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Author's note: In this story Jarod had contact with his father and sister, but there is no Gemini. He wasn't rescued and there is no clone.

A Musing Character.

By: 24

In the dead of night the shadow moved down the street. If anyone were looking they would see a weary man walking down the street looking down at the sidewalk and periodically looking into the houses. If they did they would wonder who this person was, what was he doing out there at night and why was he looking into the houses? The man in question lifted his head and scanned the night looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Jarod walked down the street wondering if this game of cat and mouse game would ever end. He was tired of running from the Centre. He knew that he had to because he couldn't afford to be back there. They stole his life when they kidnapped him as a child. They ripped him away from knowing his parents and his siblings, they ripped him away from being loved and cared for. Something that he would never have again. Although he had found some of his family they did not know him, not the real him and what he had been through inside the Centre. He kept his head bowed as the brooded through the night. He had a nightmare and had to get out of the house that he had rented down the street. He lifted his head looking into the houses as he walked down the street. He wondered if these people had the perfect life. Did they have children? Were they good parents? He scanned the street for any sign of trouble. He may be brooding, but that didn't mean that he had to be careless. Finding no threat he continued to walk down the street. Sometimes just walking helped him clear his head to go back to sleep. Maybe this time it would help him he thought as he made his way towards the house. He unlocked the door and went in locking it back up as he closed the door.

The End.