…"Kit, you know how I feel about the man…"Otousan… I know its hard, but please! Don't…

The view of Kyuubi sitting in the cage, wearing a wig and a strange contraption that looked like a dog would wear it but being in the same green spandex that Lee and Gai wore, as well as the blinking teeth made him feel like he was somewhere else altogether, the world probably going crazy without his mind to keep it anchored in place. There was a bright poster of Gai in the background that made it all look like Kyuubi was a Gai fan…

"I think dad is getting a bit crazy from getting no action for so long… he's been covering the walls in Gai pictures…" Shizune shivered at that as she worked on Naruto's hair, Hana getting ready to put some newer clothing on for the small trip to the other village. Tsunade and Yuugao would not be going with him, Hana, Shizune and Kurenai accompanying him, that suiting him just fine since those women were the ones he could feel good around. There was a small bit of confidence that he gained from being around the women, them making him feel good when he spent time with them.

"I'll grind against you for some moments on the dance floor, okay?" Hana said as she entered the room again, wearing a red leather top that seemed to barely cover her breasts, the upper part being nearly not there, only covering the nipples and down. Down there was a short skirt, once again in leather, but that time black in colouration. Shizune was finally done with his hair, letting him know by kissing him on the cheek softly, Hana giving a small growl as a sign that she did not like that small gesture of love and affection for Naruto, but would possibly share with the other woman.

Naruto looked at the way that the women interacted, sighing a bit as he realised that this might just have become somewhat difficult to handle on his own. He looked at his father, well the one he acknowledged as his father, the Kyuubi no Kitsune and then watched how the Gai idolatry had been ripped apart as if by some storm, making the entire thing look like something had raged through it with a huge broomstick.

"Let's GO!" a cheerful voice spoke and Kurenai entered, wearing one of the smallest tops that Naruto had ever seen a woman wear. It was like she was trying to get raped again, the thought being picked up by her, making her smile softly as the memory surfaced again for a moment. "Not going to get raped while you all are around me…" he smiled at her and she hugged him, throwing most of her weight on him, luckily, she was pretty light for a woman her age, though he probably shouldn't say that out loud since it might cost him his dates.

When they came to the other village, they immediately selected a place where they could either dance or just drink their ass off. Naruto was slightly disappointed that the youth of the town seemed to go to a 'disco' which had some blaring loud music, which his fine and delicate ears could catch, but made his head spin in an awkward manner. The ladies did not matter, apparently Hana coming here more often, since one of the local girls seemed to recognise her and came towards her immediately, asking who the blonde hottie was that she was with.

"Oh this? This is the guy who manages to drive you one hundred ways to Sunday…" was the answer that Hana gave, grabbing Naruto's ass for a moment, pinching it slightly. "You should stop doing that before I'll rip off your clothing, what little you do wear…" Shizune looked a bit uncomfortable about that, since he looked pretty serious to her with that threat, but didn't really want to get involved, the idea being very attractive though to pinch his ass a few times. Kurenai smiled at the girl who had introduced herself as Ayumi-chan.

"Ayumi-chan, why don't you ask this cute guy what his name is? And I got to remark, Hana did him little credit… probably because she wants to keep him for herself… Hana-chan, why don't we take him to the bathroom with us later, so we can get… punished?" a grin split her face as hormones took over momentarily, causing Naruto to groan. "If you two horny sex fiends keep this up, you'll end up ripped and you got to have Shizune-neechan heal you…" Shizune looked at Naruto, who looked positively feral with the look that he was sending at the busty woman. "Naruto-sama, please don't get mad… No need to level a kilometre of ground because someone irritated you…"

Ayumi was taken aback. She flipped her hand through her hair, looking at the blonde guy who was decked out in a shirt that seemed to either have blood splatters on it or was coloured in a fashion that made it seem like blood had been dripping on it. There was a belt around his waist that spoke of obvious wealth, there being gold on the buckle, whilst the rest appeared to be very normal leather. The pants that he wore were tight, but not tight enough to totally cut off blood circulation. They seemed to make him look like a bad boy, because they were slightly ripped. Naruto looked at her for a moment, taking in her form for a moment, before deeming her unworthy of his… caresses.

She had long blue hair, wore a small blue and black striped top and some low pants in a yellowish colour. He smiled at her, displaying his rather impressive and dangerous looking teeth, which caused her to take an involuntary step backwards. "I'm one hundred percent lethal… I just love women who don't know who they are dealing with…" he flexed his muscles slightly in some macho poses, though he didn't have much in the way of muscles, the small pheromones that he released being enough to entrance any woman he wanted, Ayumi not being one of those.

"Let's dance to the moon, Naruto-sama…" Hana said, looking at him and then pulling him to the dance floor, just when a techno beat was being played. Immediately they started to move to the tune, jumping and bouncing and generally going with the flow, Shizune and Kurenai joining in when a somewhat calmer song had been played, Hana already having nestled herself against Naruto's chest, giving him some loving nudges. With three ladies giving him attention, it was no surprise that Naruto could feel how he wanted to just take them there and now, making noise enough so that he'd be able to sate his women, making them go mad with pleasure.

