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Author's Note: I'm making this story about Jarod's first Thanksgiving with his family. The Centre is gone and Jarod and his family have been reunited for a couple of months.

The First Thanksgiving.

By: 24

Jarod, Emily and Margaret went to the store to get groceries. This was Jarod's first Thanksgiving with his family and his first Thanksgiving ever and he wanted to see what went on. He watched as his mom and sister got the potatoes, celery, stuffing, turkey, and many other items. He looked in the basket and watched as they put in canned pumpkin in the basket.

"What is this for?" He asked as he held up the can.

"That is for the pumpkin pie."

"Oh. Is it good?"

"Yes. You've never had pumpkin pie before?"

"No, I've never had Thanksgiving or a turkey before. It's another new experience for me."

Emily turned to her brother. "I'm sorry Jarod."

"It's not your fault Emily. At least they won't be a problem anymore since they've been destroyed."

"You and Jeremy will never have to go back there again."

"That's one thing to be Thankful for." Jarod smiled at his sister. "Another one is that I finally found you, mom, dad and Jeremy. We finally get to be a family. I've missed so much with you. I never knew that I had a sister until a year later when I escaped."

They continued down the isle and into another one where Jarod got distracted by the candy. He eyed each one of them and then got two pez's and some other candy.

"You sure like Candy."

"Another thing that I was deprived in my time there. Candy, pie, regular food, sunshine, rain, and the outside."

Emily shook her head then she realized why Jarod and Jeremy would get excited about things that she would take for granted like fresh air, candy, the sun, the moon, the stars and other things. She also realized why Jarod sometimes acted like a child because in the Centre he was never allowed to be a child and now he was allowed to. Sometimes she would see the sad lonely little boy and the happy little boy that would peek out on occasions.

They walked up to the counter and paid for their things. Taking the cart to the car they unloaded their groceries and then took off to go back home. He smiled as they got nearer. This was his permanent home and for that he was grateful because that meant that there was no running and hiding.

He quickly got out and helped carry some of the groceries out of the car with his mom and sister trailing behind him with their bags too. His father opened the door and they all headed for the kitchen and stated to put the things away.

"Where's Jeremy Dad?"

"He's upstairs"

Jarod grabbed his bag of candy and went upstairs in search of his clone. He knocked on Jeremy's door and waited until he said come in.

"I got some candy for us at the store." He said as he emptied the bag spilling candy on the bed.

After they divided up the candy Jarod went back to his room where he turned on the laptop. He checked his mail, but there was nothing there. He then called Miss Parker.


"You still answer your phone like that?"

"Yes. Now why did you call?"

"Just wanted to talk that's all. Did you know that you make pumpkin pie for dessert on Thanksgiving and you have mashed potatoes too?"

"Yes Jarod. I know that. I've had Thanksgivings before you know."

"Oh, ya. Sorry about that. It's the first time that I've ever had a Thanksgiving and the first that I've had one with my parents."

"I'm sorry Jarod."

"For what?" The pretender asked.

"For being like that. I forgot that you've never had a Thanksgiving before. Are you looking forward to it?"

"Yes. I can hardly wait to eat turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, pie, sweet potatoes and all the other things. All though I don't know why it's called a sweet potato and a regular potato is just a potato. Hmm. I guess I'll have to taste it to find out. So what are you going to do for Thanksgiving?"

"I don't know. Broots asked me to have Thanksgiving with his family and he invited Sydney too. Maybe I'll go there."

"How are you doing with the Centre shutting down and everything?"

"I'm adjusting to not going anywhere trying to find you."

"I'm adjusting to not running and hiding. Sometimes it's hard to stay in one spot, but I have my family now."

"That's one thing to be Thankful for."

"Yes, but we are missing one person."


"Yes. I think that he would of liked Thanksgiving. I wish that he was still here to celebrate our first holiday together."

"I know Jarod."

"You feel the same way with your mom too?"

"Yes. I still miss her."

"I know how you feel."

They both were silent for a minute.

"Can I go and visit you sometime?"

"I don't know Jarod."

"Well think about it. I have to go now. Hope to see you soon. Goodbye."

"Goodbye Jarod."

A week later.

Jarod woke up to the turkey cooking in the oven. He quickly got out of bed, took a shower, dressed and went downstairs. He went into the kitchen where his mother and sister were making the stuffing.

"Can I help with anything?"

"You can help later peeling the potatoes."

A little while later Jarod came back in and peeled the potatoes, diced them and put them in the boiling water. The turkey was almost done so all he had to mash the potatoes after they were finished cooking.

Places were set around the table, the turkey was by the Major's plate, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, beets, gravy and other stuff were in the middle of the table.

"Before we eat I want to ask everyone to tell us what you are Thankful for." The Major said. "Jarod you go first."

"I am Thankful that Jeremy and I never have to step foot inside the Centre again. I'm Thankful that we are finally a family."

"I am Thankful for having a childhood something that Jarod never had. I'm Thankful that they got me out of there so I could experience life." Jeremy said when it was his turn.


"I'm Thankful for having my brother's here and we are a family again. I never got to know Kyle, but I think that he watches over us."

"I'm Thankful that I finally have my firstborn back where he belongs. I'm Thankful that I have my husband back and my baby girl. I'm Thankful for having a son that I never knew existed."

"I just want to say that I'm Thankful that we don't have to run from one place to another that we don't have to hide. I'm Thankful that I have my wife back and I'm Thankful for having my children back." The Major looked at Jeremy when he said that. "One is missing, but like my daughter I think that he's happy for us that we finally got to be reunited."

The Major got up and carved the turkey and then it was passed along the table with the other food.

After the dinner Jarod helped with the cleanup duty. He helped wash the dishes and put things away and then went to watch TV with his clone and his dad. They would have dessert later since it was still early.

Jarod helped with the dessert dishes and he put them away.

Later that night he wondered if Miss Parker had a nice Thanksgiving and if she went anywhere. He would have to call her tomorrow, but right now he was sleepy.

The End.