But alas, he knew that he should better behave himself a bit. When he went to take a seat at the bar, the ladies just followed him, like faithful puppies, not that he minded that, but Kurenai seated herself on his lap, drawing some curious stares from the other people as he looked pretty rough on the eyes, his looks being nearly feral but still humanoid. His blood red eyes appeared to have been scaring some people and he looked at the bartender. "A drink for me and the lady on my lap. Doesn't matter what you give me, she's got a choice." The bartender looked at him then poured him some sort of alcoholic beverage, the smell being pretty spicy according to him. Naruto chugged it down immediately, Kurenai taking a light red wine to sweeten up her tastes for the moment.

Naruto drank a bit more, the way that he was drinking making it look like he was just trying to drown himself. The way that the ladies seemed to respond to his touches was simply too awesome for him, the manner in which they seemed to inch to him, the way that they seemed to respond all being focused on him, the love they had for him shining out of their eyes. He looked at the barkeep, seeing that the ladies next to him were pretty inebriated. "We should go now, ladies. How about me paying for it all? I got enough money to spare, so…"

The barkeep nodded, looking at the small note that held the current amount htat Naruto would have to pay, then named an amount of money that Naruto would have to pay, Naruto pulling out a bill of notes, handing the correct amount to the barkeep, who wished them a good night. With Kurenai giggling nearly uncontrollably, Shizune looking pretty sober and Hana looking totally smashed, he walked out of the disco, looking around for someone familiar, when not seeing anyone, he just told the ladies to follow him to his house, which they all did, Kurenai being in hysterics because of something that she saw while Hana just clumsily followed, having a bit too much for her to be in prime condition. Naruto didn't feel anything but a pleasant buzz, the alcohol being purified immediately, not really getting into drunkenness due to his unique constitution, the manner in which he seemed to be living indicating that he could possibly survive an apocalypse.

He looked around, carrying Hana in his arms after she had collapsed after some three miles of bounding through the trees, smacking into a tree by mistake, due to her drunken senses not really registering, luck carrying her as far as she had gone. She was squishy, he noticed, the way that she seemed to lean onto him, pressing her boobs against him made him hard even though he could sense that she was knocked out pretty well. When they reached Konoha he looked to see that Kurenai was being carried by Shizune, who apparently had drunk only very little alcohol, or none at all, the way that she seemed to be still in control of her movement, carrying Kurenai without even complaining about the weight of the other woman.

"Naruto-kun!" he heard a voice close by, getting caught by the neck by someone, who forced him down to the ground, landing him in an unorderly heap. He could smell the female pheromones oozing from the woman who had caught him by the neck and was currently clinging to him, Hana still being knocked out. He looked at the eyes that were now staring at him, making him feel very uncomfortable under the golden eyes that were looking at him with a hunger within them that made him very uncomfortable. "You needed my help with conquering Konoha, didn't you? I'll help, but you got to do me a favour first…"

A long tongue seemed to slip from the woman's lips, looking almost like a snake as it licked the lips, making Naruto instantly realise that there would be no getting away from this woman, since she was Orochimaru, the Sannin who had been able to take him out easily should he anger her. It was probably better that he just went with her, to see where this would take him, not really trusting her at the moment to take him somewhere.

There was nothing that could prevent this, she knew. She had taken care of every little detail ina hurry, ever since she had laid eyes on him. He looked so damn cute with the way that he moved, how he seemed to take care of the other women, so she had made sure that she would have him for at least a few hours, in which he could work his magic with her body, as repayment he'd be getting her assistance and the assistance of her village, who were little more then people who were afraid for her powers and presence, her experiments also giving some people power that they craved, ensuring that they would be at least be a bit loyal to him.

A smile came to her face as he nodded swiftly, giving in to her wishes. She grabbed him, making her escape with him in a flash. The other women looked a bit put out by the way that the woman had just captured their man, making him into the object of the chase that should ensue, had Shizune not seen the woman and identified her as Orochimaru, the serpent sannin, who was arguably one of the most powerful men in the lands. But apparently she did not know about the gender twist, so thought it was okay for Orochimaru to borrow Naruto for a moment.

Naruto just watched as the other ladies went out of view. He watched how the trees passed him by, until he came at a moderately sized house, to which he was carried inside. The way that Orochimaru behaved was odd to the point of it being able to creep him out. He looked at the way that the serpent sannin held herself, the manner in which she moved being too creepy for him. When he was carried into the bedroom and put on the bed, Orochimaru looked at him and told him to please remain there while she went to get some nice drinks for him and her.

He waited for five minutes, hearing some glasses clanking in the other room, making him look at the bed for a moment, noticing that there seemed to be no more sound. His fine ears could hear a cloth falling to the floor and when orochimaru entered one again, he looked at her and his eyes fell wide as he saw a naked form appear. "Why don't we just go and make some love, Naruto-kun…" a viper shot out from nowhere, hitting him in the left temple, spreading poison through the body with a bite, making Naruto paralysed. Orochimaru smirked like the cat who had caught the helpless canary in its claws, diving down upon the now helpless Naruto, who was begging Kyuubi to get some chakra to get the poison from his system, but the elder demon would not do that due to the heavy amount of attention Naruto would receive. Still, Naruto was creeped out by the fact that Orochimaru wanted to do those things with him…

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